► Old Tier 10, New Tier 9 – Object 263 and Object 430 – World of Tanks 9.22 Update

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World of Object 430 Gameplay and Review. World of Tanks Object 263 Gameplay and Review. World of Tanks Patch 9.22 Update Test Server Review – New Tanks and Features.

Goodbye tier 10 and hello tier 9 – this is what Object 430 and Object 263 are going to say after patch 9.22 update hits live servers.
In this episode let’s take a look what they did to those vehicles and let’s play couple live battles! 🙂

Enjoy video and your weekend!


  1. A lot of you wanted to see those old tier 10s as tier 9s, so this is exactly what you get today! 🙂
    I hope you enjoy the video, while enjoying your weekend!
    #muchlove #catchyoutomorrow

  2. I actually like watching your replays more than I like playing the game these days with the current Meta and the over abundance of tomatoes…sad and hilarious all in one! Lol keep up the great work Dez!

  3. IS-3 or IS-M????? Dezz help plsss

  4. fuck you wg 🙂

  5. DISPERSION is .43??!?!?!?! Are you fucking Serious?!?!?!?! Call it CHINESE PREMIUM!!!!!!

  6. So will my 263 crew stay with the 263 or go into the 268 version 4?

  7. Some stuff they remove but let people keep.
    That is good.
    Some stuff they remove and or put a nerf bat to what you wasted time and money for.
    That is Rip off. World of Ka kaa

  8. They are nerfing shell velocity to try to get the fights closer probably people complaining about camping

  9. Executing file iexplorere.exe

    Why can’t 268v4 be a splinter on the 268 line? I really don’t understand why this is happening.

  10. I don’t understand why they keep the same armor even though they moved down by one tier…..(they can nerf other stats if they want i don’t care but armor is the main issue in the game at the moment).

  11. Obj 257 side nerfed to much?

  12. When will 9.22 hit eu server

  13. Should have kept its pen and shell velocity, also needs a boost to DPM. The tortoise seems to be better in every way then this. And when you think about it, that whole line is better in every way compared to this line now.

  14. Still don’t know how people can still play this trash game. Stopped 5 weeks ago when I heard about all the changes.

  15. just feel sad for the US medium with just 216 pen 🙂

  16. Please if you’re going to move the object 263 a tier lower please buff it! It’s really bad if it goes into the game at its current stage

  17. RIP 120/121

  18. I never wanted this vehicle and just got the 122-54 then they announced this so not happy at all.

  19. In real live the penetration of a kinetic energy shell such as AP, APCR etc. is delependent more of velocity than the mass of the shell (W = m × V*2 ÷ 2). So i gues they nerfed the velocity because they nerfed the penetration.

  20. Btw you forgot to mention E50 in the medium comparison. That thing has the 2nd best DPM after AMX 30. Sry for ruining it for the 430 😀

  21. J3b4cH Yugosovenac

    But T-54 is still dady with DPM 🙂

  22. RIP f1 track girls


  24. Can you tank youtubers stop misrepresenting how important the accuracy dispersion stat is. WoT maths is normal distributed, most of your shots go center or near-center regardless of the accuracy stat. The difference between 0.3 to 0.4 is barely anything in terms of real accuracy. The important stats are gun handling, bloom etc.

  25. The 257 has gone for OP to absolute shit, at least give it 45mm of side armor so it can bounce most other heavies when side scraping, now you can’t side scrap in tier 9-10 games since nearly everything can just over match the armor

  26. Dispersion from 0.32 to 0.43 wow gj WG nerf it all

  27. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    they should of made the 268 v 4 branch off the su-122-54 so people would have a reason to grind that line to get the new 268 v 4 and leave the 263 alone

    oh and to everyone saying the 263 line is bad. have you ever considered that maybe you’re the reason you do poorly? the entire line is accurate high dpm guns. most of you cant even make full use of its abilities so you claim its bad. lol of course everyone loves the 268 line. you get a 750 alpha gun at tier 8 for what ever fucking reason. so you only have to hit like 3 times to have a half decent game. in the su-101 you actually need to aim and get multiple shots off. thus the skill ceiling is much higher.


  29. Assenine

  30. my nickname to obj. 263 is soviet shoebox

  31. 263 & 430 were both too good or OP tanks, so.. like everything that is good in life it has to over, they are decided to ruin those grest tanks.

  32. Christian Sincich, _CDS412_

    Even more op

  33. Another tank killed by WG,RIP 263

  34. I’m pretty sure no one wants this to happen

  35. Wargaming Mentality
    Move Russian Tier X tanks down to Tier 9 nerf it only very slightly so that is still pretty OP
    Make payers re-grind to Tier x tanks they already had and then nerf all other tanks without telling you, so that Russian Bias is preserved.

  36. And again WG took the janitor and placed him in charge of changing the techtree.
    What the FUCK did they do to the 263??
    I mean I get they have to nerf the 263 if they drag it down a Tier but??? First, why change it’s postion in the tech tree at all?
    And second, are those guys at WG complete idiots or what? The 263 dropped from having the 3rd highest dpm in Tier 10 to having almost the lowest (only beaten by itself with the 122mm gun and the t30) in tier 9. but apparently that kick in the nuts wasn’t enough NOOO. Now WG had to fuck arround with the accuracy. Dropping from top 5 in tier 10 down to again almost last position in tier 9, it’s even less accurate then the 152mm d-4s derp gun on the 704.
    And all that is not even the worst they did. Now the tank-line of the 263 makes no sense at all. From tier 7 onwards you had to choose to either go down the derp line with all the 152 guns, or the “sniper” line with the 100mm/122mm/130mm guns. So you had derpy, high alpha, with meeeh dpm guns vs precise, medium alpha, with good to very good dpm guns. And now you get derpy again in tier 9 only to get even derpier in tier10. Sorry but is WG trying to increase the gold use to 100%??
    This change is an absolute fail.

  37. 430 will replace t54 as tier 9 med king?
    Why isn’t t54 in the lineup

  38. goodbye my lovers, goodbye my friend….

  39. Why does wg not listen and just raise the DPM of the 263. It is not hard. 🙁

  40. Bought 9 and 10 on that line today. Probably won’t be used for clan wars, but getting the 3 million credits back is thinking ahead if I’ll be finishing the line after the fact anyway. Wish the 122-54 would stay as a tier 9 premium or share a tier slot parallel to the obj 704 or the tier 9 obj 263. Why they have to remove a historical tank is beyond me.

  41. it took 2 loaders to load the gun and still cost 13 second, lol okey

  42. oh look WG messing with a TD line that had its own identity and unique flavor. Apparently we weren’t loud enough or taken serious when we said don’t mess with the 263 line. Not sure who green lit that but…Stalin says “to gulag you go!” We don’t need another derpy ass 152mm TD line..we really don’t. 268 line for those who like big alpha and giving the enemies brown pants..263 line for those who like surgical precision and rapid fire TDs. Looks like SerB took his pants off again and is wearing a shirt…because he feels the need to swing his dick around. 263 line was fine the way it was..it didn’t need to be messed with at all;yet here they are going to nerf it into unplayable status. You didn’t see too many 263s around because of the skill floor and intelligence required to use it..now you won’t see any of em at all. Anyone who owns a 263 sell it..get rid of it; turn into a dead line until WG wakes up to the fact they dun goofed and bad. We the player base have said “don’t mess with 263.” “hands off and don’t touch it” They did it anyways and for what? another carbon copy line of 268s. If you have any sort of pull left Dez or any shred of love for the yolo wagon Dez let WG know the changes will be rejected. Don’t let em take 263 away and ruin it with over nerfs and copy paste crap.

    • Icebaron2015 really depressing and sad they did this. I was looking forward to getting the 263, and now I’d rather not even play tbh.

    • exactly..just don’t bother with the 263 branch anymore. I have it and took it out for last rites before i bury her for good. Hits like mack truck, turns cobra quick and laughs at Jpz E-100 420 blaze it rounds on the UFP and gun shield.

  43. *still waiting for Chinese medium tank buffs that will never happen*

  44. It’s only a Nerf why you heff to be mad?

  45. Tier7 will feel like they are playing against tier10

  46. Valentin Mihalescu

    I left the game because everytime with tier 8 i see tier 10 and there were at least 3 of these to rape me

  47. When this update will come to eu server?

  48. Question. Whats the stock version of the 263 like since its teir 9 ???? Un-upgraded gun and all.

  49. ok, I don’t get it, on the first test server people were not happy with it so WG said they won’t change the 263.
    Second test server, people are still complaining but WG doesn’t give a fuck.
    I assume that’s because WG worked his ass off the 268 v4 and the ” balancing” of the line for something no one asked for.
    Now they just wanna put it for a matter of pride cause they don’ t wanna admit they fucked up.

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