► OMG, 1 HP… And 7 Tanks To Kill! – World of Tanks M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo Gameplay – Giveaway Day 12

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Best Replays.

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In today’s episode I am going to show you one of the most amazing comebacks that I have seen… I mean, what would you do, if you have only 1HP left and there are 7 tanks to be killed? Let’s take a look how “MostDark” dealt with it!


“World of Tanks: Generals”, 2015 Christmas Theme Song


  1. merry chrismas I love your videos
    pauloPNS on EU

  2. Great game love a bit of derp. Milkydrink EU

  3. don’t forget to have fun while playing
    happy new year
    Deiusb EU server

  4. Andreas “Tretminer” Appel

    I wish all of you happy christmas hollidays and my highest respect to those
    of you who were working on christmas day
    Name: Der_in_der_Kanone_steckt EU

  5. Viki Dwi Kusnandar Viki Dwi Kusnandar

    I think this game is soooooo epic. he know how to positioning his tank. I
    like this game, hope i can have one like this
    sikus39 SEA server

  6. Maybe I should get me one of these jumbos! Seems like one of the best tier
    6 meds 🙂
    Username: Nillarh
    Server: EU

  7. Hey Guys!
    I wish you happy holidays and a nice new year!

    Alyxx_at (EU)

  8. Merry Christmas to the WOT community, have a good 2017… cheers
    Username: Tank_Person, Server: Asia

  9. Hope you all had a great Christmas day, Hope to see most of you on the
    servers winning your games.Botesaw NA

  10. M4A3E2 is so op, Merry Christmas ! 😀
    username : wolf193
    EU server

  11. Pretty nice game 😉
    Screama – EU

  12. hapey new year :3 -BicycleOfDeath EU

  13. That would have been terrible if the guy had died with the last arty,
    awesome replay

    WOT is such a good game I might as well glue a tube to the front of my
    console and call it a tank box one as its the only game I play now 🙂

    Username: Mike_Mckay

    Server: EU

  14. I love your content Dezgamez! DingyMyDongy, SEA Server.

  15. everyone have a nice end of the year, enjoy the fireworks 😉
    username: kwellykiller

  16. Well mine wish is 15 kills didnt got it yet….Keep up the awesome work Dez
    and PS what is you record on kills??

  17. Love the face off battles! Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Username:
    MrETanker | server: NA

  18. Epic game! Merry Christmas everyone!??

  19. Thanks for all those stuff DezGamez! Happy Holidays!!!


    Steve_Mc_Gregory * NA

  20. Your a legend Dez hope you had a good Christmas 😀 Username: zerovalve
    Server: EU

  21. Something nice! tenkista032 (eu)

  22. nice map read!!

  23. Troll gun is the best :’D
    User: Alltox
    EU server

  24. love your work dokeny asia server

  25. Dez I do not know when your birthday is but I would like to say happy
    birthday 😀 Mezoim from EU

  26. merry Xmas everybody

  27. nice battle..nice channel…Merry X-mas and Happy new year. username:
    shockwwave, EU.

  28. I really like your accent. Here is to 100.000 more subscribers!
    Username=GL_Rulez and I play on the EU server

  29. Christiaan de Groot

    hope we all have a pretty awsome 2017 and Let all Your gaming goals Come
    True and Let them be awsome! – 1Chris87 (eu)

  30. Thank you for amazing videos dez
    turret19 EU

  31. All best wishes to Dez and everyone else.
    Keep the guns firing next year also.

    Username: xeodopel
    Server: EU

  32. Wish all the best for you and your family or 2017 Dez, content has been
    really good these past few weeks, keep it up man!

    bwanoodles009 NA

  33. dez you are awesome 😀 username: wanja_meier eu-server

  34. Merry Christmas DG.
    bjorn96 EU

  35. have a nice holiday! NAME: Aleksi2001 SERVER: eu

  36. Very nice Game and i like ur channel very much 🙂
    EU Server: Noobtellatoast

  37. Absolutely crazy game, definitely worth showing us. Merry Christmas to you
    DezGamez and happy new year. TheDissasember EU server

  38. Happy holidays to everyone! Gwyllgi (EU)

  39. Great game!!

    EU server

  40. very good game, but I still prefere the top 76mm gun, because of the high
    rate of fire and the 370m viewrange on the top turret instead of the 330m
    on the stock one

  41. Man you doing a good job

  42. Hi guys, I hope you all had a merry Christmas and I hope that the holiday
    specials did not screw up your matchmaking too much!

    Username: TheHippo123
    Server: EU

  43. This game was pure beast mode gaming 😉
    Username: betyar8
    Server: EU

  44. This replay was so awesome thanks dez for entertaing us

  45. I like tanks
    username: jamrutek Eu server

  46. Thank You Dez for these Beast videos, hope U had really nice Christmas with
    ur Family!
    server EU

  47. epic victory! and nice video. n3wviSion from eu

  48. I really like these replays. Well done on making these video’s. Keep up the
    good work. Gilabriwin EU server

  49. When Mostdark approaches the arty, his platoon mate asks to motivate him in
    chat in german. Which is nice.
    on EU!

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