► Object 705A – ALPHA AF! – World of Tanks Object 705A Preview – 9.22 Update

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Source: DezGamez

and . Object 705A, New Tier 10 Soviet . Patch 9.22 Update – New Tanks and Features. .

9.22 Patch Notes:

Time to take a bit deeper look into yet another new Soviet heavy tank on patch 9.22’s test server. Our today’s guest the top vehicle in this new, back-turreted heavy tank mini-branch – “Object 705A”. Sexy looking tank with a massive gun, for a heavy tank… Let’s see what else it has to offer!



  1. Sleeping… What is it? :O
    More previews coming up soon, enjoy your weekend, Beasts!

  2. Alexander Agustine

    Dez I am upset with you for making Type 59 appear such a big deal when in reality its a just shit tank. Not only it’s not a good tank, but it falls under the shit category!

  3. I can’t buy tanks in test server 🙁

    • Atleast you can log in, I get you have been disconnected for no real reason, can log in the CT online via the webpage but not the game

  4. E100 even has 750 Alphadamge so 705A is not King 🙂

  5. E100 has more alpha…

  6. Men, your new kind of presentation is pretty awesome i love your presentation of the tank in the field with testing shoot over angles etc it’s pretty cool !

  7. At least it isn’t a 1200+ DMG HE heavy

  8. i am grindin that t32

  9. T H I C C boomstick

  10. DEZ, I like this tank, would like to use that 650, , on everything ; )

  11. Multiple Different Aliases

    IS-4 will require some SERIOUS buffs…

  12. Take a closer look at its gun…

    Tell me, how will the Marks of Excellence be seen?

  13. Wow side armor seems kinda weak for a rear turret tank. And it has less side turret armor than the tier 9?

  14. Another fucking Russian OP tank. Gj WG (ironi)


  16. Just bring in premium armour plating inserts – the game is pay to win – they just need to admit it

  17. Hi dez

  18. Where will be gun marks on that gun??

  19. IS-7 and E-100 needs penetration buff on AP rounds. They cant penetrate with AP round (and yes i know in tier X battles you need heat rounds, but its too expensive)

  20. War thunder

  21. If this tier 10 heavy can have 256 pen why can’t the E-100.

  22. Hopefully this tank comes to console

  23. IS4 is actually the worst sidescraper of tier 10 heavies, it has no spaced armor so heat goes right through first time, every time to ammo rack you.

  24. Dez on a roll! keep em coming. That 705A has such a fat head…

  25. Can anybody explain to me please, if you already have the t-10 AND is-7, will you be able to use the xp from the is-7 to use it on the tank replacing the t-10, and if you have the t-10 already in your garage, will you keep it and use it on the new tier 10 heavy tank?

  26. the patch is not yet even live and so many players crying already hahaahahhaha

  27. Holy shit

  28. At least give it 700 alpha. E100 had 750 alpha

  29. Dez you ‘beautiful beast’

  30. Dude obj 705 has a bug it’s turrent is floating…… Dez see it closely ……

  31. Mieczysław Kowalski

    This is stupid, american e5 need buff to armor or something another, this Object is too strong

  32. respect, and using prems.

  33. My STRV-B gonna cry. They just gonna shout ra-shia from the other end of map.

  34. Gorgeous looking tank

  35. if they releaqe tanks like this, they might even get rid of all capolas to make it fair .. reminds me sow mutch of chrysler gf , this is even worse

  36. Why do TDs even exist in this game? Play this to get TD like firepower and heavy tank turret and armor.

  37. Idk, nice with 650 alpha and armor but everything elsr seems rather mediocre. I’m more interested in the 430U.

  38. Boomstick? More like Boom Thicc

  39. do you have some info about spg platooning? 🙂
    ljubi brat

  40. It is weird that the turret of that AMX is like a ghost swaying thru the turret of that obj.

  41. “Trust me i only say this to not hurt your feelings”:)

  42. Stalin’s Glorious pancake tank

  43. More op Russian tanks in this line to include obj 257

  44. The 705a is crap i dont think its good at all, gold spammed at and anywhere and it can be penned

  45. Just look at those machine guns on top. Thats basically a set of mtls guns

  46. Tank of medium and close combat, misses the target at long distance, maneuverability is poor, turning speed is slow, so it’s not so OP as it seems (OP paranoia is like diagnosis). City maps are ok for this tank. It’s like soviet e100

  47. Looks very weak. Should have better side armour for sidescrape. Possibly the best ramming heavy besides 50b?

  48. Dez…why are ypu showing us those tanks we will have to grind a while until we unlock them. Let me see that IS-M first. I will get it first day that patch arrives.

  49. i played this on the test server as well. this thing is truly a beast. first game on himmelsdorf i did 6.8k damage and bounced 5k damage. ended the game being penned only once. i hid my lower plate and stayed hull down. Holy mother of god is this thing brutal.

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