► Object 260 – Most Relaxed 1 vs 5! – World of Tanks Object 260 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay , Epic Battle. , Tier 10 Soviet Special Premium .

► Why You HESH to be mad?

I am trying to show you as many different tanks as possible, so today I found one super relaxed and calm carry with tier 10 special premium reward heavy tank “Object 260”. Our hero today makes it look so easy, so calm and relaxed, even when there are 5 enemy tanks vs 1 Object 260!

Player: Novikov1986



  1. Re-upload!!!

  2. happy working and thanks for the cool video Dez

  3. Dez, I love it when you say, “right in the pooper!”. LMFAO!!! 😀

  4. its better if players show real skill games in which they spam no gold ammo then they can be considered great players its easy to pen with gold ammo

  5. 1:25 damages Rhm. B. WT. excactly before shooting…

    no comment…

  6. Emile Verwaaijen

    prem ammo won it for him. Lots of RNG and a just a bit of skill

  7. RIP[*] Dezz…

    for 7 days 😉

  8. I’m so close to mine, I just either need to redo HT-15 for honors.. (meaning my team needs to not toss my game) or do lt-15….

  9. another idiot replay from ru server

  10. What even is this fooking thing?

  11. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Obj260 is what the IS-7 should be. Just look at that crazy gun handling and terrain resistances.

  12. looks balance to me lol

  13. more russian bias action

  14. Why the T-54 didn’t cap with the T-44 is beyond me. Then again this is world of tanks, the average level of intelligence amongst players is very low.

  15. love you dez hope your throat starts feeling better. thanks for all the extra work you put in to keep us happy.

  16. Heat going tru is4 tracks wtf

  17. Hi dez, I have one a bit epic replay, kolobanovs with T26E4, but its like a year ago ? if you want ?

  18. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Enjoy your vacations DEZ =)

  19. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    those pens on the is4 are pure bs. heavily angled lower plate. pened like butter like what the fuck. that shot into the tracks was bs as well. ._. good game but still triggered.

  20. The most relaxing one is the E75 in that attack defend mode

  21. questions about skill ammo.
    this dude pulling tracking and damaging shots on is4 whit heat.. is it really worth avoiding tracks when skill ammo is loaded. is it all just luck does tracks eat heat or not ?
    good vid btw! 😀

  22. Had a bad day in WoT today, assholes and shitty RNG. But thanks for making my day better like you always do Dez! Keep it up!

  23. 1:50 I was literally just about to comment that you have to make the minimap bigger xD well, I’ll zip it till the end now 😛

  24. yeah…dislike the size of the minimap and the ammount of Heat ammo…i understand u have only 30 but 50% or high its to much…20-30% maximum its more that enough ….and not forget the standard pen on that tank its 260…

  25. I got a Kolovanonv’s medal by running away on Sand River assault.

    What? Isn’t it how you defend base on the ELC? 😀

  26. 11:47 Dez – your sins are forgiven – you may go in peace. 🙂

  27. what is the diffrence between t44100 and t44100r?

  28. poor is-4, tracks absobed nothing

  29. Lol, 1:46 “what is this? Is this a real life”
    like you upset that the 8.8 was able to pen with AP shell.
    There wsnt even such a tank 260 in real life, so?

  30. Excellent play, well played

  31. how do u get the victory girls?

  32. Hilman Sudirman

    And yet people crying about type 5 and Maus broken and breaking the game meta (medium players cried so hard of course). Do you even drive those 2 tanks before they got buffed ? Those two tanks has completely garbage Stats on everything because normal ammo can pen them long before they could return fire.(And everyone said those 2 tanks not worth the grind and need some buff) And now you guys complaining about how broken those two was . Pathethic……And still no one said that object 260 have to be nerfed. That tanks should be nerfed it’s mobility until morelike the same as IS-7

  33. 0:10 another day another dollar

  34. 0:37 turn on captions and look

  35. RNG was on his side but good game any way.

  36. Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    Obj. 260 has 260 pen…

    Illuminati confirmed

  37. Fast, armored, good gun.. Op

  38. The Lowe skip was beautiful. That’s the kind of editing I like to see!

  39. Damn. Talk about a Clutch match near the end. And another reason that only the truly good players can earn this tank.

  40. That angle on lower plate on IS-4 and he still penetrated wtf…what pen is on that rounds? ??

  41. so you said that you want to show as much as different tanks as you can…how about an Episode with two lower tier tanks like m2 light and pz 1c? 🙂

  42. Press 2 to win!:) Super heavies are so bad because of premium ammo. Unless they nerf gold they should increase the speed of super heavies because armor is useless against gold spamming unicums.

  43. “Pretty much the same armour” – comparing tier 10 with tier 8 buy to win… gj WG ?

  44. relaxed? lol i once played a match it was a capture and enemy had to capture or kill us all i was driving an elc and i just ran away and won the match and 1vs5 kolabanov

  45. I still have a giggle every time you say “into the pooper”. i don’t know why it’s so funny to me. 😀

  46. How are the mods you use..?+

  47. El Creyente!Xx.

    whh would you give is vids of this shit op tank

  48. When you said that that IS-4 is the easies kill I think you forgot about Löwe 😉

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