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Source: DezGamez

Object 430U Preview, First Details – Soviet Tech Tree Changes. Patch 9.20.1+ Update News. Gameplay.

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Soviet Russian medium tank tech tree going to see some changes soon, because Wargaming thinking about adding new tier 10 medium tank in the top, to replace – “Object 430U”. This time they are simply not going to replace it with another tank, but they are going to move the current Obj. 430 and version 2 down by one tier.

What do you think?


► Player: Mafiya113rus


  1. So basically heaps better than E50 and E50M… invincible turret, better hull armor. Trades accuracy for alpha. But it’s a brawler so it doesn’t need accuracy.

  2. I guarantee the Object 416 will become a T8 premium!

  3. So they’re china-fying the russian line?

  4. such a shame, 430 my favourite Russian med, I just love playing it and playing like a nutter

  5. Bruh they literally made a 113 but into a Soviet medium line. Even that model looks like it

  6. I’m worried I grinded 416 line so I have access to 3 medium tanks, decided to go 430 to be unique, don’t remove the bridge please ?

  7. So, e50 with smaller lower plate, better turret, and negligible accuracy difference cuz rng. Oh. It also has better soft stats cuz wg and russian tonks. Kys wg. Thx.

  8. 430u Russian 121 with better armour.

  9. God damn it. When is warming going to understand that Chinese mediums need love, not Russians? I can’t remember the last time I heard a good player call them competitive

  10. I feel like wg was like hmmm Chinese tanks are getting to much attention so let’s make a Russian 113 but medium tank and if the t44 122 gets a buff the 1-34-2 122 and t-34-3 should get the same pen

  11. where do you git this sekrit documints?

  12. Fuck the E-50M right? What is this bullshit wargayming? This is basically a tier 10 russian e50 with better turret armor and gun.

  13. obj 430II at tier 9= 201 pen
    obj 430II at tier 8=202 pen
    gg wg

  14. so object 416 is gonna be a premium tank?
    reward tank?

  15. What were they smoking when reworking pen on premium rounds for the A-44 and the Obj. 430. On the A-44 you could reduce it to maybe 204 and get away with it but a difference of 17 pen between that and standard is ridiculous. Also the new gun on the 430 should have around 300mm of premium pen instead of 248. That’s the standard pen of the AMX 30 and it costs 5x as much per shell

  16. SU-122-54 actually did not fit the Obj 263 line

  17. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    Stop removing tanks WG!!!! I personally hate these changes!

  18. It’s finally coming! I’ve been waiting for this tank for years now an now an armored med with basically an IS4 gun is here yessss!!!

  19. And yet again, nobody asked for these changes.

  20. Obj. 430U looks like a 121 prototype.

  21. More bullshit Russian meds, as if this game isn’t swimming in them as is.

  22. so the tier 10 is going to be stronger than the 113 a tier 10 heavy, wtf wargaming

  23. wargaming only continues to fuck the game over

  24. Hey Dez!! plz pass the word to war gaming, to buff the panther’s dpm or buff the armor!! plz.. love your channel BTW!!

  25. i would remove a44 replace with obj 416

  26. So it’s basically a worse version of the 121 line?

  27. so there are goin to fuck e50m with the hull armor im just goin to quit the game if this happens my fav is e50m plz buff it 🙁

  28. I only like cause Dez but this is honestly most sad news.

  29. More maps, games are supposed to be fun, not play the same 5 levels over and over, who cares if one side has a 1% advantage, xvm determines more and end of day, 95% of people play wot to have fun, playing same maps is not fun, hence ever dwindling players ie look NA servers for eg.

  30. 1. remove 416? they just made it HD… im not sure this is consistent =))))
    2. medium tank my butt… until we know the slope on the front of that 430u it could just as well be monstrous armor, the 113 has 120 mm plate, the 5A has 140 mm plate… and this has 160? and the dpm of this thing will be 2588, slap bang in the middle below the Chinese heavies (which can also go 50kph…) and above the E5 and the other Russian heavies. It also has 90 mm of side armor (and from the picture of the frontal plate it seems the side slopes in like on other russian heavies … it’s a heavy WG, stop lying =))))

  31. This guys are thinking they are runing a beta game? They make like 6 pacht per year fuck off morons stop this shit.

  32. I have both 121 and OBJ 430. I really hoped that they changed/buffed Obj 430, but not like this….. the dispersion is just…. disappointing. Dispersion value is a whole 0.05m worse than on 121. As a med it is crippled by the gun, and as a Heavy i think its still worse than 113….

  33. They should add a few more American Tank lines since it is a major military power just like Nazi Germany and USSR.

  34. This kinda just seems like WG making a tank branch based on the premium they just sold not too long ago, the STG and STG Guard. My guess is that its gonna be the direct competitor branch to the Chinese medium branch and is gonna just blow it out of the water cause Rashaaaa suka blyat Soviet bias or whatever. Just a prediction.

  35. can we keep the current version of the 430 in our garages like everyone else with their British tanks? I really love mine. Bouncing an incoming shot and getting two in before retreating

  36. Good, they managed to ruin 430 by turning it into another durp shit one can’t hit a thing with sooner than I managed to finish my grind for it. Now I know that its not worth grinding.

    If I wanted to play such kind of tank, I would play chinese tanks.

  37. Did we need this?

  38. luckyly whole rubicon thingie got discarded; that nerf of Batmobile that WG reminded few times already how they listened the community; and I think that there have actually have been few other things that have change from beta to live

  39. The new “Changes” are fucking retarded. If they go though as they are then RIP 121 and 113 drivers because LOL a russian medium that has batter firepower AND armor then both of them!

    Also wishing you a quick and painless recovery Dez!

  40. patton is fuck again 🙂

  41. Grinded my ass out for best dpm med in game and now this shit happends…

  42. mafya played like the boss 🙂

  43. What a disappointment … A tier 8 medium with 1695 dpm. Awesome.

  44. What is love? Baby don’t hurt me… ah… Russian version is better!

  45. It’s Russian so I simply refuse to drive it! 😉

  46. Ohw fuck wg with this shit


  48. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this new medium is better armored and has better pen than a T110E5..? And is faster and more maneuverable as well?

  49. I hope they are going to refund all the xp i spent getting to the obj 416. Another boring russian medium branch has no uniqueness. The obj 416 brought something new.

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