► Old Chicken Laying Golden Eggs! – World of Tanks KV-5

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay and , Epic Battle. World of Tanks , Tier Soviet Premium .

Today you are not going to see one, but 2 epic battles with one of the oldest tier 8 premium heavy tanks in this game – “KV-5”.
This old “Chicken” can still lay some golden eggs…

Let’s take a look! 😉



  1. “No gold epic game”
    Off course it’s a tier 6 game.
    MM that this tank gets every 100 battles since the new matchmaking system…

  2. This tank is only good, if your enemys dont know how to kill a kv. And all new t8 tanks kann kill the kv5 with right click.

  3. 100% chance with AP? u r drunk 😀 not in wot… if u have 1hp bc against u then HE its 99% chance of killing it, AP is 50% all the time coz of bad angle, gun, tracks… 😉

  4. Ohh Dez! What an episode. 2 epic battles with this ramming beast! Awesome! You are the best! Better than kv-5! 😉 (I have kv-5 and I love it) 🙂

  5. Old chickens that lay golden eggs?
    At what kind of magical farm did you grow up?

  6. Hmmmm. Homework or Dezgamez??????????????? I think Dezgamez

  7. DEZ, nice intro w/ music, two well edited battles with great narration, love those Victory Girls, good job !

  8. Jeez I freakin love this guy I dont know is it his accent or just a sense of humor Thanks Dez for making my day.

  9. How do you get the KV-5?

  10. “clapping, no fapping” that reminded me i didn’t finish something important

  11. The Legendary Sandwich

    Guess I’ll play my KV5, it’s been awhile.

  12. 666??

  13. LOL 5% of the time is generous… great epic battle episode

  14. Dez…There’s no such thing as a dirty mind,
    We just have a sense of humour with adult content 🙂

  15. you asked what do you want? to be honest more competitive enemy players would be nice…………..

  16. Hallelujah! Back from a horrible workday and an epuc battle episode from Dez… Simply the best

  17. I wish my KV5 got into games with tier 6

  18. As always another enjoyable WoT narrative!

  19. *sigh* I wished so hard for KV-5 in the advent calendar, such a cool tank, but alas we just got the same crap that’s always on sale plus the E-25 🙁

  20. That amx12t

  21. Guys is the kv4 still viable to play

  22. Dirty minds???

  23. Aww yiss!!! KV-5 Action! My most played tank of all time, sadly so badly powercreeped.
    This video brings back so many good memories of fun in the old days without Defenders, Patriots and Chryslers and without this awful template matchmaking. Happens so rarely these days that you get in a fight where you can actually pen every enemy vehicle.

  24. The Allmighty Zeus


  25. I wonder how many people will wish now to buy an kv5 xD

  26. yeah that KV-5 was mostly fighting fucking lemmings …

  27. Dez every vid you upload means quick fapping action over here.


    5% of the time!

  29. Dez have u seen that wgs news about obj263 going to be tier 9 :/

  30. Horrendous teammates and enemy. That kv3 should kill himself

  31. Woo KV-5, possibly the most powercreeped tank in game. Glad to see a video featuring it.

    Edit: Also I have never encountered such an idiot team in my KV5. How did he survive all that time out in the open?

  32. New gold rush episodes please

  33. hey Dez Nice replays , i would like to see some T55A /obj260/T28HTC action only if it isnt much to ask .
    by the way love u!!?

  34. Pure Skill

  35. Basically only MM in which this tank works, if you have all tier 6s and 7s in enemy team…..

  36. 1st game his KV-3 was full health and did nothing to help.

  37. Kv5 needs 175 pen. Every other pmm tank has 175 pen. Which in most cases isn’t enough cause power creep.
    Or for tier 9 heavy “weakspots” 230 pen is needed

  38. KV4 has the best side armor in tir8

  39. Motovlog dez pls.

  40. OMG… that KV 3 , that KV3. OMG…..

  41. Every time I play with KV-5 I get pen from every where all tier8 and tier9 heavies can pen the KV-5 turret like butter straight to the gun mantlet and it is funny that everyone just talk about the radioman turret weak spot when this tank is full of weak spots in the front of the tank and that tier6 gun is just ridiculous for tier8.

  42. HT 15 mission complete , can u borrow me this tank ?

  43. clapping not fapping guys lol

  44. I wish my foes were as retarded as his

  45. Clappin, not fappin lol.gj man hahah

  46. That KV-3 in the first game…

  47. Lots of (new) players don’t know this tank and don’t know it’s weakspots………so they go for the lower front plate………..fail

  48. EPIC-sodes!

  49. Song name of the second clip ?

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