► Patch 9.22 Update – New Tanks, Features and More! – World of Tanks 9.22 Update Review

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Source: DezGamez

Update – New Tanks and Features. & 705 Gameplay. Gameplay.

9.22 Patch Notes:

Time to check out new patch, 9.22 update with a lot of new content… New vehicles, new features/changes and in this episode I am going to give you a quick overview what you can expect from 9.22.



  1. Stay tuned for A LOT more action from 9.22, new tanks… There might be second episode as well today, featuring one really “interesting” tank from 9.22…

    • DezGamez tiger1 is in super hd on test server!!!!wtf

    • @dezgamez: they increased the “click box” for the emblems and inscriptions, not the amount you can put on you vehicle. Its just a quality of life change but still nice.
      Keep up your awesome vids, buddy.

    • So what was the exp value of the tier8 IS-M ? so we know how much to grind on the IS. The patch notes window covered up the value during the video as you moused over it.

    • i wish u made replay video show the tank name not show player name :p

  2. so how much time until this goes live?

  3. Sure “MM fix” yeaaa, i dont really care if i get to defend two times in a row the PROBLEM is that i am seeing the same map 7 out of 10 times… I see Paris map only on Youtube…. How about you cant play the same map for 10 games, you will at least see 10 maps in a day and not only 2 or god forbid 3…

  4. Nice, so russian tanks were getting a little power creeped so WG did the right russian thing to do, buff them to the sky ! Buffing a little is for pussys, a stronk company buff a lot. Cant have weak russian tanks in this game ! We all know german need to be weaker then GLORIOUS mother Russia !

  5. Lol wtf have they done to the su-101? It was already bad, now it wil be unplayable.
    And I don’t understand why they are adding a new t10 heavy better than the IS-4 in every aspect.
    Ok, why am I still searching a logic in wg’s moves ?
    At least you are teling us the 430U is a beast, and this is sum gud news !

  6. Has everyone seen the new tiger model?

  7. New tanks can’t wait couldn’t care less about the quote on quote Russian bias. Its a bloody tank game you play it for tanks.

  8. +DezGamez Why does the 705A get 40 km/h top speed but the FV215b only has 35??????????????????///

  9. Nice to see you saved the best for last. The AMX-40 is truly beautiful now.

  10. is 430u better than 113 or 121?

  11. 😀 WG is a joke T10 removed cos he is not like the IS3 and were he go back from the IS3 WTF and the MM is the bigest joke from all 😀 I just wait to see this year 10 premium tanks

  12. Stronk Russian tenks

  13. Reverse IS7

  14. They should add pt-76

  15. if you people don’t know
    they replaced Tiger 1 by new Tiger 1 in tier 7

  16. Why have the T-44 and T-44-100 been buffed more than the T-54 mod. 1 for the second time?

  17. See you guys on the test server!

  18. fuck wg and their rigged mm

  19. What about E50 M? It’s just E50 with APCR! ?

  20. Why not at least discuss some aspects of the SU TD changes? Sure there’s many, but most importantly they are extreme nerf’s!
    People imo should be alerted because it appears they’ve completely destroyed tanks that imo and likely many others opinion were rather average, not op in any shape or form, undeserving of one nerf never mind a whole gambit of them. Think it was worth a mention but usually otherwise you typically do not miss a beat, nerf, most often you’re comparable to a Russian Derp Sniper Shot.

  21. Shit penetration on that russ superheavy

  22. why you drive IS7 backwords?

  23. *Q U A C K E R S*

  24. What about KV-13 Version 2 uhh I meas T-34-2?

  25. if i got a dollar for every Russian tank that started with object…

  26. Arghhhh…. sh*t… I grinded up to the back turreted MTs to get Obj 430 U, then they moved it to the T-44 line.

  27. I love you so much for delivering this info so quickly, you sir are a fucking god.

  28. The Legendary Sandwich

    The proper term for tanks like the 263 is a rear casemate.

  29. fuxx russian bias

  30. All this talking and we still don’t know how much XP to get from IS to IS-M…

  31. How much XP is required to unlock the IS-M from the IS?

    Was looking forward to the info panel popping up when you hovered over the IS-M in the garage, only to be trolled by the screencrop listing the added tanks blocking the XP section XD

  32. It’s nice to see new tanks as always, and I know this has already been brought up, but really? Does WarGaming even care about the Chinese tech tree aside from the WZ-111 5A? The Object 430U is making the 121/113 look pretty bad (yes I get gun handling and dpm, but the current meta seems to be focusing on armor and alpha damage). When is that gonna be fixed? How will it be fixed?

  33. Ayyy Dat Asian Boii Eat Da Rice


  34. No worries, SU-122-54 will come back as “you know what it is” tank.

  35. inquisiTHOR /LetsGame999

    hmmm. IS-M looks like a tank we have in world of tanks blitz. the IS-2Sh or ИС-2ш. i wonder if that tank preforms as good as IS-2Sh. but the most sadest thing about the changes are that SU-122-54 will be gone, i loved its mobility and also the gun… but well

  36. T54 mod 1 was concidered one of the worst premiums, and it will stay bad untill they buff the gun a little i think, tho mobility needed a buff for sure.
    I think id be fine if they gave it 200-210 mm pen or 10-15% better rate of fire so that its equal to the average tier 8 medium.

  37. Soviet advance! RUSH B COMRADES!!!


  39. Rear mounted.

  40. Russian bias. Another patch and reason to play only russian tonks

  41. what no russbe?

  42. People who not watch YouTube videos are probably all those red bots 🙂

  43. A AP firing tier X medium.. the fuck is that? KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  44. I hope this upcoming ranked seasons rewards are worth it. Last season was super easy to get into the gold ranking and the rewards were pretty good, unfortunately I was focused on grinding tier 10s for the campaign and didn’t play ranked enough.

  45. Yeah thx Wargaming for more Russian Meds, exact what we wanted…………..NOT

  46. Am I the only one that wants grand battles for tier5 and above?

  47. I love these updates! Very professional and informative thanks Dez

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