► Object 263, Ultimate Troll Wagon, Derp! – World of Tanks Object 263 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

, Epic Battle. Best Replays. – Tier 10 Soviet Russia .

Back with another “Epic Battle” episode!
Today I welcome you into Ultimate Troll Wagon – “Object 263”, tier 10 tank destroyer. This tank can be one of the biggest trolls in this game and when it played by a player, who doesn’t give a single damn… Then a lot of awesome things are going to happen, so have fun and enjoy today’s episode! 🙂


  1. do you pin comments?

  2. Actualeee this battle would be won more easileee if he sniped in first person mode. – DezGamez, 2017, Somewhere in Estonia.

  3. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    He nearly threw the game cuz of not First Person Firing..

  4. I must say, I’m impressed with the evolution of your editing skills. I’ve been watching your videos for months (years?) and the production value keeps getting better. Keep it up, pls!

  5. OMG, I am Marti_AnV !

  6. you are the only yt channel i really want to see from 0.00. just great and always something else. good work dez

  7. omg this not using of snipe mode made this unwatchable. you dont play fucking call of duty damnit, so many wasted shots

  8. Everytime i hear your voice i want to eat some meat

  9. i really like your intros!

  10. Is it just me, but as I see it, I’m not saying he’s a bad player, but the lack of aiming for several shots was outright tomato mode engaged. Nearly threw the match. We all know the obj263 is beast, op even (idiot proof?) he got away with too many botched shots, lucky with rng as we all know how all over the place rng is… lucky a bc went to the school of idiotic cliche methods for running away from things and didn’t bother to bank right or left vs a td when in a medium. And lucky t30 was afk and that the 268 tomatoed hardcore, it’s not that bad of a tank just gotta aim and whatnot…

  11. start recording 60 fps :^)

  12. Your videos are getting better and better. Always good intro and nice commentary!

  13. Great video, and it’s also great how you’ve been showing off your editing skills – great stuff

  14. 12:02 is a answer on your question dez..”why he use 3rd person view”

  15. How did this replay get on the channel?

  16. Ignas Nedzinskas

    Dez, do somethink else, not only playing WOT

  17. Ignas Nedzinskas

    Obj. 263

  18. what is your name dez?

  19. Really like the new intros

  20. Usually 263 drivers are aggressive AF but this guy really wasn’t

  21. MajesticRaithier

    I saw this replay yesterday on your wot replays site and I was going to download it and watch it as Obj 263 is my favorite TD.
    But it turns out I didn’t need to, as you just so happened to have made a video on it! Convenient timing Dez!
    I uploaded the Scorpion replay above it, and I have a whole bunch more to upload too. 🙂

  22. i love your Voice… I know some people dislike yours because of your accent type thing. But i love it!

  23. hey dez, how do you switch on free cam mode in the replay? im planning on making such video for school, thanks!

  24. it looks like he was using an aimbot. weird movements when aiming on the T30, not normal. explains the 3rd person view playstyle.

  25. Love the new intros you started with!!

  26. A SKIP JE CHEAT haha

  27. the 263 is one of those tanks you either see played like a God or like trash. It’s really not for your average player that’s for sure!

  28. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    This looks like a really fun TD to play.

  29. Not sure if that player is a noob, unicum or lucker…

  30. Respekt

  31. g00gle isFckingTrash

    How does he even pen those unaimed bot shots…

  32. Can you review bacon cheeseburgers for us?

  33. I swear ramming people to death is the best thing in this game. Today I rammed into a 121 at like 50 kph in my WZ-111 and knocked him straight off a cliff…didn’t even bother shooting him ._.

  34. naah. i was so disappointed of that tank

  35. His DPM seems a lot slower than mine, 5 skill crew in mine it just rocks in wolfpacking with mediums just like the SU122/44, start out the game with long range heavy support fire, then go very aggressive and overwhelm them with speed and ROF. 263 is excellent in so many ways,….just dont get hit by arty EVER.

  36. great game, but let’s see, obj 268 goes mid, arties go edge of town, 268 proxy spots, arty pummels open top 263 or 263 comes out and 268 gets him, now recap what actually happened? WTF “teamwork” in WOT, still thumbs up for him

  37. Another excellent vid but particularly great quality intro with your music and cinematics. Done it again Dez.

  38. wtf this is so stupid! when i see someone of my friends who missed because of not aiming in first person i kick his ass! so stupid!

  39. am i the only one that is sure that they nerfed obj 263 it the last update with making him HD and WG didnt say nothig about that????

  40. Shit. No skills, tomatoes. Going suiciding vs 263. And the 263 is damn OP. His cousin 268 is ages old. WG forgot about old tanks, they have to promote new lines, new tanks, new premiums. So fuck the old and go ahead.
    Anyway, the video doesn’t offer anything interesting.

  41. obj. 263 is such a beast in pubs, I always hate facing one lol

  42. lol behind dead tank, experienced arty will always blind shot there to reset the cap, the most obvious hiding spot ever.

  43. Which modpack are you using?

  44. damn, did anybody in that entire game actually aim?

  45. I love your videos Dez! Especially all the music!

  46. BagelsGamingOnline

    I actually personally like 3rd person firing as well, it helps me keep aware of my surroundings.

  47. The audio balance is odd for instrumental music.

  48. does anyone notice this is 2017 and those stuff is the old version? its literally mods to change the aiming stuff

  49. Alexander Stoyanov

    This is why this tank is my fav in the game

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