► Object 430U Saves The Rant… – World of Tanks Object 430U – 9.22 Update

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World of Tanks Object 430U Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Object 430U, Tier 10 New Russian Medium Tank. World of Tanks Best Replays.

Thanks for supporting my efforts towards this channel. 🙂

Not exactly what I wanted to today, special at this hour of the day, but hey… Man’s gotta do what man’s gotta do… When YT is doing tricks on you, do tricks back, never give up! 😛


  1. It was late, super late, but this is not a reason to lower editing quality! You still get one sexy intro! 😛
    And I know, I was all over the place with my topic today, but after 18h of this BS today, I hope you understand… Off to bed now, nightnight!
    #nightnight #muchlove

  2. Baguette with cheese

    Maybe it is the victory girls that make the videos getting demonized?

  3. Have they given you a reason as to why all of your videos get demonetized?

  4. So sad … Your episode about total war arrena was super great. Why did youtube do that …

  5. Great job Dez … keep going … don’t let yt put you down… every day i wait for your video and every time i enjoy it a lot ???

  6. Thanks for all your effort Dez, your channel is the best for previews and news, love it!

  7. time for different platform than youtube imo.. d.tube or something.

  8. Thumbs up Dezgamez. Thumbs down Youtube

  9. why the **** they demonitized your arena video??? I saw it and all was perfect…wtf youtube…take care Dez..

  10. When i first saw your channel it was like 2 years ago, i subbed to you. Now i like every your video and big respect from me. Im with you

  11. With your statement “we cannot control” the bad part really is that they will not tell you the reason why so you can evolve your channel. Basically fuck You google. And good luck Dez

  12. Keep up the Great work Dez , never a dull moment.

  13. Dez try that website where people can donate on your channel to make it Alive i think its called Patreon or something like that.

  14. I allways see commercials when watching your clip. Are you saying that they show commercials but dont give you any money?

  15. Hope we can help dez

  16. But doesn’t youtube have a support desk where you can ask for explanation? Why was the video flagged? Or do they have an engine just like World of tanks that for WoT for example checks and banns the cheaters? :))) Anyway, I hope they will fix this thing and let you do your job cuz we really enjoy it !!!

  17. Dez remove J.Stalin from picture. It is like to put Hitler. Stalin killed millions people like Hitler.

  18. HAve you talked to other WoT Youtubers, if they have similar problems?
    Maybe it is about the game itself… violence and so on.
    Or the victory girls, as so many other comments already suggested.

  19. Hi love your videos. Could it be the lovely victory girls getting you demonitized? That would be enough for a PG rating …..



  21. Can anyone just claim rights to a video on Youtube and make it Demonotized?? is someone doing this to Dez?

  22. Insta Like for that iNTRO !!! Brilliant Dez 😀

  23. I dont know if this info helps. I watch your videos from Croatia and I never had an add on your videos @dezgamez

  24. Well i got netflix ads in the middle part of the video dez.

  25. 9:12 gee… I wonder why..

  26. And in a hugely ironic moment, mid Dez advert rant an advert appeared!

  27. Dez, Youtube says you can’t show how much money you make. Well you didn’t make any money so its fine xD coincidence that demonetized has the word demon in it?? illuminati confirmed!?!?

    Edit: thanks for the heart <3

  28. Fuck the obj 430U, just tell us the internet provider. 🙂

  29. youtube are getting a little petty

  30. I’ve seen that video last night!

  31. Iam turning off my add blocker for your videos 🙂

  32. youtube=Nazi`s

  33. Just sell merch, sponsor your videos, that is only way for you to make money… 2018 youtube for you, Im sorry for you Dezz, just keep doing what are you doing

  34. Hey Dez!
    I don’t play wot for a long time now, but i watch every single episode you put out. You have really good quality content and it is very entertaining. Don’t get crushed by these stupid youtube/google fuc*s! Keep it up and push it through, you’ll get monetized videos soon im sure 🙂

    Stay beasty !

  35. when you first give the vids a like before watching = standard routine

  36. When YouTube fuck it up

  37. The don’t want to be affiliated with such high quality video’s, you are placing the bar too high Dez, advertisers are running away from you!

  38. DEZ why don.t you switch to Twitch? I think you will be much better off there 🙂

  39. It says “not suitable for MOST advertisers” -it’s not demonitizing thing, you will still get some money of it. Stop complaining about not getting money from childrens commercials. Thanks, goodbye.

    • You are correct mate, but there is that “SOMETIMES”.
      Sometimes that “most” means most, sometimes it means everything. And ads is only one part of it… For me, as I said, the main thing that pisses me off is that sharing part. As soon as video is hit, BOOM, we are not sharing it anymore, evening with subs and I can see that from the stats right away. I do not get 100k views with every video, so ad profit is not very big anyway, but when even subscribers can not see my video… now that pisses me off!

  40. Rip: Total War Arena Video. I saw it in the feed but I was planning on watching it today

  41. What game does the sponsor make? I’ll download it even without your video cos fuck YouTube

  42. Still waiting for the Object.420

  43. so they don’t even give you the reason for demonetization?

  44. Could it be that Youtube do not like “your” Victory girls. One of of them has a very nice “popper” and doesn’t mind sharing it with the world. Youtube doesn’t like “nice poppers” to be shown to the world. Who knows. Could be something stupid like that so try to make a couple of vids without those nice girls.

  45. Comment for more traffic to your epic videos.

  46. I am soooo sorry for you Dez. YT is shit sometime.

  47. YouTube is governed by arseholes… It’s all about the money, as usual!

  48. Also Dez, try a different site? Fuck YouTube anyways

  49. If it was a sponsored video why do you monetize it? Does it have an effect if you do not monetize it?

  50. I’m starting to despise google and their youtube shit.

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