► Object 257 First Details, T-10’s Replacement! – World of Tanks Future News

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Source: DezGamez

, First Details – Replacing T-10. Patch 9.20.1+ Update News.

New week, new episodes and this time, let’s kick off this week with yet another replacement idea from WarGaming.
This time they are thinking about replacing tier 9 Soviet “T-10” with “Object 257”.
Seems like T-10 does not fit in the middle of -3 and -7, because of lack of armor, so this what they have in mind.

What do you think?


► Player: gandalfhamster333


  1. Hello Beasts!
    New week, new episode and this time I bring you some more news from the future. Let’s take a look at yet another tank that WarGaming is thinking about replacing and this time, hopefully they are doing it right. They have an idea for one mini-branch for T-10, but only time will tell. 🙂
    Always trying to keep you up to date with the latest news and ideas! 😉
    #YourFriendlyNewsAnchor #stayawesome

  2. I hope its not a flat replacement meaning you lose access to the T-10. I hope you can keep it.

  3. So, best tier 9 tank in game – lets buff it. Good for me, I already have a 60% WR in T10, so it will probably get better

  4. The 257 is ugly !

  5. Tyngchinchilla Chang

    I sold my t-10.

  6. Tyngchinchilla Chang

    Wg need better leadership in the dev studio.

  7. thumbs up for Gandalfhampster playing in the background

  8. I dont want this ugly piece of shit …

  9. No Maps though we still have to play on the same 5

  10. Did you get sandbox request from wg?

  11. WoT, let’s look at the Soviet HT’s battle stat’s, em, T10 not at the top stat bracket !!! NERF Allie and axis tanks ! And BUFF T10 !! Don’t make me say this AGAIN !!!

  12. Very Well Educated

    Well this replacing thing is getting annoying. Sigh

  13. Wtf that side armor is better then is7 why? It needs to be wors

  14. Pls dont i just researched it

  15. Gosh darn it im gonna have to grind to T-10 befote it moves up. ?

  16. Well

    Again a russian biased stronk stalinium blueprint tenk with impossible armor, mobility close to a medium and lenin-guided RNG stronk 340 pen ammo.

    Welcome to World of Tanks

  17. YES! T-10 felt so off going through the line

  18. Why is World of Tanks removing one of the few historical tanks in the game

  19. oh come on wg, this new replacemet looks ugly compared to T-10 like seriously

  20. Uhh, the T-10 is literally one of the top 5 best tier 9 tanks in the game. WG is retarded. Hurr durr lets replace a tank that actually existed with some stupid shit we made up.

    Also, I cringe every time you say “Soviet Russian.”

  21. They should make T-10 an alternative tier X

  22. Jãÿdęñ Čłãrę

    T-10 is an amazing tank WG is retarded.

  23. Defender at tier 9

  24. Dont forget the IS-8

  25. Why the heck was that E50 using the 75mm?


  27. Gj DZ as always ??✌

  28. before to create IS-7 have prototip obj.257-258-259 and obj. 260 after dat come IS-7. have more sense to be tier 9 obj. 257!!!

  29. They should remove Arty and not T-10….and dont replace it with anything 😛 ….just simply remove 😀

  30. why the advert spam all the sudden?

  31. Good t-10 had no armor anyways. Turret got penned on the top and cheeks to much. Looking forward to obj 257. Hopefully it has hull armor.

  32. Okayy instead of replacing the tank why dont they just give the is8/T-10 an armor buff that makes it more competitive u could even give it a worse version of the 130mm on the is7 but why remove it for a tank that seems to have more weaknesses


  34. For God Sake!!!
    Don’t touch T 10!!!! Go replace something else.

  35. Noo.. Nooo … NOOOOOO its ugly as DUCK … i adore my T-10 … it looks so ducking sexy …. that thing is just ….. ducking …… i cant even think of any words bad enough to tell the things i want to say…

  36. Wargaming cancel the fv4202 buffs? Wtf..

  37. Ha my tier 8!!!!! Amx 13 90 (back when it was tier 8 at least had no problem penetrating the T10 and people are saying it has good armor lol!! ?

  38. Nedoshius Žaidžia

    Bye T-10 Welcome Obj. 257 🙂

  39. Sniper Suppressor from PUBG

    motherfucker my T-10 is special ;(
    I’m not giving my sweet T-10 for this bullshit

  40. I dont understand WG’s reasoning. The T-10 is the logical progression in the line. It looks great too. I hope we get to keep is as a reward vehicle.

  41. Don’t change it!! You need to have some skill to play it because it’s a heavy medium, not a heavy. Protect your hull. Use your superior speed to get to the good positions and minimize your exposure. I’ve torn up other tier 9 and 10 tanks hull down and been in fights where my speed allows me to wreak havoc. I’ve played in a platoon of 3 and that’s just kicking puppies. We tore everyone a new ass. They couldn’t react fast enough. Use the tanks strengths.

  42. At least make the T-10 an alternative tank for the line.

  43. OBJ. 777 V II HYPE!!!!

  44. Is3 has rubbish turret armor. The riff is bullshit. Everything is taller than you everyday pen it like cheese. Hull armor is also garbage. Only thing that sorta works is the spaced armor.

  45. That idiot tiger 1 behind you

  46. Rauno Ignatius Repomies

    IS-8 to T-10 to Object 257 WG IS drunk…

  47. It’s things like this that make me happy I stopped playing this game months ago. ^^

  48. The t 10 is flawed I found on the tankopedia that the IS 5 and T 10 have the same armor so the T 10 is not weak it just based of a tier eight and if you don’t believe me look on the tankopedia on their website at the stander pager for them their armor the same what’s messed up. It deserves to be the great tank like the is 3 and is 7 if it taken away from any chance why did they not see this from happening ?

  49. Whell I thought they make it like this: IS-3 leads to T10/Obj.257– Obj.257 leads to IS7– T10 leads to Obj.140/T62A/Obj.430

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