► Patch 9.20 – Japanese Tanks Rebalance – Type 5 Heavy – World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update

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Patch Preview, Japanese Balance. , Epic Battle. , Tier 10 Japanese Heavy Tank.

In today’s episode I am going to take my first look at World of Tanks update and at Japanese heavy tank branch rebalance. Wargaming knows the issue with Japanese heavy tanks and they are finally going to do something about it… But this going to be enough? I am mainly talking about Type 5 Heavy… Will see!

► Player: Nya_Necro



  1. EDIT: O-HO is not going to get that premium round for the big gun, but for the smaller one, made a little mistake there!

    9.20 seems to be pretty big “Rebalancing” patch… More about that in my next episodes. 🙂
    But what do you about this one?

  2. Tbh, Maus doesn’t need a rebalance, let me tell you why. Both Maus and Type 5 Heavy are really really slow heavy tank, superheavy tanks. They need that armor in order to stay alive in a position which they will unlikely be able to leave due to their slowness. BUT! A Maus player needs to be precise in order to deal some damage, even if he uses premium rounds. This is not the case with Type 5 and Type 4. They don’t even need to aim anymore with the new gun. Maus feels like a trashcan with tracks compared to Type 5. Only thing that needs rebalancing right now is that new gun that Type 4 and 5 gets.

    WG was probably like “Hey, we nerfed arties, we still need something to ruin heavy players who are good at angling. EUREKA! A heavy tank gun that can deal 1400 damage with 1 shot! Cool!” .

  3. Omg those noob T30….Even in point blank you cant penn a T5 heavy?My T95 can penn a T5 heavy from 300m with careful shot.

  4. on ps4 with pre OP maus I bounced his side at 80 degrees with tier 10 gun.

  5. Typical WG response to an obvious balance issue….. ignore it for months…. pretend it’s not a problem…. don’t adequately address the issue when they finally acknowledge there is a problem. WG have become one of the worst MMO developers ever.

  6. Christopher Azaredo

    man still waiting for is-7 buff

  7. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    the naval gun on type 5 is just stupid

  8. WS 260-270 What?Jusr remove derp gun!

  9. The Mighty Trenthan

    I think all they should have done with the type 5 is make sure it had actual weak spots and not give it a derp gun, instead just make the AP gun better.

  10. This game is quite annoying when you aim for weak spot and you don’t pen, so you get punished for doing the right thing, Gg wg gg…

  11. they trying to add fake and pointless anime tanks that do not belong in the game but now they are also nerfing the actual japanese tanks

  12. No problem fighting the Type 4 heavy
    buffing the O-Experimental is stupid it has a decent armor and a big gun I fell bad for low tier tanks

  13. The nerf is bullshit…. Make the front turret 260mm nd front hull 270mm for type 5…also reduce 10mm for type4

  14. Please, do not say “ridiculous” anymore

  15. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Type 5 on any City Map is basically “How to HT Missions” for any Tank?

  16. its not 9.20 just 9.19.1

  17. Best solution is to Uninstall this cancer game… Forget you ever played this game and the money you put in this game…

  18. Soooo they are making the type 5 the same speed or faster than the Maus? Then whats the point in ever picking the Maus over the Type 5 now. As it is the Maus really feels the pain of being slow now.

  19. Fuck those plates on Type 5, rather make the cupola front 240-250mm or something so you have a decent chance to pen with tier 10 guns if you manage to hit it at right spot at the center of it. Those plates will still eat premium ammo like hell because why the fuck would you shoot it with 249-270 pen under a slightest angle which is pretty much every heavy and medium tank pen. It would still be a strong cupola because its round and angled anyway.

  20. how fast wil the type 5 heavy go ?

  21. how panther8.8 can penetrate those frontal “weak spots” on my type4 heavy for normal AP

  22. giovanni marinelli

    I think they should rebalance O-NI cause ita impossible to pen frontal armor even with premium and not angled

  23. Hi DG, what do you think about the new possible bat chat changes from the super test? Lower alfa- 300, and 1 more shells in the magazine, basically the tier 9 bat chat’s gun on tier 10.

  24. alfredo diaz ramirez

    when the Japanese heavies entered the game it redefined Wot to an extant where it changed the game play almost over night

  25. WOLFKILL55 kilinc

    would be nice if SU-100Y got a buff like the Armor on the box gun armor frontal hull armor like 60mm of armor is just meh

  26. armor is useless many player play with gold

  27. Tomás López Sánchez

    No pls dont buff O-I exp, is my fucking nightmare when I go with my excelsior because its gun, and no it has impenetrable armour with my gun…(without using premium rounds)

  28. Type 5 heavy balance delate 15cm reput the side weakspot. Type 4 heavy balance delate 15cm gun. O-ho put 10mm+ armor and batter accurcy penetracion and gold ammo on 10cm experimental
    O-I nothing
    O-I exp increase reloed of 105mm

  29. If these big tanks don’t have very good armor, then what is their purpose? I think they should be like this, but with lower DPM and high alpha guns. Like JgPz E100. I quit WoT two years ago and playing the Maus then was…pathetic. I don’t agree with the premium ammo of Type 5 though. I think that premium ammo should be removed and different ammo types with different pros/cons should be implemented.

  30. I realized something… We had a stupidly OP american. Now we have a few stupidly OP Japanese and German heavies. That only means the next “rebalance” might be the Russians. HEAT-FS and APFSDS for the t62 and a 20% armor buff to the JS-7 and JS-4 because reasons..?

  31. thx wargaming was waiting for this patch a long time, hope this patch will hot live servers soon!

  32. The change in the frontal armor in patch 9.20 is probably aimed towards sniping meds and Tds – it would all be left to RNG and you know how it usually cocks it for us. 🙂

    The stupid thing about Japanese and German super HT is that they have the best armor in the game, with the exception of E100 they are all impenetrable from the front, ridiculous guns and monstrous amount of HP all at the same time. Maus doesn’t aim, T5Heavy doesn’t aim and in the perfect situation on a city map, all others doesn’t need to aim as well.
    HT with worse armor and/or guns have lesser amount of HP. That’s simply broken.

    Another thing that is the freaking match making. It isn’t normal T10 super heavies to be matched against mediums, it isn’t fair to match them to anything but a super heavy in fact. I keep seeing games with 8 or 9 top tier HT/SHT tanks against 3 or 4 HT, not all of which are top tier. That’s retarded and the outcome of the battle is usually foretold depending on the map type (open vs city).

    The first thing to fix is the MM, then the freaking dispersion of super heavy guns. Make their gun’s dispersion kind of similar to that of T49 so they still have to aim but have a chance to miss anyway. This wouldn’t change anything close-range, but the difference will be when they’re shooting from mid or long range. How often do you see heavies “sniping” from near their base?

    Last, but not least, get rid of the dmg buff when firing prem. ammo on Type4 and Type5.

  33. yet again wargaming , that name alone begins to be a joke, has fucked up the game again again again. This is the reason i have taken the consequence had uninstalled the game! EVERY tank in the game can pen the Japanese heavy tank line tier for tier. it´s “only” a question of flanking which lights and meds shouldn´t have any problem with.

  34. please guys, who can pen Maus when he is angling his armor ?
    nobody !
    no weak spot. why not in type 5 ?
    and in battle when everybody see japonese tanks the have already the premium shells in
    so in type 5 you can actually bounce like 3/10 shells… even T8 can pen with premium shell… they shouldn’t nerf the armor

  35. Meanwhile the Pz VII is still the worst t 10 heavy xD

  36. I have stopped playing tier 8 tanks completely until they get this fuckery sorted out. With new matchmaking its pointless. Last night it took me 43 games to be top tier. I got one game as top tier and then 26 games before i was top tier again.

  37. Jeremiah Radcliff

    to me there should be a tank where tank destroyers actually have to aim instead of auto aim

  38. tepasebastian20 x

    WG are dicks

  39. O-I nerfed again?! that thing was already a bit trash when nerfed a year ago

  40. finally you called them ribbons and not stickers. Good job, you are evolving, while majority of the population degrades ?

  41. I propose you actually play the type 5 and then comment on how good it is. It is not that great.

    It is super slow, you get premium shots in the turret anyway, and your reload, for 500 average dmg (also with premium ammo) is around 16 seconds. 1 russian medium will shoot 3 time, for about 900-1000, and you always need support, because you get out DPMed by mediums or E5s.

    Slow battles, with good cover and versus bad players is not proving anything (not in this MM anyway).

  42. I dont understand O-I has 150mm front and back armor so the numbers are liitle crazy. And on the secont thing I dont understand why they need to buff it in todays speed of the game if you are lucky andy your gun did not screw you than you can have prety nice game. BUT usually it will send you to Prokhorovka or Karelia or another type of flat “nothingtohidebehind” medium tanks friendly map with all possible 3 artys and then you are slow juicy target :/

  43. wht?? in mine its still update 9.19

  44. JustWatch JustTalk

    Why nerffing the arty, when a type5 or 4 can hit u like they want? It doesn’t matter where u get hit – it always causes high damage. Hightier Arties cannot do such damage at all. So, japanese superheavies r really super mad! I ithink a big nerf of the gun would also be necessary.

  45. I find it amusing that people complain. Because it is So easy to penetrate, even on city maps. Just let it come and shoot its tracks. People that cannot penetrate it with even 180 pen on the front dont have paitience. It proves how bad Skilled they are. Type and maus have almost a tank before their turret to pass the corner. If angled even on that paris vid. You could just shoot its lower deck. Not sure how all the baboons keep shooting it frontally, But it shows people their iq. The tank is good as it is as superheavy and is Lucky a bit different in playing. You all forget how many autoloaders are easy killing it like mad. Tier x should be huge tactical based play purely focussed on strengths and weaknesses of said tanks. Atm it is, problem is crybabies that buy tier 8 tanks like obj 252 cannot easy pen these tanks, So they cry. So when does this really problematic and troll tank for mostly lower tiers get removed?

  46. Play some tanks with big boomz stick!!!

  47. I just hate this P2W tank… those nerfs are sarcastic. How to hit them with the accuracy nerf few updates ago. Now it’ll get even harder to kill, because it will be faster, so flanking it will be harder. With this 9.19 broken MM I’m just so happy to see this shit every other game when I play my tier 8 tank! (sarcasm)

  48. Paul Preisenberger

    did you even See the nerf to the BC 25t? it is being made like a t10 Version of the t9. that is absolut bullshit. By the way apreciating your very good Videos. keep up the good work

  49. man they should give type 5 the old gun with a heat prem shell instead of that stupid ap it would much better as long as it had that troll derp gun the armour doesn’t matter

  50. I think WG executives has retarded children who loves to play this game… This type 5 heavy for them. You could be extra stupid but still can play this game with this extra OP tank. I cant see any other explanation. Tho maybe they want lots of Japanese customer so they are promoting game with extra OP Japanese tanks. But my money on retarded executive relatives…

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