► Object 268 Version 4 First Details – Object 263’s Replacement – World of Tanks Future News

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Source: DezGamez

Version 4 First Details Preview – New Tier 10 Soviet . World of Tanks Patch 9.21+ Update News. Gameplay.

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WarGamaning supertest server never sleeps… They are always testing out new crazy things for the future, like replacing tier 10 Soviet Russian tank destroyer “” with “Object 268 Version 4”.
In this episode I am going to share first details about this replacement vehicle, so let’s see what it has to offer!

What do you think?


► Player:
– RychuDZG


  1. New week, new episode and let’s get riiiiight in to the noooooooooooooose!
    What you think about this one?

    • OK now this is ridiculous, this if WG what’s people to play this line of TD’s they only nett to buff the toilet tanks, the Obj. 263 is very good already to be a goal (from PC, to console and even blitz, the OBJ 263 only gets good comets, and is a consider a good recommendation for a tier 10 TD), but the problem are the toilet tanks, they make the casual (and even unoicum player) to give up on this line.

      and even worse, if they what to creat a progression in the play stile, this tank is far away of that, but whit some changes this can be a very good replacement of the tier 9 of this line (wich name I don’t remember, but I going to call the TD version of the T-54 [becaus that is]) I mean it looks like the TD’s of this line at tier 7,8; they only net to play whit the stats and bingo, new tier 9 tech tree tank and new tier 9 especial TD

      Now one thing more, WG can you stop replacing tanks and star working on the Fuc*ing chieftain line, you promise that tank since 2015 (or since 2012 when the British mediums get announce) and I sick of getting tanks that no one ask for.


    • DezGamez it looks like a angry Conner just in tier 10 version

    • Destroyerman Fernandez

      If WG absolutely wants to go through with these changes, it must plan these changes very carefully. To explain, give the Object 268 version 4 a 130mm gun along with the same gun characteristics (reload time, accuracy, handling etc etc.) as the former tier 10 263. This should be combined with the fact that the 268 version 4 has an enclosed compartment and should be given given better gun arcs would make the 268 version a worthy successor to the old 263. The armor on the new 268 version 4 should also be worthy of the old 263, give the 268 version 4 armor equal to the old 263 and it most certainly will be a worthy successor to the 263, still having the same high RoF, great accuracy, gun handling and armor of the 263 but now with added benefits such as better overall protection (lower plate is still a critical weakspot), especially from arty. The 263 now sitting at tier 9 should not be nerfed to the ground i.e wtf WG 0.45 accuracy and 16 secs reload? Fuck of mates. Instead the tier 9 263 should be more or less as same as it once was at tier 10, save for the fact that it has reduced hitpoints and somewhat less penetration on it’s gun. Everything else should be the same though. Same goes for the other TD’s in the line, the 122-54 should have better RoF and accuracy and has great hull armor and mobility but low alpha and an obvious weakspot (periscope on roof), while the 101 has a small profile and great gun with good pen, accuracy and damage and decent armor while still having an obvious weakspot (lower glacis).

      Of course, this is just my thoughts should WG continue on their decision to replace the 263. Point is, the second Soviet line should be unique, it was and always is a high RoF line with great accuracy and gun handling and an emphasis on damage over time and mobility. While WG’s decision to rework this line, is retarded as it is not necessary, if they play their cards straight and manage to rework this line in a very meaningful way i.e not this retarded rework we were shown, then we could see a resurgence in the second Soviet TD line.

    • DezGamez Now I know why they nerfed Grill 15. Great job, WG!

    • TBH i love my 263 and i would prefer them to actually put this new tank where it belongs…within 268 line, as an alternate T10 TD.
      There is already a line with big alpha characteristics, why create another one, i thought WG wanted to “differenciate” the gameplays of the different lines.

      Same thing with 430, instead of downgrading a tanks that relys solaly on its DPM at the cost of gun handling, why not simply, i don’t know, nerf the DPM of obj 140 because it’s insane gun handling + depression makes it so good.
      Mobility of T62a wich was supposed to have this very strong turret. (not even mentionning the 907)

      IDK but i do think WG are taking the wrong approach around those changes lately, it kinda saddens me :/
      Making such rash changes to tanks that don’t need it when there are already identified problems with certain tanks seems irrationnal imho.

  2. in any case 250, players put gold and back to the garage, i prefer the 263

  3. The new Vehicle looks cool, not OP and a bit interesting. But the changes to the Tech Tree are IMO, same for the Obj 430, bullcrap. Only thing that should be changed is the current Tier IX because it’s neither rear “turreted” or well armored. The changes to the other nations do make sense, but on the soviet Tree, I just dont get it….

  4. Don’t ever bring that bs to console

  5. Dez i love the synth music in the back PLZ keep using it!

  6. And now they fucked up a perfectly fine line, again…

  7. Su-100M1+ Obj. 268

  8. Sptiting and shitting again on your players. Enjoy losing them,you f.. apes!

  9. Stupid WG yet again the tank has no place on that line they are basically fucking that line ups for no reason. It is retarded tank in the first place but if they are that desperate to put it in the game put it on the other fecking line.

  10. Hope Dez uses his CC status to have dialogue with WG all he needs to do is give the 100% negative feedback that this proposed change has gained.

  11. Nope. That’s it for me. I’m pretty much fed up with the shit WarGaming is doing now. Go ahead, ruin another branch. If this change goes through and they won’t get another cent from me ever again.

  12. that means the tier 8 will replaced —>su 101
    pls answer than i can begin the grind

  13. WTF ? YOLO WAGON GET REPLACEMENT, WHEN OBJ 268 cry in the corner alone, never buffed, never loved, never played. So WG pls use brains and replace 268 insted of 263.

  14. Oh for fucks sake wg, STOP REPLACING THE GOOD TANKS

  15. I think it is a down grade from its current tank but idk that its any worse than the E4 cause it has armor so longer reload.

  16. Are WG stupid ? What is Murazor smoking ? SMoking his own shit ? Why not just make it an alternative to the original 268, being able to research both tanks from 704. A lot like how u can research 140 and 62a from t54.

    Has WG ever thought about that ? OF COURSE NOT !! Why you may ask ?
    because FK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously though. The 263 was a unique tank and line for beng a fast dpm low alpha line. It was fun to be honest. And what does WG decide to do ? Make these ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE changes and completely destroying the 263.

    Perfect logic 100% WG so smart. Can win World’s smartest company award

  17. i have a feeling they will buff it before they add it… just look at all the other tier 10s they added, buffed before entry

  18. So WG’s objective is to remove every single unique vehicle?
    Do I see an AMX 40 with no armour and 70 km/h top speed coming?


  20. 24% concealment when stationary with such a huge tank ? Its even better than my Borsig which is a low profile tank !

  21. The tank should continue the line good mobility and armour low alpha and awesome DPM

  22. Wargaming for PC seem to be fucking dumb lmao. Wasn’t the 263 unique for not having a 152 mm 750 alpha gun?

  23. i hope they can the T7 su100 was aids the 101 was okay and the i liked the 54

  24. Aravind Badrinathan

    War gaming. Plz DO NOT REPLACE THE 263.

  25. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t have that garbage gun so they better not replacement it… I love my dpm

  26. It is heart breaking for me since it is going to be the first tier 10 for me in the game. When everyone said go grind some other line i was determined to get obj 263 as it can be used both as a heavy as well as a sniper. It is most unique tank in the entire game.

  27. btw when does the FV215b 183 get replaced?


  29. Unique, well balanced, non derp gun, fun to play TD… and WoT is going to replace it?! Are they trying to actively drive players away?

  30. I grinded so hard for this tank specifically to have the package it offers…. Now they change everything I love about it…. This is awful 1000000000000000% awful

  31. Just dont do this in jesus christ! This td is just fun to play, I dont want another boring 268 with better armor. Let 263 unchanged please

  32. NOOOOOOOO the 263 is the best, such a fun brawler

  33. gotta love that retarded enemy 261, if he had repositioned to the corner (K9 i think) to have angle to shoot TDs in the base, that would have been EZ for the enemy, thats the proof that arty players have no brain to think how to help the team to win

  34. Save the 263! We dont want this BS replacement!

  35. YES ! 263 as a tier 9 will troll hard(er)

  36. good luck is6 and wz111 and all tier 8 tanks whit preferential mm, hhaha, i try to play is6 whit 175 pen….patetic

  37. The 263 was fine. They should replace the shitty Obj 268! Why do they always fuck shit up and do things ass backwards.

  38. They should keep the line as is and just put the Obj 268 Ver 4 at tier 9. WG want to make the Obj 263 line more popular, but the tanks great and the line leading to it is the let down for the grind…

    Also dear god the stats they have given this and the tier 9 263 are shit. I’m sorry but between tier 10 263 and 268 Ver 4 there’s no comparison, the 263 is better.
    Also they should have just put it at tier 9 with the historical armor instead of increasing it to fit above the 263

  39. Blitz_ With_Spartan617

    It’s quite pathetic seeing people bitch about this, when they aren’t losing the tank…

  40. Pretty much like Obj 268 but with smaller caliber and moved fighting compartment to the back

  41. Worst line re-work they have ever planned. Hope this doesn’t come to life in its current shape.

  42. Heriberto Guimarães

    Wait … Tier 9 ? So it means that this beast can meet some tier 7 ? But what a Tiger I would do to it ? A tier 7 cannot pen it !

  43. Hey Dez can you tell us some news about the personal missions ? Why are they offline ?

  44. why is wg remove all Tanks and dont take it as a 2nd Tier 10?

  45. Seems like wargaming forget what a td is.

  46. 2017 is the year, where WG replaced the most tanks,and I hate them for what they did/are doing.

  47. ISU-152 in tier 8 has better dpm, and accuracy…

  48. why are they replacing all of the beautiful tanks??

  49. TD’s redline camping new meta?

  50. I really dont get this, why not just nerf the 263 if its that much of a problem. This new td doesn’t do anything the 263 couldn’t. The 263 has strong frontal armour, good mobility, but it as a tank destroyer actually had a viable gun. 2100 DPM and 0.43 accuracy is frankly not even remotely viable in a tier 10 td, regardless of the rest of the characteristics.

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