► Patch 9.18 – New Artillery, Tier 10 Light Tanks, New Matchmaker! – World of Tanks 9.18 Update

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Source: DezGamez

Patch 9.18 Update Review. World of Tanks New/Reworked SPG (Artillery). World of Tanks Tier 10 Light Tanks. World of Tanks New MatchMaking System.

Few days I ago, something crazy happened… Something that I did not even dream about when I started making YouTube videos. I spent a lot time, effort and work into it, trying to find the service provider, the best quality and the best designs. And I have to say, I am quite happy how it turned out. So if you would like to support me even more, then go check it out, maybe you find something that you like, thanks! 🙂

Full list of changes with Patch 9.18 Update:

But today, I can finally say that I welcome you from patch 9.18 update test server, it is finally here!
What it brings us? Well, let’s ask what it does not bring us… We are going to get new matchmaking system, artillery is going to be reworked (complete, all-Round SPG Revision) and we are going to get TIER 9 and TIER 10 LIGHT TANKS!

All tier 10 light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet
– USA/American XM551 Sheridan
– China/Chinese WZ-132-1
/Germany Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
– France/French 13 105

In this episode I am going to introduce this patch to you, let’s go!



    Why do I LOVE this guy? Look at him! New tanks, new patch? Dez is the first to cover the topic. He is always up to date. Now why i love, well because you can see the effort and love he puts into his work AND he is listening to our feedback, because he will read your comment eventually, even if its something off-topic. To put it short, he interacts with us, and you can see that he actually cares for what we have to say! Thanks Dez I think its not only me that sees all your love. Let me say one short poem for the end
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Cancer from the skies

  2. please upload some tier 10 epic light or medium tank and upload stuff how to be better in this game

  3. u need to have at least 3 artillery cuz otherwise u couldnt get pascucci

  4. Sanctuary TheGreat

    Really wish console got all these pc patches :/

  5. Dez, can u next pls do top 10 vehicles with the worst dpm?

  6. this new tier system will really favour tanks with preferential mm, so time to get that kv5 engines revving…..

  7. stun mechanic means I will just sell all my arty, in real life arty can one shot you suck it up princesses.

  8. Matias Gomez Janzen

    now u have to pay 3k cr for every time u use repair kit?

  9. Nice video. But, I’m really concerning about the exp issue in current tier 8 LTs. Why does exp stay in Tier, instead of Tank? This is a huge penalty for the players who currently playing top tier LT as Elite status.

  10. THANKS for this review
    i had ti think of my opinion about the new mm but it is like adding 0 to 1 but on left =01 the problem in types of tanks
    e50 and 2 arty vs e75 ,st1 and emil2 ……..still crap mm
    imagine 3 defender vs 3 mediums hahhaha what will happen?

  11. Did that arty shot at 12:30 come in from a different point of origin than the aiming line? “Wanted” artillery confirmed?

  12. how about the SPG mission ? it would become even harder to deal personal dmg with 90% dmg nerf

  13. Dez, I’m in full support of you having a store and showing it in the middle of some videos is a great way to let people know about it. Please just don’t make minute and a half advertisements for your store a routine thing. Maybe just this and two or three more vids, by that time, we all know it’s there.

  14. So this means they actually brought back battle tier 12 technically speaking. That’s pretty sweet, it should take some of the pressure off tier 8. This sounds like an awesome patch overall.

  15. A badly needed change long since coming. Let’s see how the game plays from this point on.

  16. Lone survivalist314

    I wonder how much damage a T92 will do to a type 4 heavy with a spall liner in the new patch…

  17. it makes the game suck. it becomes worse and worse and worse
    very bad changing

  18. 1st arty fire stun 3 tank shoot you 2nd arty fire stun 3 tank shoot you 3rd arty fire stun ……….. you are dead

  19. Did they reduce the rng on arty ? obj 261 is kinda bad to feature because we all know that thing has pin-point accuracy.
    Edit: Okey you explained in the video, more accurate is paramount. on arty like tier 9 british and the tier 9 german artilery the rng is insane, shells go anywhere especially on the british one, it is not even fun. when fully aimed there is like a 50 % chance it aint gonna go anywhere near where you aimed.

  20. Leevi Lukkarinen

    how does this arty update affects personaly Missions

  21. When wanna be new patch 9.18?

  22. you better click play and take a nap before your battle starts 😀

  23. Bodbenys TechnoEurodance

    so that means, in all battles MM will make only same tier tanks?


  25. are they going to change the arty mission for obj 260? because like 5k dmg on heavys and TDs would be very hard!

  26. Nice coverage Dez, keep up the great work. Also two Artys is more than enough.

  27. Max Lutke Schipholt

    how are they going to change the missions for spg???

  28. But… How are you supposed to earn a bombardier medal now?

  29. I like the new matchmaking ^^

  30. well next patch no one will play arty beacause it will suck . LOW DAMAGE …

  31. imthemistermaster

    what about the lefefefehehef? wg refuses to Nerf Prem’s, but some people will consider this a Nerf.

  32. Damn, this commercial break had so much cheese and explosions in it that Michael Bay would start speaking French watching it 😛

  33. this new matchmaker will be reallyyyyyy nice with pref. MM tier 8 premiums.

  34. How can you lower the amount of spg’s in a match down to two when you can have platoons of up to three spg’s thus making it impossible for the platoon to enter a game ? ^^

  35. “no more 2 SPGs per team!” yep!

  36. i say will be better with no more that 3 each class / team! i’m so tired with World of HeavyTanks

  37. Time to sell all arty’s, I would have prefered to have them removed and getting something in return for even grinding them, than giving them a useless stun and give tier 10 arty the same pen as my Lefhlefh at tier 5, as for scouts I think all of them are now really weak until you get tier 9 lights, I just hate how they nerfed the french lights to the ground and yet the T71 still retains 6 clip auto loader while the french lost 2 clips

  38. they eliminated arty hunting, no need to move after your shots.

  39. I wonder if this will make light tank missions even harder.. spotting and damaging 3 arties is difficult on live server, I wonder if this make it even harder. another note, I hate the new arty mode they added, the battle assistant mod is much better! I need to find out if I can still use that one instead.. the one WG added follows the ground to much, I like how to the battle assistant kinda looks at from the shells trajectory.

  40. RIP the worst patch in history OP light tanks, useless artylery, stupid cooldown on repair kids. WG really doesn’t want me to play their game 🙁

  41. great explanation of the new match maker, i might actually come back to WoT now, but will still have to deal with stealthfire, but eh.

  42. 3 artys. fuck off.

  43. Bat arty will be pain in the ass, especially with xvm fous -.-

  44. and Type 5 premium HE? still going to be ridiculously OP?

  45. The problem is that people in platoons might take 3 artillery. people would complain of they get restricted to two in a platoon of three. But I agree.

  46. Hey dez, pls help. Does that with mm works with lt? i mean When you get few times bottom tier,do you get top tier even with lt?

  47. wow that coffe cup is so cool!!!

  48. This is first time I see Dez advertising his goodies in his videos

  49. So do you guys think with the new MM, they will be able to bring balanced Nation battles. Germany vs Russia in randoms like they use too? (the old Nation battles mode)

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