► Object 252U Review – New Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank – World of Tanks Object 252U Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Object 252U Gameplay and Review. World of Tanks Object 252U – 8 Soviet Russian Premium Heavy Tank. of Tanks Patch 9.17.1 Update.

In today’s episode I am going to show you something and exclusive – new 8 premium heavy tank from Soviet Russia, “Object 252U”. This tank has few really interesting stats, for example 440 damage and really good frontal armor.
For full, in-depth and showcase, check out the video!

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  1. Same mobility as IS-6? lol Dezzgamez, not even close man. 🙂 This thing is more like T-10, or Obj. 260, he doesnt have anything with IS-6. 🙂

  2. Runolist Velebitski

    So much premiums. WG should consider premium only battles because when i see 2 lowes as top tire in my team I know we are going to lose.

  3. Ok lets count “new” OP premium tanks: AMX M4 49 L, T25E5 P, Obj 252U, Skorpion G, T-44-100… Did I forgot anything?

  4. tank seems like garbage… IS-3 will still rule tier 8.

  5. ANOTHER Russian premium heavy. Jokers.

  6. I bet that it will only be in the meta for a week given how much gold is flying around on the NA server. BTW the sides are card board if anyone decides to actually aim and shoot beneath the spaced armor like how the gud players do to counter the IS-3.

  7. More power creep…

  8. I do not like this approach, but…. Say that in the long run, Wg’s idea is that heavies should be extremely hard to kill allround. Lights have the sole task to scout and tds should camp in the back, while arty has a support role. And MT, well there is your problem. They did chance the type 5 and perhaps all the heavies get a buff. This would only balance out if the maps would be altered such that linear paths would disappear and more opportunities are given to players.

    In the current game heavy armored tanks should be those who hold positions at the front. but the lack of player skill and arty prevents doing so effectively. In my opinion WG tries to overcome this by buffing heavies, both premium and non-premium. However due to there intransparent policy there intentions are not clear to the general public. All we can hope for is that this game goes in the right direction.

    It would be a shame if this game became pay to win, but remember this game will only be out there if the makers make enough revenue. without paying players, this game would not exist in its current status.

  9. I remember when WG stated that a premium tank is made to be stronger than a stock tank, but weaker than a fully upgraded one. In what aspects in this weaker than an is3?

  10. ahahaha, look at those crap cupolas, ez pen for ppl with brains

  11. Wtf kinda op ass armor is that ? for a tier 8 ?! WOW GG WG…

  12. why you aiming with russian tank?!

  13. Russian Bias?… sure looks like it

  14. this tank is like an IS3 but with all extrems.

  15. Nice, give a BL-9 gun that does more damage than the regular IS-3.

  16. when u make prem tanks better than the standard…

  17. Fucking disgusting. Remember when they made premium tanks slightly worse than the equivalent tier 8?

  18. OP as shit,renders a lot of tanks utterly useless-Powercreep if I ever saw one,pay to win….

  19. Im guilty of owning no small number of premium vehicles, but lately, as I began to play again, I started to realize something with these new premium tanks. Why on earth would anyone grind out a line when most new T8 premiums are better than their line counterparts? The Mutz kicks the pants off the Panther 2, the CDC (And now the buffed Ravioli) crush the 13-90, Patton KR is the ‘worst’ being only on par with the Patton. The Skorpion G is an easymode Borsig. And it shows, the last few nights Ive played Ive seen an average of ten-twelve premium vehicles per match.

  20. No Bias, 40 alpha more then T34, still more DPM, 120 alpha more then Lowe.

    What kind of joke is this. ? Best alpha on HT, tier 8, and on pair with new VK 100.1, with that mobility, armor. And gun pen is good as well.

    Tank in tech tree are waste of time. Some are good, most are just bad and worse in compere to premium tank. GG WG-GJ

  21. They need to buff it it’s too weak.

  22. how about instead of making more premium Russian heavy tanks and premium German TD’s wargaming fixes their game?

  23. why didnt u show against 10s??

  24. hello dez can u tell me how to get that WoT ob252u acc

  25. Now I hope war gaming adds a good russian meduim tier 8 premium there current ones kinda suck they need to make a t62A but at tier 8.

  26. Yes, a tank I can use to train my IS-4 crew

  27. Why would you ever bother playing IS-3? This thing could probably kick IS-3 off the global map

  28. just wanted to say that I love your videos and thank you for all of your hard work…. keep it up ?

  29. i feel good when i kill every damm prem tank in the game,i feel like i have taken yr money away with a singel shot noobs

  30. I guys I have a question can you help me

  31. WG has made WoT such a pay to win game… There rule should be to make al there premium tanks worse than their non premium variants… All the premium tanks that have come out in the past few months have shoved all these rules up there ass. Thanks WG, now I cannot grind my Russian meds half as fast, not being able to pen any of these tanks… I will start playing games like Heroes and Generals more and more due to this BS…

  32. Let’s be honest…
    Since the beginning Wargaming’s has been terrible at keeping new tanks balanced. Or any tanks balanced for that matter.
    They had a great concept with WoT but the implementation has never been very good. Really they only seem to concern themselves with their ‘Whales’, not the common player.

  33. 임 여덟 글자 내 닉네

    oh this is very same as T-10 which I have 3rd mark in KR server. lol I am waiting for that beast

  34. Does the Obj. 252U have the magic side armour like IS-3 and IS-6 have?

  35. Another OP premium tank. this game is totally pay to win now.

  36. I’d like to know how much feedback testers are actually giving wargaming. I feel like these accounts are just going out to you tubers and streamers to get the hype train going to ensure sales as opposed to using them to actually see if these tanks are balanced. This tank is BROKEN and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Impenetrable frontally with anything less than tier 8 pen (unless you’re aiming up into lower plate or down into upper plate) and a gun that hits for 440. That’s a max roll of 550. FIVE HUNDRED AND FUCKING FIFTY!!!!!!!!! And since many yards are gonna open the wallets and buy this tank (and since wargaming has ADMITTED to giving worse players better RNG) there will be absolute fuckwits driving around in tanks that are fast with retarded armor hitting you for nearly 500 consistently while unicums like me keep low rolling and bouncing because WG fucks our rng

  37. Justin justintheman

    its gonna be op for the first few days until quickybaby does a video on how to take out

  38. This tank would be balanced if they nerfed the LFP. There’s no reason for this tank to be so well armored and have 200 armor on the LFP.

  39. “shut up and take my money” i said to WG lol

  40. Looks like the old IS8 Hull with that massive lower plate.

  41. It’s simply no reason to play any other kind of tanks other than Russian bias, if this continues I won’t be playing this game any more. It seems WoT generally doesn’t care about balanced game play !

  42. Dez, you are legend! Keep up the awesome vids!

  43. Holy shit, yet ANOTHER OP premium troll tank from the bait and switch kings. All the mugs will shell out their $70 to buy it and in 6 months it will be made obsolete by the next shiny bright toy.

    So effing done with the turds from Russia.

  44. Its a premium is3, and the only way they can sell t8 tanks by this point..Make them OP.

  45. If tier 6 tanks can hardly pen these new tanks, shouldn’t their battle tiers be adjusted now???

  46. This tank has awful view range. I can’t recommend this tank even though it has amazing armor and a punchy gun. In world of tanks it is important to maximize your view range. And with this tank’s 350 m view range is certainly gonna be a pain in the ass in the endgame of every match (you’re going to have a lot of problems fighting against light’s or medium tank’s with good view range). This is my opinion -Zarece

  47. Just when I thought we have enough of soviet premium and reward heavy tanks, here comes this thing.

  48. Dezgamez, does the chassis also looks like the IS-7’s chassis for you? (now this tank has the most look a like IS-7 from plate, it first was the T-22 Med)

  49. Y like in CYKA BLYAT.

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