► One of The Rarest Tanks! – World of Tanks T-44-122 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T-44-2 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks T-44-122, Tier 7 Soviet Russian Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks Epic Replays / Battles.

Today I am going to show you of the rarest tank in this game – tier 7 premium medium tank T-44-122. Supposedly, only 45 people have this tank, because it was a reward vehicle for forum moderators. Today, however, we able to enjoy one crazy battle with it, played by “Skill4ltu”.



  1. You guys wanted to something rare, or different… how about this one, which is one of the rarest tank in the game?
    There should be only 45 T44-122’s out there, as a gift for WoT forum moderators…
    More rare stuff to come in the future, hopefully! 🙂
    Enjoy the video and your weekend, BEASTS!

    • I started to watch Skill lives since your episode about his T95 game.
      ATM it is the streamer I watch the most
      My biggest thanks to you.

    • DezGamez what about kv 4 kreslavski

    • Throwing some at you:
      Pz.Kpfw. V/IV Alpha
      Pz.Kpfw. II Auf. J
      KV-220-2 (T) T was on the barrel
      MTLS 1G14
      Pz.Kpfw. IV Hydro
      ISU 130
      Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm
      To name a few.
      I miss all of them and more, plus the rest of my regular tanks……*sigh*
      Battle On!

    • FAIDENS Medal is probably the BEST medal you can ever earn.

    • For me ANY medal would be an achievement……………

  2. SKILL!!!!!

  3. why did I watched this again? I know. coz two great guys in same time, on the same place would be sad to miss 😉
    ljubi brat

  4. Good mobility and a DERP gun.
    Could be troll and fun

  5. I saw this battle in live on twich

  6. 5%!!!!!!

  7. This dude is a beast!

  8. lol i know it is new meta but the fac that this guy runs all premium ammo just spits out scumbag lol but wiill say i loved the background music xD

  9. This Skill dude is edited annoying

  10. i didnt even watch the first minute and i hate to say this but why full APCR-Replay?? in my opinion those who drive tanks like this dont deserve to be in any kind of Video. Just sayin.

  11. Ridiculous that WG does this because it’s not fair to the other players

  12. So ive been watching you for a couple weeks now, and i finally figured out what an ancient fire was… or engine fire… right, keep the videos up man, really enjoy them!

  13. At first I said that this is a terrible tank, pretty much the same as a t44 with a 122, till dez said it was tier 7

  14. Wtf?!?!? How does that happen it’s like 1 in a billion shot!!

  15. Nice edit on that 5% prammo XD

  16. Nice tank!!

  17. Played against and with “skill” several times, and sadly hes a whiney cnut. Also not helping hes 3marked some of his tanks in 3man platoons, where his buddies drives in superheavies to recieve the enemy shots, to feed him free dmg.Pathetic excuse of a tryhard. 1/10 would not recommend.
    In any case, love you like always Dez. 🙂

  18. Toasty Roasty Man

    I have a SU76I Dez..

  19. Thanks for showing Skills game. He deserves it and so much more.

  20. How does third marks works, ( I don’t play the game) Btw nice video dez??

  21. Skill’s such a beast.

  22. What’s your favorite medal? Mine’s the Pascookie’s medal.

  23. J remember t-44-85 on test server 😀

  24. Hot damn that was a great battle!What about that one T8 Su TD or the Panzer V/IV?

  25. He should have bought a lotto ticket after that ridiculous RNG kill. He’d win that too for sure :p

  26. That has to be one of the coolest games I have ever seen! That Type 62 kill was the icing on the cake.

  27. Yeah, saw the stream where he got 100% mark of excellence.

  28. The MTLS-1G14 is the only tanks wirh 2 operable cannons IN THE GAME it’s a tier III Premiun tank, american prem tank

  29. Potassium Cyanide

    isn’t the free version of t-44 got 122 gun?

  30. WTF skills dude….amazing <3

  31. Herbert Odilio Balsamo


  32. Pirate Space Cowboi Blast Dat Bass Nukka

    players like this ruin the game

  33. I’ve never seen one, and I have been playing since 2012 already. But you say there only something like 45 of these produced… My best guess they are all on the Euro server

  34. I have learned so much from watching him. He never ceases to amaze.

  35. Wow !! A Russian tank with german gun accuracy !

  36. Skill may be a good player but I’ve seen him smoking while he is playing….. Not setting a very good example I reckon..

  37. madness

  38. can you do video about what is the removal maps on update 1.0

  39. Has he 3-marked the french heavies (AMX 65t, AMX M4 51 and AMX M4 54 or Obj. 268v. 4 or Obj. 430U)

  40. Skill4ito thinks to get 3-rd moe to this bad tank

  41. I want this tank so damn bad

  42. To the ones saying Skill is their favorite streamer. I think you should check out Stinkylady’s channel.

  43. necuglupiguglplus

    that dude is insane

  44. Hi Dez, could you please do a face reveal and show us your living accommodation??

  45. nice vid as always DG and great skill from skill. you can create something like this T-44-122 with regular T44. on way to Obj430 of course if this combination makes any of you wet. 🙂

  46. Please do one about Ferdinand

  47. Baguette with cheese

    Lol wtf was that kill

  48. i didnt feel the presure, something wrong with me?

  49. yazili ve yazisiz intro


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