► Object 705 / 705A First Details – New Soviet Heavy Tanks – World of Tanks Object 705A Preview

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Source: DezGamez

Object 705A , New Tier 10 Soviet Preview Ó New Soviet Line. Gameplay, Epic Battle.

► Information:
– https://vk.com/wotclue
– https://wot.express
– https://thedailybounce.net/
– https://tanks.gg

I am back with some more news, because while I was on my vacation, WG announce a lot of interesting stuff. This time I will briefly show you new Soviet heavy tank branch, with back turreted heavy tanks.
In my previous news episode, I introduced new upcoming tier 8 back-turreted heavy tank “-M”. This time however, I have a lot more interesting stuff to share with you. Let’s check out first details about tier 9 “Object 705” and tier 10 “Object 705A”. Tier 10 heavy tank features 152mm gun, ooh boy…

Let’s see!


  1. Your friendly neighborhood news anchor never sleeps, not even during Christmas! 😉
    Hope you enjoy your little holiday!
    If you have to work, don’t worry, I am here for you! #staystrong

  2. Yay another russian heavy line, that’s what we need the most in the game! Not incresing tech trees with like 2 lines in it, what’s up next 3rd line of russian tds so it’s like 3 meds 3 heavies 3 tds??? WG plz…..also no real turret weak spot is kinda worrying to me….

  3. I kinda want to see the post game stats of that epic IS-7 replay in the background…

  4. DEEEEEZ. If the video is shorter than the battle you present, PLEASE add the results screen before you finish. It’s always interesting if the battle was won, how many blindshots etc. Thanks!

  5. Germans get the Mauererbrecher…Wallvomiter

    And Putinistan get Atomcanontanks

  6. i got a 1050ti today, before i was getting 30fps with custom setting (mainly low and a couple mid) now i can play 1080p maxed out and get over 60fps. its so weird seeing wot like this. even on the encore system i got 9 thousand on ultra

  7. Shalltear Bloodfallen

    And is4 is just crying in the corner all alone. FeelsBadMan

  8. wath tenk it will be tr7???

  9. Meaty boomstick

  10. Dez! No results on that big is7 game…. 10k combined and 10k bounced… No girls… 🙁

  11. thry need to stop adding tanks and add skill based mm

  12. Left the game like 3 months ago and boy oh boy I am glad I did this game is good but man the WG needs to see the end of the line for this game its not even close to be good in terms of what they are doing

  13. Dont why they needed to make fake tanks when they could of just introduced a branch off for the T72 instead.

  14. I love those rear turreted tanks so this is right up my alley

  15. this tank is insanely op. they simply can’t implement it like that!!

  16. So what tier 7/8 to rebuy to start grinding for 705A? Like what’s the tech tree gon look like?

  17. the gun beats everthing that is mounted on a heavy tank and the armour is going to be as strong as on maus!!

  18. More Russian Object coming from the Gulag?! Why i am not suprised? Typical WarStalin company.

  19. why only 650 alpha for that new gun? 152mm used to be 700 (KV2) or 750 (ISU-252 / Obj. 704 Series) … I would have loved to get a Russian “E100 / VK72” (at least gun wise).

  20. Can hardly wait. Tank looks awesome and I think Im going to love this new Russian line of heavy tanks. Maybe even better than my current favorite German heavy line. I recently researched the Russian T-100 LT, and its quickly becoming a favorite while I learn to play it. Long time subscriber. Youre the best.

  21. these tanks they are bringing out are just getting way too powerful and heaverly armoured for the older tier 8/9/10 tanks.

  22. They Actually did NOT cancel the replacing 263 thing just look at the Plans for 2018 they said it will be T9 und the su 122 -54 gets removed

  23. How many fucking prototype paper tanks did mother Russia have socked away?


  25. DEz, cant really get enough of you saying ‘meaty boomsticks’ !! perhaps this is why you keep losing ad revenue !!!

  26. ads ?. merry Christmas Dez

  27. When are they going to buff the object 268? Ridiculous adding soviet tanks when so many on the line are so underpowered compared to things like the grille and the Strv 103b. But yet there are things such as soviet bias on 140s and is7s when you shoot them flush on the side!!!

  28. Says that Type 5 is unfriendly to people with armor… Yet they introduce a tier 10 Kv2…

  29. That “IS M” is actually a IS2SH from wotblitz

  30. Obj 279 next please WG make it happen.

  31. Tier 9 soviet HT has a better pen than a tier 10 german HT?? WG LOL

  32. What about the replacement of T-10?

  33. What happened with replacing the T-10?

  34. Even thought I want more lines (polish tanks) Wargaming is best of making some gameplay changes, like a new gammode that is permanent, and new maps (after 1.0)

  35. A sidescrapper without a side weakness. ?

    The Pz.kpfw. VII is jealous.

  36. What is happening with obj. 430U?

  37. What the mother russia….We can all say the Russian tanks have the most op side aromor probly goes for some lights too, russian tech tree if I was to explain to someone it would go like this…..PUT BIG GUN ON TANK THEN WITH A SLICE OF OP SIDE ARMOR MIX IN WIT SOME SPACED ARMOR problem solve???????

  38. They just made all play tanks obsolete. In the Russian lines anyway. What the hell is the use playing and grinding if you can just pay for a simple tank and win side scrape games with ease. GG WGing. You have made your own game obsolete.

  39. What a joke. People are lining up for this new line but bitched like whinny 4 year old girls about the T110E5 because it was tough from the front. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  40. It doesn’t have the pike nose…. ?

  41. I’m finally excited for some content from WG. Everything else has been garbage cash grabs. Looking forward to add to my tech tree!

  42. Those bounces tho , wish I could do those in WoT and WoT Blitz hehe

  43. Dez can you share your crosshair options? It looks good. I have same dot but not the other parts.

  44. well.. I think we can say “bye” to IS-7 in several clan wars battles XD
    DPM and speed aren’t great though, but I think in specific situations this tank will be godlike. I hope at least the lfp will be having normal armor which you can actually pen.

  45. Anparasan Abhinayan

    Which heavy tank is now good i’m searching for a new one. have the IS-7 but it’s not as good as in the old days

  46. Give IS-7 560 alpha like Pz 7,, IS-7 dpm is shit,, apcr pen is also shit

  47. Dmitry Pankov: Make Russia Greater Again

  48. i think i will buy t-34 and try to get this beasts as soon as possible 😀 that could be my first high tier russian tanks
    have fun guys 😉
    nick: gothic12

  49. Without Russian crews 5 gun depressions
    With Russian crews Russian gun depressions

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