► Opening 175 Christmas Boxes – You Are Amazing! – World of Tanks Christmas Special

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Special Event 2017 – Opening 175 Holiday Ops Special Event Loot Boxes.

You guys are simply amazing… Amazing Beast!
for making my in World of Tanks super amazing!
In this episode I am going open up 175 special Holiday Ops loot boxes, that you gifted me.
Sorry it took me so long time notice that, but better late than never! 😉

Once again thank you, Merry and Happy Year all of you!


► Music used:
From NoCopyrightSounds YT Channel:
– Glude – Breathe [NCS Release]
– Glude – Identity [NCS Release]’
From https://soundcloud.com/ehrling :
– Ehrling – sommar
– Ehrling – Tease
– Ehrling – Mood
– Ehrling – You And Me
►Tanks in action:
All the tanks in The World!


  1. I will announce my little Christmas Giveaway winners tomorrow, hopefully!
    But once again, thank you for all the support, you crazy Beasts!
    Btw, is my DJ getting better, or what? 😛

  2. Happy New Year Dez. Thank you for the great content

  3. I only missed the Type 59. Bought 75 boxes which gave me ZERO tanks. Then a few days later I purchased another 25 boxes. The last box, number 100, gave me the Type 59.

  4. Crazy how many you went through so many without a vehicle. Managed to get three tier IV premiums ,14 days premium and 6k gold in 20 boxes myself.

  5. Haydn & Bree Carruthers

    I really think that WG up’t the % chance of getting a tier 8 on the first 2 days. QB got 3 tier ten tanks with 75 boxes. I got nothing from 120 boxes,

  6. Why is 13 you’re favourite number dez?

  7. If someone had cancelled the transaction… Oops. Your account could be blocked. You shouldn’t accept gifts from strangers

  8. Dezgamez awesome vid really love your content you deserved better stuff than that but hey ho well done to the guys that gifted you these boxes your a super nice guy hope you had a lovely Christmas .

  9. You didnt listen to russian hardbass and didnt drink vodka thats why you didnt get lorr. 40t

  10. Hello Dez !
    I got from 75 boxes – Type 59, T26E5, T-28E with F30, AC 1 Sentinel, more than 30 days of premium acc., almost 70k golds and lot of credits. 😀 Soo i was lucky 😀

  11. Hey dez and merry christmas and happy new year :D. I have great idea for you do video for 15 deathstars vs 15 badgers!!!

  12. Im pretty certain dez can now get all the holiday canos one he brakes down those level 5 decorations

  13. anyone fell like gifting me 3 boxes? i can’t buy the boxes myself

    *ThePilotPenguin [w-uni]*
    *EU server*

  14. Lol i got lorraine 40t with 75 boxes 😛 Sorry for you Dez

  15. We desperately need someone to add everything and tell us what he got in total. 20+ mins can be summarised to 30 seconds of reading

  16. MAN WHY U GET GOLD ??!?!?!?!?!? I only get CREDITS

  17. sad u didnt get lorr

  18. tere, great work eesti-bro, friendly greetings from Finland

  19. It’s as bad as Claus…..

  20. Dez do a giveaway! 😀

  21. “God jul” is swedish, meaning Merry Christmas!

  22. 7500 gold is tier 6 tank

  23. For tier 8 tank you win 10 900 gold

  24. @DezGamez I also got u a gift! Its not in the vid tho… I subscribed and liked the vid! 😀

  25. This is exactly my problem with footnotes. Why can’t you just buy what you want to buy?

  26. What are you doing with all that gold ?

  27. Veselé Vánoce! Merry Christmas!

  28. happy holiday from eu server ( klemenklemen) and i wish you beter luck next time

  29. Well, this video was relaxing 🙂

  30. Hi dez i won type 59 and lor 40t with 23 boxs.. i hope that next time you won..

  31. Till when are these things available/when does the event end? Because I am on vacation and get home tommorow, dont want to miss the entire event!

  32. how much gold we have… i dont have.. thx for that

  33. Can someone donate me a Traditional Christmas box X11 boxes i do not have any premium tanks i am f2p player. My parents do not give me a credit card so i can buy just one tier 8 premium tank. So if someone can donate Traditional Christmas boxes x11 i will be very happy and thankfull for that. Name in game Bossssssssssssss.

  34. I got my son the 75 box gift and he got every tank you could win including the type 59 so I think he got very lucky.

  35. deeezzz ı feel in love for you and your sexy voice lol boi

  36. 85k gold is crazy! Enough to get like 8 t 8 prems!

  37. Hey dez , Sadiejjn from the NA server, great vid but WG is really stingy with tank give aways, plus in my country those boxes are damn expensive, Just for 75 boxes its {R 1400} South African. I could only afford 17 boxes and wasn’t so lucky as you, what’s the chance of winning such prizes with only those boxes. but you opened 175 and still you didn’t get anything, wow, but still a great vid

  38. DreadlockedDreadnought

    Is it just me or does it seem like the chance to pull better prizes went down after the 1st day ? I opened 25 boxes on day 1 and got 2 type 59s (got a Lorr.40T substituted for the 2nd) a T26E5, a sentinel , 10600 gold , 30+ days of premium and 300,000 silver. It just feels like they pulled the ole’ “bait and switch” after all the 59 hype got peoples attention or maybe i’m just a candidate for a tinfoil hat . 😛

  39. Q&A video ever?

  40. Hum! Im buy 3 box Chinese new year. First box i have t26e5 with 250 gold

  41. hello dez can you do a face reveal .

  42. first i bought 11 boxes and i got the PzB2 tier4…then another 11 boxes, i got the Sentinel…the third time i bought another 11 boxes and i was just hoping for the t-28 30F because that’s the best tier 4…at least you have some firepower. And opening the second box from this series and I got the Skorpion G. From all those premium vehicles I would have chosen that one if i had a change to choose so yeah, i am pretty happy with it 😀

  43. Man that font which you didn’t understand ” Veselé Vánoce ” in translation from Czech language is ” Merry Christmas ” :-D:-D:-D:-D

  44. If I have one of those boxes I would have Been very happy

  45. What a shame, after this vid i thought why not buy 25 more boxes for that lor. I thought i would get nothing then while opening on stream got the lor. Shouted so hard my mom thought i shot myself. Hope you had a amazing vacation and good luck to you in 2018. Cant wait for the first vid in the new year.

  46. Funny thing, out of all the gift boxes I received from playing the game. Somewhere in the area of 65 boxes, not one piece of gold to be had. Nearly everyone you had had a minimum of 250 gold. Sounds a little fishy to me. Anyway I love your vids. Keep up the good work man.

  47. Looking forward to 2018 content from you.. wooo hypeee

  48. Hello dez games i hope you having a good Christmas , i just wonna tell if you can give me a prem tank i realy love playing wot but i don’t have creadits any more 🙁 and you alots of gold my account :algerian__1 i hope you read this message and have a good day keep up the good work

  49. Thats 1046. and change people donated to wargaming for your boxes.

  50. Opened 11 chineese boxes and got a type 59?

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