► Object 268 Version 4 – Assault Destroyer?! – World of Tanks Object 268 Version 4 Preview

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Source: DezGamez

Version 4 Gameplay and . , New Tier 10 Soviet . – New Tanks and Features. Test Server.

9.22 Patch Notes:

One more new tier 10 Soviet tank to look at, “Object 268 Version 4”. A lot of players hated what WG did to this line, what they did to … So let’s take a look, what this new tier 10 has to offer!



  1. Huh… Every new tier 10 should be covered now.. Let me know what YOU think about this one?
    Enjoy! #stayawesome

    • Hi Dez. There is two vehicles in tanks.gg, the Obj 263B and Obj 430B. they both have te same rate of fire of their previous versions, but with a 122mm D-49 cannon. Could you take a look at those tanks and find out If they are fake, or some kind of reward tanks ?

    • Przemysław Stalmach

      @roylevis – sure, object 263 was penetrated frontally by everything 😉 … not. That’s why most ppl just switched to auto-skill-up (premium ammo). In this case it will be the same but target is bigger 😉 hull traverse is way worse (~10 degree difference) so it turns like tiger p.

    • I hope you realize that on you/our service records, we have obj. 263B’s. …What the actual f*ck?? WG will put it in our service records but not give it to us as a reward vehicle. The obj. 263 is my only current tier 10 tank and its getting replaced with a tank I despise. I absolutely adore my 263 and its just going to be gone.They are doing the same with the 430U also and I like the 430U, but again, why cant the people who have the 430 get it as a award vehicle? They did it for 3 other tanks already, and its less content from WG which if they realized it will actually hurt their game as I’m going to leave this game if we cannot have a 263 reward vehicle. Is it too much for WG to add the letter ‘B’ after a name? It just doesn’t make sense Why WG would trash a vehicle that is famous and replace it with a tank that some of us don’t like, but if we got a 263B(award vehicle) I would be completely fine. Also this is proof WG doesn’t give a single flying f*ck about its community. I know the chances of anyone actually careing about my opinion is 0-none, but maybe if WG actually listened we could be happy.

    • @Dez Let me correct you right there: considering this vehicle can meet tier 8s, this is not extremely good, this is extremely bad !

    • trasverse is even worse. DEZ runs it with food, and has a driver with clutch braking-off road driving etc. Most of us (lets say we have BIA and clutch braking, but no food or off road driving) trasverse is absolute crap.
      I can live with the lower DPM, since it is supposed to be a brawler, but it needs a better trasverse to fit the role, it is TURRETLESS ffs. It also needs a more decent accuracy, it cannot aim for weak spots.

  2. The object 268 v2 shoulda be more like 263 dpm wise before it was moved to tier 9.

  3. Object 268 Version 4 sounds kind of OP

  4. Noridomi Shinomiya

    15s for 550 alpha damage lol

  5. Dez your video as always is amazing. You’ve grown to be my favorite youtuber. I wish you the best in 2018 and I shall have to make a twitter to show you my 2nd mug I got from you this one being the DEZ cup 🙂 stay amazing because you make my day every time I see your video pop up.

  6. i want replace for america cusz capola on t110 e5 aint gonna hold vs all new tanks , strong turret but pff cant even peak over hill ,there is no love for amerika for sow long , not counting in premiums

  7. Well hello Dez, how have you been?
    Hmm! I like the tank but found face hugging ppl already know to shoot the sensing port on gun mallet and you get great dmg

  8. Sergio González Torres

    I got a question, for everyone that had the Yolowagon, are they gonna get it and the Yolowagon or…

  9. Is it the Object 263? No? Then it’s not for me. It is simply not the tank I’ve invested hours and money into getting, and they’re taking one of those tanks away from me without even letting me keep it as a premium after researching it. This is not the proper way to retire a tank, nor is it the proper tank to retire, nor the proper tank to replace.

  10. Its really really sad … Obj263 … drove it like a Porsche 911 … it was absolutely amazing tank. The DPM nerf sucks, my favorite tank messed up now. The 13,65s–Reload Zombie …. no one wants it! Left WoT to Armored Warfare and the game experience is far better. Reloading every 6–7s is a must! Once you played this game you will realize how slow WoT can be. Hopefully they nerf the STB–1 too

  11. it looks like the Death star but with no turret. not such a big gun but a faster reload.

  12. Russian bias sure but the 3 New t10 look damn intersting to play. This TD seems to be more fun than 263, more mobile and better armor.

  13. WG, please give to optional 130mm pew pew gun.

  14. Well goodbay tier 8 tanks ,gg wg u f…. Up again

  15. I have been playing the jpe100 alot lately as the HE shells are TROLL with all the over armoured tanks now.. This tank looks great! Exactly my playstyle.. thanks Dez

  16. Fuck that tank

  17. The problem was su-122-54 not 263

  18. That 488 roll at the end was literally the lowest possible roll lol

  19. Victor kislyi can now get his asshole penned.

  20. Sooo this basically has a beefed up kv2 gun?

  21. Tit for tat. You ruined his ram kill, so he ruined yours. Such is the selfish teammate mentality in WoT.

  22. i researched obj 268 301k experience and now its 239k LOL

  23. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Did you see the dispersions of Grille 15? My god, Grille 15 aimtime is a super shit. Like everything in that super shit vehicle.

  24. R.i.p. su-122-54 🙁

  25. Object 268 > Object 268 4…nuff said.

  26. I’m calling it right now . If this stays like this it will get the grille 15 treatment. Mobility nerf , depression and aim time/gun handling. Leave my 263 alone.

  27. I did my first game in it (on my channel) and I got an ammo rack for my first shot lol

  28. an e3 that goes 55kph. Me and my platoon ended matches in 3 mins by pushing into mediums. This tank is broken. People have trouble shooting me with premium rounds. The firepower is a drawback but 3 of these in a platoon will win 95% of the matches played. This tank will break tier 10 gameplay.

  29. Once again it all comes down to money. Wargaming is make accuracy worse on every new tank and when they change an old one. We said on the sandbox we didn’t want worse dispersion witch would equal more rng. So now they doing it anyway just like with the 263. We say what we want and wargaming lies and cheats and changes it anyway. All comes down to money and they make more the worse the free tech tree tanks accuracy is. Stfu wargaming so pissed over dispersion and 263 changes.

  30. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Lots complained = WG still pushed this new TD… what if we didn’t complain, will WG not gonna replace 263? ?

    Sorry bout the bad English.

  31. It looks like a bigger and more armored archer

  32. I just can’t play on the test server. +300ms ping…

  33. Le blindage ne sert plus a rien tout le monde joue full gold..

  34. What percentage of bond equipment do you think will be used to maximize already good/near OP “meta” tanks by Clan warriors and such to make them “more OP-er”, and what percentage to just offset the worst weaknesses of fun and otherwise about balanced tanks to make them more consistently playable?

  35. E4 need some more love from WG 🙁 It has nothing except turret…

  36. I think it’s a better 263. What made the 263 special was the dpm, .32 acc, high mobility with the insane upper armor, which made it great for an aggressive playstyle.

    Sucks that some of the things are gone, but I think the 268 v4 fits the aggressive playstyle even more than the 263 did. Now you get
    + better hp/ton ratio
    + 300mm lower plate armor compared to the 263s 180mm
    + 1 degree better gun depression, 5 degrees better gun arc.
    + 650 alpha, better for trading
    + faster aim time and better soft stats during movement
    + 200 hitpoints
    For that you lose base gun accuracy, view range, dpm, tank traverse speed and shell velocity compared to the 263.

    Ultimately I think it’s simply a better 263 if you used to play the 263 in an aggressive way.

  37. stop using rations when showing vehicles

  38. So it’s Obj 268 Drama Lama Version?

  39. They try to make all play with premium and spam gold that why armors are going thru the roof new Obj 257 t9 tank 350 turet ….. V shape hull now this lower plate 10 mm strip good luck hiting that !!!

  40. the first half of 2018 will be in lead of russian blueprint bias. The history repeats. WG is one bullshit company and Iam glad I swap the games I play. Do not have need to pay WG a fucking euro anymore.

  41. i have 9.2sec reload time in my 263…this tank (268v4) is really shit.

  42. I want WG ti take out RNG. The game wil be more nice…and not that frustrating like it is now

  43. I bet su122 54 will be a t8 premium, statistically its worse than wz120 1 ft, their guns are quite similar also..

  44. I was actually looking at this line, because of the DPM combined with the good mobility and armor. Now that the DPM is gone, it doesn’t look that nice anymore. Anyway, I’m not impressed.

  45. Dude this new tanks are all too fkn strong

  46. Whats up with those annoying add’s….they spoil the fun in watching ur vids….but now they r spoiled….thumbs down

  47. when will be available 9.22 update?

  48. Disgusted by the fact they didn’t listen to us. No reason to keep the new 263 now they’re gonna Fuck it up and no reason to play the 268 v 4 past a couple of battles. Well done war gaming. We’re the people that keep filling your pockets and you obviously don’t give a shit about anything we say.

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