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Source: DezGamez

. Epic Battle. Best Replays.

Today I have something special for you. I am going to feature a tank, that I have not see myself on the battlefield for a very long time – “Object 907”. This one of the premium rewards tanks for clan wars campaigns, same as “”, “VK 72.01 (K)” and “121B” are for example. Check out how “gancking” trying to carry his team to victory with crazy results and a lot of damage done!

Played by: gancking
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3237512#stats



  1. thats played my friend ! :O GG ! :)

  2. cut it out dezgames there are no ladies watching your videos.

  3. Hey, I am making an indie game with tanks in it, check my channel out and
    tell me what you think so far :P.

  4. President Donald Trump

    Dont like my comment.

  5. he didnt get ammoracked? wow. thats unusual.

  6. 907 is looking so good

  7. wow?


    2 repair kits are for the ammorack issues

  9. Some odd decisions there at the end, shooting the O-Ho with HE and then not
    using any of the wrecks, plus not chaning to HE earlier against the Grille.
    Plus that whole rushing the Vk section was stupidly lucky.

  10. Dez! he takes 2 repair kits because every 2nd hit that penetrates that
    tank, the ammorack goes off.

  11. this guy is a freakin moron

  12. I agree with him going for the Centurion I near the end, so his allies get
    killed and he can farm all that hp for himself. WP, really

  13. Why cland reward? Why we dont have those tanks in the normal tech tree i am
    mad so many rare tanks and you cant have them

  14. 5 HE in Russian medium? Strange ammunition loadout that can bite in the ass.
    Glorious replay and amazing job anyway. :D

  15. “TheQuiffMaster” hahahaha do you know what a “quiff” is Dez??? hahaha

  16. OMG 12K DAMEGE????

  17. Soviet mediums need a nerf all around

  18. Jesus this guy had all the luck and RNG, crazy battle

  19. Could you make a life game play action with British tanks pls?

  20. And put VK on fire 2 times in a row :P

  21. I meet obj. 907 daily

  22. Nice ending! Felt the stress building, can’t imagine the pressure when you
    are the pilot…I would be trembling from adrenaline rush _’

  23. Is dat what ya call a name !

    The side armor of obj 907 is Rlly angled

  24. I dont think i’ve been in a battle with a 907 but i dont want to know
    seeing this

  25. The 2 repair kits are for his ammoracks. They get destroyed all the time

  26. I seem to come across 907’s all the time on US West, and I hate them so
    much. The side armor is nearly impossible to pen, so typical “dancing” with
    them does not work. You have to hit the rear or lower front plate. My T62a
    does not stand a chance in close up battles.

  27. 8k games (not a lot by some standards I know) but I have never even seen a
    907. Seems like most high tier Russian meds tbh, high dpm, crazy pen and
    ridiculous bounce potential. Epic game though :)

  28. luv ur work. keep it up bro

  29. If you didnt know Dez there is a Obj named “Obj.777 II” please do a vid
    with that tank

  30. Juhu found myself in one of your videos. I´m that unlucky vk with my stock
    gun… :)

  31. 907 is the best looking russian medium tank imo

  32. Cameron Moult-Smith

    Is this the new font now? new one every year???

  33. Crazy game and Russian OP mediums are OP :)

  34. Hey Dez. I was thinking for the next “Past” episode. How about he old T49
    when it was a tier 5 TD and the KV-1S during the OPAF days? pls? I miss the
    old T49. I miss her so much. :(

  35. Deez games can you please do a video where you play the tier 9 american
    meduim tank the m46 patton using the tier 5 derp gun for the lols? Would
    make for one funny replay! Like if you agree.

  36. He’s in GE-PL no surprise he will get all the luck… he is polish and he
    is bad. It would be only the luck of a polish player to get this

  37. Please don’t show us tanks we can’t get.

  38. Oh Soviet Bias! We can always count on you!

  39. never hope to see one of these. i will be dead in 1 min… :l but i hope to
    see you dez ;)

  40. Damn… I want one now lol

  41. theQuiffMaster lmfao

  42. Those Soviet tier x meds dpm monsters.

  43. So I have been watching ur videos for awhile and I have to ask u
    1.) What mods do you use and where do you get them
    2.) where r u from (ur accent suggest Austrian or German but I have a gut
    feeling its something else) and of course u font have to answer this last
    question if u don’t want to.

  44. Obj 907 = hax tank

  45. Manfred Von Richthofen

    13/90 OP armor ! need a nerf…

  46. Shame i do not play CW and i will never be able to get the imo best looking
    T10 Med :/

  47. well let’s see, enemy team full of retards, if he was doing that against a
    team that have players with brain he would ended up with 3.5k dmg :D

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