► Object 257 Armor Nerf + Obj. 705A – World of Tanks Patch 9.22 Update

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Source: DezGamez

World of Object 257 Gameplay and Review. and Review. World of Tanks Object 257 and Object 705A, New 9 and 10 Soviet Russian Heavy Tanks. World of Tanks 9.22 Update Review – New Tanks and Features.

Welcome back to the 9.22's test server, this time we I am going to take out 2 Objects, 705A which was requested by you and “Drama Queen” Object 257. WarGaming decided to lower its side armor values a little bit, so let's see what it has to offer now!

Is there anything else you would like to see from the test server?



  1. FIRST, I DID IT! 🙂
    What do you think about Obj. 257 now?
    Is there anything else you would like to see?

    • ლუკა ლომსაძე

      Forgot about sidescraping at any angle versus any heavy tank. Now it is just like Amx paper armors

    • ლუკა ლომსაძე

      No more side scraping any angle whatsoever wg dont think with brain

    • The conclusion is easy.. only Russians can beat Russians…. well done WG

    • i think since WG can’t nerf OP premium tanks so having OP regular tanks without STUPID nerfs is fair

    • The conclusion is You’re brain-dead ! All tier 9 German heavy tanks use 128 mm. guns And as far as I know German is not Russian ! AMX M4 mle. 51 can use 127 mm gun and it is French am I right The Chinese tier 8, 9 and 10 also use 122 mm. ? And don’t get me starting with the TDs So the conclusion is you don’t need to play Russian tanks to pen 257’s armor !!!

  2. was looking forward to the free 257 but now i will just sell it i guess.

  3. Now T-10 even is better than obj 257

  4. I kinda like the changes to the 257, You just need to learn what caliber guns you’d face to be truly effective, besides If i saw it right it’s not the Complete side but a part of it (big part but still) meaning you can still get those Troll bounces

  5. Hi Dez, awesome video, in this video “over here” were said 9 times, “over there” were said 3 times, “up there” 1 time, and fun fact, “HERE AND THERE” were said 1 time.. 😀 I demand a “OVER HERE!!” t-shirt! 😉

  6. What about the op 430u ?

  7. and what nation has 122 mm guns ???? fucking russians 😀

  8. dez share your pc performance, please ???

  9. What a complete load of shit from WG. To OP to dogshit before its even out. I was interested and looking forward now no so much. Ffs

  10. Theirs original idea was replace fast T-10 in line with another better armored heavy. They failed that with this change.
    You cant sidescrape , your nose isnt that strong… and you have huge weeakspot on turret, so whats left? Pray for top tier, my guess. Thats where your armor is OP because tier 7s cant do much to you and you can farm them like boss.
    Its simply not working.

  11. This 257 tank looks like is good at fighting at medium range fighting the weak spot in the hull is hard to hit in medium range been thinking of it dont want to a make a mistake in buying tank cant do the sidescrape turret has a weak spot can easy be pen in close fighting well i will get the 257 tank it is more flexible than the 705a tank very good replay i accept the weakness of the tank cheer dude

  12. That kiss… priceless!!!!

  13. yeah they had to do smth with the Obj 257, but that … mhm

  14. Them Russian black hole generators

  15. now if only we could add gold armor

  16. Must admit i had my doubts but the 257 looks pretty good thx dez.

  17. QUESTION , wondering who’s face is that. you flash it a lot in your videos ?

  18. Prime example of over-nerfing bested only by the t11oe5.

  19. 121 + mm* to overmatch 257’s sidearmor, NOT 122+ Dez…

  20. Seems balanced with that new armor.

  21. Object 257 no longer useful, but Defender still OP

  22. Thanks Dez for helping make sure the T-10 owners did not get their hands on a somewhat op tank. I guess they can always sell the T-10 / 257 and start grinding the Type 5 heavy or one of the other op tanks that other people have already. No need to give the T-10 owners anything to look forward to since they are used to that as far back as the IS-8 days. Thanks again, and hopefully WG will not think to release anymore OP tanks unless of course they are Premium (real money high pricing) or Reward Tank that no one can ever get, ya so, thanks.

  23. This is really bad idea, now this tank is shit show . The real thing they can do is reduce the front armor , the front and back wheel so they can track and do dmg …

  24. Whiny girls got the tier 9 tank nerfed. Good job ladies.

  25. Soviet tanks r the best!!i made a mistake by going to the German tanks…ever since i started playing ussr my wn8 is going up

  26. if wg were from Germany they had already put the RATT. or whatever its called lol , with double barrell of 200mm pen and 1 meter of all around armour

  27. It was overhyped af

  28. the side of obj 257 should be 60- 70mm thick imo

  29. what is the point driving a spg in the test server

  30. Ok that nerfs 257 for heavies but tier ten mediums will still be impossible. A change like this is the type of thing that indirectly nerfs the fuck out of tanks like the Leopard 1

  31. Out cry of auto loaders caused this nerf.

  32. Well fuck this they nerfed it too much now its like a t10

  33. No thy also buffed upper hull armour from 170 mm to 175 mm


  35. Please do more on The OBJ 705A looks like very nice tanks to have

  36. before the nerf i was thinking how could i play AGAINST this tank (Obj. 257), now i think why the hell should i play WITH this tank :/

  37. Tank is useless now. Inferior in every way to the T-10. BUT, that’s not the worst part. I put a lot of time into the game to get my T-10 to get object 257 for free. NOW, if I am understanding things correctly, I am going to have to grind the next 150k points in this piece of sh*t to get to the Is-7. I would rather do it in my T-10. Oh well…. Someone please tell me that I am wrong!!!

  38. Mighty Rashan tank, try to bounce sth with German tank…. FUCK WORT

  39. so against an obj 257 even tier 10 british and american Heavies are fucked with their 120mm guns… and as a medium, you can pen it in the sides with a lot of luck while circling/flanking?

  40. I think 257 is fine as it is now, I would not have to want to see one on the enemy team when i play a t43 or comet with low penetration. First it was blatantly OP and now its nerfed people still cry hard get a life

  41. that means now obj 257 is the worst tank !!! WTF are you doing WG

  42. Everyone who hates Soviet tanks and Russian bias (and I think there are a lot of them) would be happy… Good job WG…

  43. Buff 310 to 317…uhm.
    This owermatch nonsence by gun cal…

  44. So from an auto bounce to an auto pen. Can wargaming not find a fucking happy medium? What retards.

  45. Fucking hell I was so hyped for the 257..

  46. Wait, how do I get this tank “for free” as you guy say? Do I need to have T-10 in my garage?

  47. The problem is the side armour profile: if it’s too thick to get overmatched then it’s almost impossible to pen, but if it’s thinner like now then it’s overmatchable for most heavies. The best case scenario would be for the tank to not go live full stop. Or you know, WG could just change the armour profile to be flat behind the tracks like every other tank, because very little about this game is historically accurate anyway and it would make sense in terms of balance. At least it’s better to have a shitty tank in the game that you can simply not play, rather than having a completely broken tank.

    And make no mistake all you shitlords who are crying about it, that side armour was complete bullshit. You wanted it in the game so you could scrape together a 50% winrate on at least one other tank apart from your Defender and O-I.

  48. Xöxkxköüä Nguzenrn

    Poor e-100

  49. That’s why i don’t play more than tier IX

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