► Object 257 – One Broken Boi? – World of Tanks Object 257 Preview – 9.22 Update

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Source: DezGamez

Object 257 Gameplay and . Object 257, New Tier 9 Soviet . Patch 9.22 Update Review – New Tanks and Features.

9.22 Patch Notes:

In this episode I am taking a bit deeper look at upcoming tier 9 Soviet Russian heavy tank “Object 257”. This weirdly shaped armor, almost looks like a boat has some pretty interesting armor features…
The question it a bit broken or not? What do you think?



  1. You have a defender at tier 8, so i dont see the big deal with this one, and you can always pen it somewhere, if its angled you can pen the front, if its straight on you can pen the lower plate, if its sideways you can pen the side, and you can always pen the roof so…

  2. 2.6 aim time, 0.36 acc. and about 2,5k dpm are AVERAGE values?
    Since when?

  3. SlapThatBurger - WT

    The object 257 cant pen its own side!!!

  4. I heard this tank also has 300mm of all-round armor in the stock turret

  5. Nothing to see here,.. move on please 😉

  6. This is cool, that we get some new kind of armor.

  7. liem thanh Nghuyen

    Shoot the top not the track hull , it angle at u can see the front , it like a diamond shape

  8. How do u even stay sane on the test server long enough to get good footage

  9. Its not broken. It is Russian.

  10. Przemysław Stalmach

    It has sloped inward armor behind tracks and absolutely NONE flat area IS-3 and IS-7 has. It makes it absolutely insane at close range fight if someone shoots tracks and slightly above (but the angle changes with distance that’s why u are able to eventually penetrate it with 122mm gun and AP rounds which has bigger normalization. HEAT will be absorbed and APCR bounce off even more (so need even longer distance to counter angle). However side hull armor just below turret is easily penetrated. You just aimed too low, that area is in fact spaced armor just like IS-3 and IS-7 has. This tank might become even better reverse sidescrape beast than IS-4.

  11. gg for tier 7 and 8 for fighting this tank!

  12. T10 is my only tier 9 and I was desperately wanted is7 but now this tank will lead is7 line… It’s really painful watching this…hope they fix it because I love T10 and it should justify taking t10 spot

  13. This Will be my first high tier broken tank 🙂

  14. This thing is in the game files as a T10 prem tank and now they just put it in the game as a Tier 9 without changing the stats…
    gg wg

  15. Your gunbarrel is located higher up then his side armor, so the closer you are to him the more effective angle he has and with his already Heavy angled sidearmor, you reach the angle for an auto Bounce game mecanic. So try use the heat ammo, as it has stronk normalization value. Tough if it can pen the track is Another question.

  16. no dez obj 257 is not broken 😉

  17. Dez, the stalinium give random effects for this tank, that’s why it’s so broken.

  18. Cant wait for fochs reaction on this 😀

  19. This tank makes me happy 🙂

  20. Broken af

  21. Good episode

  22. All i can say is y tho

  23. Dez I think I know why side is so strong

    It is is because of normalisation meaning the effective angle is less
    1. this explaines apcr not working as well
    2. When you are close because of the shape of the hull it is angled more as you get close as ur tank is effectively taller compared side

    I don’t think I have explained very well but I could try again

  24. Like t22 med

  25. I think this tank is quite unique in fact… At least it isnt like the French bullshit “no frontal weakspot so dont angle and you are good” I would nerf the lower plate a bit (even though its quite weak) and make it slower. I think like 40-45 kph NOT 50 and leave the side armour as it is

  26. its because of the angled side armour, if you shoot down on it, when you are close for example, the angle gets steeper.

  27. What is harder to beat. Final exams or one broken boi

  28. I dont think this thing is better than T10. At least not that hard that it would make a reasonable replacement for it. The only special thing this tank has is that trolly track-amor but is3 doesnt has it and neither is7 so where is the point? The strongest thing on is7 is that frontal amor and the sick turret. And as a tier 9 even the ST1 has a better turret. I dont get the replacement :thinking:

  29. Nothing to see here people! Just WG fucking up again an making a soviet heavy broken AF! Nothing to see! Clear the area!

  30. WG is only trying to show the world that noone can make as good tanks as russia.

  31. Oh my god, how is a T-54 supposed to deal with that? How is an IS-6?

  32. Dez this isnt 907 profile, its t22 med profile

  33. Oooh i cant wait to get this bad boi when 9.22 comes

  34. To be honest, this tank is less broken armour vise than the new T10 TD.. 250mm is the least armour it has in the front… and thats a small cupola, lower plate? yeah 290 raw, well over 300 effective. the upper plate is a bit iffy.. 100mm.. if you shoot at the TD’s gun height, it’s auto bounce angle, if you shoot from higher, it’s easy pen with 225 ish pen… so that tank is either broken without frontal weakspots, one of the fastest TD’s out there, with better armour than E3 frontally, that is situational.
    this tank atleast has an overmatchable turret if nothing else.

  35. AP ammunition gets 5 degrees of normalisation, APCR only gets 2 degrees.
    There’s your answer 😉

  36. Tiger1 is in super hd on comon test !! Wtf

  37. 257 backscrape is godlike , unable to pen it even with e3 full apcr 0//10 ) , but turret is weak

  38. I will have this when 9.22 arrives. I plan to form platoons w friends to bully lower tiers. Tank has superiorities but the problem is current mm and mechanics. Nice video Dez…

  39. Kanna Motherfuckin' Kamui

    Dez, I think you missed to check its armor layouts.

    its frontal is quite trollish, cuz odd angling, some of Dez’s shots can pen its cheeks cuz +-25 pen rules (its frontal upper plate is around 270-300mm)

    its inner side armor (where Dez was shoot at) is heavily sloped that it can ricochet many shots.

    and it HAD frontal weakspot at lower plate, while it seem heavily sloped, it’s very weak and not so effective (only around 200mm)

    btw, those weakspot is fairly unnoticeable (unless you’re looking its armor layouts in tanks.gg) and obviously will caused a problem in tier 7-8 matches.

  40. Thanks Dez, after playing it a few times on the CTS, I found it was easily penned compared to the 705, maybe i just wasn’t over angling with the 257, but it felt underwhelming due to the weak spots demonstrated in live battle.

  41. Well hello over hereeee! 🙂

  42. Looks like a good tier 8 premium. Better armor than the 260 and it also has apcr. Almost as good as the De…. Ohh fuck it. This is the best tank in the fucking game then.

  43. WG, please give a little love to the germans (heavies and leopard 1), the frenchmans (AMX 50B line) and the tier 5 lights.

  44. Creative Lightning

    No Leopard 1 buff.,…

  45. RIP other tier IX tanks

  46. The side armor is on a angle the closer you are the gun has to aim down the angle is increased making the round bounce and apcr don’t like angled armor increasing the chance to bounce thats my guess

  47. What is wrong with the T10 that they are replacing it with this broken boi

  48. I must say, the way the other party stood still on Malinovka and just took a beating is 10/10. Good performance by that lad. Kappa

  49. just fucking ridicolous..

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