► Object 268 – DEADLIEST SNIPER! – World of Tanks Object 268 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Object 268 Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. Object 268, 0 Soviet Russia Tank Destroyer.

Huh, after a lot work, effort and time, my dream about “Beast Mode Gear” is reality, with its first 2 designs. I really am trying to provide the best quality products and service out there, so hopefully You can see it and appreciate it.
If you would like to take your support to next level, then this is the way to do it… and at the same time you can grab yourself something EXTREAMLY cool! 😛
I already have some new design ideas for the future, so stay tuned… and course, feedback guys, feedback is really important!

But anyways, in today’s episode I am going to show you “Deadliest Sniper” Armata12, in 0 Soviet Russia tank destroyer “Object 268”. When Soviet guns are working… then they are working good! Amazing amount damage, kills and blind kills – this is how I am going to describe today’s battle, check it out! 🙂

Player: Armata12



  1. My favourite tierX td!

  2. Crappy TDs: FV4005, Object 268, Foch 155.
    Decent TDs: T110E4, JPE100.
    Good TDs: T110E3, Object 263, Grille 15, FV215 183, Strv 103b.

  3. He missed 8 Premium rounds, and 7 standard, he also took quite a beating in this vehicle. That’s why he lost credits.

  4. I would like to see another one for Sheridan with 105

  5. wow a typical ruski derp gun and a normal ruski game dez keep up the good work.

  6. Could you possibly do a video on the WaffenTrager Pz.IV? I dont think you’ve showed that thing ever. If not for a long time.

  7. Worst td in tier X. Terrible shell velocity, no gun derpession, avarange gun handling, bad mobility. This tank can only be used in maps like this.

  8. why the Russian TDS when dez spell it I hear Russian titties XD

  9. Outclassed in many ways by the Strv103B or the Grille15, those are the true snipers… even the 263 fills a niche better

  10. should you speak in a russian accent…yes…yes you should.

  11. Maciek Lesniewski

    how you know he is from Russia not from Poland? idk russian but if it is “armata” mean the same….

  12. anyone know the release date of patch 9,18 ? plz need to know it

  13. exactly what my 268 does….frequent misses even when fully aimed. Maybe server side problem, maybe connection, but the gun is not as good as it should be by far… 🙁

  14. Obj. 268 is bad on WOTblitz in my opinion I think it needs a buff

  15. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    This is not a tank that is featured often, yet you and SirFoch do in the same day. Or what do you say

  16. Momcilo Popovcak

    every tier 10 td have something special for them except this one… just look at that shell arc and speed, obj. 261 have better shell speed and its arty… wg really need to give some love to this tank…

  17. USA arty vs. ssr arty

  18. this TD is horrible. it used to be so good, and it’s so bad now.

  19. he did X5 omg ahahah sooo lucky! nice video ^^

  20. The reload time, yes Ivan left the tank to took some shells in the base, no need to go to the garage for that, only wait 976s in game and your shells will be re-suplied automatically.

  21. 47 Ronin

  22. I would love to see the Sheridan with the 105 mm

  23. nice…but i think obj.263 better sniper

  24. The thing is actually complete shit due to powercreep, nice clickbait tho.

  25. very cool intro DezGamez! keep making those

  26. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    Just standard BL-10 shit spam

  27. 12:43 Negative reload time 😀

  28. I have a t49 replay on your site with some INSANE luck, maybe consider showing it in one vid? 🙂

  29. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Ridiculous: he did 12K and lost money, really ridiculous.

  30. OP confirmed maus blocks 400 pen lol

  31. Glad that people are buying your stuff @DezGamez, can’t afford to myself at the moment, but I really appreciate the content you give us all.

  32. This guys not evem good in the 268, just got very lucky lol. Just look how he plays.

  33. 2:51 it sounds like Dez said “Russian Titties” XD

  34. that must’ve been a blind ammorack because he didn’t get assistance for tracking the panther

  35. if 268 facing all bot players, that is awesome! But, always facing moving target with this 100m/s shell velocity, you would not hit any target

  36. alfredo diaz ramirez

    grille 15 will show this russian how it’s done

  37. by the way, if playing this sort of situation, anyone can be pro. fuck those noobs game

  38. the obj 268 did some masterful work and nice commentary dez on the vid…how do I send you a video?

  39. Sorry, but I hate this tank and regret ever grinding for it. This game is an exception. It has the worse aim time, turret traverse and sight, and usually dies very quick. I’ve played it over a 100 times and each time I hated playing the vehicle. It does deliver a devastating shell, but that’s if you can track a target you’re lucky to even get a shot in. Worse tier X vehicle in the whole game. The only way you can play this tank is sit way in the back and hope a target runs across your view range.

  40. “deadliest sniper”…..uhhhh have you ever heard of rhe strv 103b???

  41. The bias is stronk with this one conrads?

  42. The Obj. 268’s shell velocity is worse than arty. Leading shots is really difficult and sniping is hard because enemy tanks can dodge your shells.

    Having owned this tank for many years, it’s not what it used to be. I don’t play it anymore.

  43. orestisDisturbed

    (1) Camp all game
    (2) Miss most shots due to slow shell velocity

  44. Dez, I enjoyed in your comments of this battle. I really cant understand why Armata used so much autoaim with this kind of td and dont use HE in some situactions – against scout, and low HP tanks.

  45. “deadliest” sniper in the game…

    STRV 103B : bitch please

  46. Actualités I have mode only one game with thé Sheridan with 105mm gun and i have mode more than 7000 demage

  47. A lucky mm where all enemys kemp bush in forest. In the end he was not so brilliant at taking shots at weakspots.
    The problem is the tank hiself: 0.32 accuracy, lowest shell speed of all TX TDs and narrow gun arc make very very hard to snipe, meanwhile mediocre traverse, low reverse speed, low gun depression and low armor make very hard to close combat. Comparable style tanks like 263, Jageroo and E3 at least has some armor and/or gun depression.

  48. I will share video when my Epic Boomstick hoodie arrives if you like 🙂

  49. Bloddy hell, Dez! Brillant intro!

  50. He is just a normal td player that doesn’t rush + a stupid enemy team

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