► Object 430U – New Alpha In Town! – World of Tanks Object 430U Preview – 9.22 Update

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Source: DezGamez

and . Object 430U, New Tier 10 Soviet . Update Review – New Tanks and Features. Test Server.

9.22 Patch Notes:

In this episode I am rolling out with new, upcoming tier 10 Soviet Russian medium tank “Object 430U”. This feels to be kind of a hybrid of heavy and medium tank. Really good armor, specially for a medium tank and high alpha damage makes this tank, as WG said, the new alpha in town!



  1. This tank is Chuck Norris Approved! So it simply can not be bad… ? But wacca think?
    I hope you enjoyed your weekend, now I am going to take a little break and I try to enjoy it as well. 😉

  2. It’s a Heavium or Meavy 😀

  3. This tank has way better stats than 121. They better fix this or I’m gonna be grumpy

  4. so ive been grinding up the shitty Chinese medium line for nothing? when i could just get the same tank but russian so its way easier grind? nice. nothing special bout Chinese med line now

    • TheRevention it happened the same to me , i almost got 113 and this bias apears , it’s exactly the same but smaller , simply don’t get it

  5. Hemedium from Stalinium…

  6. 113 vs 430u
    113 will rip it every single time

  7. Those cupolas are jail bait…lol ❤??

  8. Oh jeah… very good weather

  9. Hello over here and there!! 🙂

  10. they should rename this game into world of russian tanks

  11. RIP IS-4 🙁

  12. Meh. More Soviet Russian OP fake trash. Time to un suscribe

  13. What is that blue thing under your name? I see it many times but im never sure what it is

  14. I have never fired a single premium round in this game, but with 9.22 that might change

  15. its MEDVY

  16. 160 upper plate is a bit too strong. This and the lack of actual frontal weakspots makes it an insane city brawler.. ehhh, 300mm cupolas.. umm, okay..

  17. For example, the T62As turret has less armor than the hull of this tank.

  18. Dez its a heavyium 🙂

  19. Virgin 121 vs Chad 430u

  20. I want to see your face ?

  21. No reason to play other nations then Russia… So in few years is it “world of Russian tanks” … WTF WG

  22. When is face off coming? 110 vs is3 would be interesting

  23. So This Tank Is A “Meavy”…

  24. world of powercreep

  25. Where is dez from??

  26. It is a beautiful Sunday, and here I am watching Dez…

  27. Tank is so OP. Hull armor as strong as E-75, moves like a fast medium, has crazy strong turret, the cupolas are not weakspots… and gets great gun handling on a big alpha gun. WTF balance??!

  28. Personally i think the tank sucks so far. Been playing it on test so I understand I’m fighting people with maxed crews firing nothing but premium, but even still….I’ve not been enjoying it. The gun doesn’t seem reliable and it feels very sluggish to me.

    Personal opinion and it may change after the tank launches but as far as the test server goes, not a fan so far.

  29. Why add more tanks with immortal turret armor??????

  30. “And keep in my,….” ?

  31. The common expression is “Heavium”, not “Hemedium”…

  32. what i like the most, no one give a shit about this line.
    glad i invest time on 416, now 190 k more xp, and 430u is mine.

  33. So what should I focus on? obj 430 and t-10!?

  34. MusicEngineTheSeventh

    Thigh would be a better follow up to the t-10 than where it is right now. It’s a heavy medium. Just like the t-10. Just it has better armor

  35. so your telling me wg you can find enough Russian tier 10’s you cant even format them in the tree normally but can find enough for a Japanese td line?

  36. As always one of the best tank reviews. I really enjoy the way u present upcomming tanks to us.

  37. Been waiting for this news piece

  38. better version of 113?
    then, my 113 become unnecessary thing?

  39. they are called heaviums :potatoface:

  40. Nonsence OP Russian junk..WOT die now.
    What next:Challanger 2 or T15 for balance coming?

  41. Gun depression is amazing when compared to 121 lol, idk what the 121’s gun depression is at now on pc, but console is still 3.5 degrees.

  42. Christian Mccollough

    So it’s basically the russian biased 121. No tech tree can have any one thing to itself bc russia has to have a monopoly on it all. More armor than the 121, and all the other stats are so similar to the 121 that any worse performance is negligible. 8.07s reload to the 121’s 7.92, 0.35 accuracy to the 121’s 0.32, 2.02 aimtime to the 121’s 2.32. 252mm pen to the 121’s 258mm 160mm frontal hull and 300mm frontal turret to the 121’s 120mm and 240mm. 50 more HP than the 121. Comparable top speeds and power to weight ratios. (Talking about boosted tanks, not stock ones.) It’s the T-54 rework all over again, just scaled up a tier, with WG giving the T-54 20mm more hull and 20-40mm more turret armor than any of the other tanks in the game using T-54 hull and turret variants, like the T-55A and WZ-120. But giving it ever so slightly less gun performance than those tanks to claim balance.

  43. I thought the hybrid Medium/ Heavies were universally called Heaviums

  44. I prefer heavium

  45. Russian bias …….. killed WoT.

  46. Time to leave wot man it’s a 113 with 121 handling and Russian rng wtf is wrong wot? What should I do with 121 and 113 now?

  47. Soooo… it’s the best russian tier10 heavy tank? 😉

  48. Nice video one again, enjoyed ur gameplay

  49. Still like 130k exp on the Object 430II to get the 430… oh and what 6m credits… *sigh*


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