► Poland Map Prototypes + HD Bias – World of Tanks 2018 Update News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Polish Map Prototypes Preview – Poland C & Studyanka 2. World of Tanks Ranked Battles. World of Tanks 2018 Update News.

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In this news episode let’s about one fairly big problem, that has rolled out with all those new HD maps – Are they making Russian medium even better?
Also, let’s take our first look at 2 Polish map prototypes. We already have one (or actually more) tank from Poland, now map ideas maybe tech tree as well in the future… Full Polish set on the way!


Andrius Klimka – Redshire (Battle)
– Andrius Klimka Andrey Kulik – Prokhorovka (WGFEST 2017 version)

► Players in the video:
– Me.


  1. bias here, bias there, bias everywhere…Actually, no bias on this channel. 😛
    How do those new map prototypes look to you?

    • DezGamez dez can you leave the link to the wot test server in description? Thx

    • If you nerf hills you nerf tanks that rely on their turrent armor, not to mention the Swedish tds. For tanks like the t34, emil’s and kranvagen, British meds and others it will be more difficult to execute hull-down maneuvers and tactics. Also artillery will have less trouble hitting you as if they weren’t powerful enough on these landscape maps. And it shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that the Russian tanks, despite being some of the most dominate tanks in the game, are going to have no trouble with gun depression, about the only downside to Russian tanks. In my opinion, hills are a necessary and important tactical tool in the game. Please don’t ruin them.

    • DezGamez I agree with you on the ranked battles 100%. Why can’t we play 24/7? It doesn’t make sense limiting it like that.

    • Bias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soviet Bias!!!!!!!!!!!! Illuminati confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jesse R i think they are doing this to avoid rigging, when clans meets at late hours together to help each other to climb the ranks

  2. what about 24/7 ranked battles but limited to 50 / 75 / 100 battles per player per day? so everyone can take his/her time to play and the hardcore players can’t get to far away

  3. As far as I can tell most HD map I have drove on seems identical. Only noticeable change is Erlenberg. So any example of where has been flattened so I can check them out on test server.

  4. Chinese tanks, also are known for their poor gun depression but MAYBE, we as a community/players from all levels can stop this “Russian bias” by stop playing Russian tanks….

  5. That 1st map reminded me a lot of Murovanka…The 2nd map reminded me of Komarin

  6. Please, tell me what music is in the begining of the face-off videos? It sounds epic!

  7. Executing file iexplorere.exe

    World of tanks looks like an early 2010s game, not an early 2000s game. Halo 2 is an early 2000s game. Wot does not look worse than halo 2.

  8. The ranked battles never seem to be available. ..complete waste of time..and WTF happened to tournaments?

  9. The new map prototypes look very flat.
    I’ve been on the HD test server for a week and YES they flattened out just about every map..I do not mind the changes because some of these old maps have to be played differently now. Kind of like bringing new play strategy into the old meta.
    I have a question…Normally I have an ad blocker on when I watch YT but I pause the ad blocker for my favorite tubers so they ( Including Dez) get paid for their hard work…DO I have to watch the entire add for you to get paid or can I skip ads when allowed?

  10. As if the Russian tanks weren’t good enough #$@!%.
    Another open map for artillery, why don’t WG just remove artillery from the game!!!???
    Artillery prevents camping and yet the ones who are affected by artillery are the ones who don’t camp. ??? FUWG Eat shit!!!

  11. Well Polish maps should be flat as most of Poland is a flat country.

  12. Sergio González Torres

    *german tank drives into polish map

  13. one that i noticed was erlenberg that was really flattened

  14. The test server is full of 10 years old Russian kids willing to team-kill you for not thing then laught in your face.

  15. PickelJars ForHillary

    WG claim this as a buff to Chinese tanks yet?

  16. Why always these maps are based on eu region why not sea server?????? We have more flora and fauna , vegetation everything!!!!!!????? Why WG??? Why?????

  17. Sooooo many fuckin crybabies complaining about everything in this game these days…seriously stfu and enjoy the game as is because your whinning isn’t gonna change shit and all you’re succeeding in is sounding like Lil bitches.

  18. As an arty should besee the buches move when someonw is hiding in buches and movingaround .

  19. I think on the sandbox server that HD maps was better

  20. Poland C has no arty safe hulldown areas if I saw it correctly…

  21. wargaming_hero wargaming_hero

    100% + only bot teams

  22. show the flattened parts of the map

  23. Just look at defense side of Karelia, it’s fucked.
    Studyanka = Prokhorovka turned 90 degrees.

  24. Out of the 2 maps you showed the second map is the Winner 🙂 . TDS .

  25. Yesterday evening i was almost not able to enter the game, needed to wait for 2 minutes because of too many players and EU1 was not available.

  26. Console has lots of good new maps. Don’t know why wg isn’t just porting those to pc

  27. _Carlozz_ UGOTAMMORACKED

    Looks like campinovka fielsd

  28. Flat maps and bad MM makes fast games.. fast games makes more money to WG. Its that simple

  29. RIP swedish tanks who love bumpy terrain and RIP american tanks who have epic upper plates and crappy lower plates which won’t be able to be hidden any more.

  30. In one sense, this adds realism in that the only tanks Soviet tanks ever beat in the real world after WWII were other Soviet tanks. So WOT is just becoming a therapy tool for the reality of their inadequacies.

  31. And more simetrical maps,are they so stupid not to know how to balance a map that is NOT simetrical?? After 7 years of playing,I’m done with this shit

  32. Will the flatter maps make arty more annoying?

  33. Yeah Dez, it’s been a great ride watching the channel grow over the last couple years. It feels like only yesterday my wife was saying “Where is that accent from?” lol.. Keep it up, lots of room left to grow!

  34. John Ivan Betchayda Dizon

    I mean why bother playing other nation when russian tanks are much better right?


  35. I think the “flattened” maps is a load of BS. I played over 61k games on the live server, so you might say I know all the maps. Played a number of battles on the test server and didn’t notice any flattening out… Maybe just an illusion because of HD?

  36. John Ivan Betchayda Dizon

    I should probably get myself a russian tank.

  37. I think the reason Ranked B is only during the day is that otherwise there will be rigging again in the night, as happened in the past with some special game modes, forgot what they are called, but then I played in the night and you found a bunch of FAME clan cheaters who simply were there to do the missions and didn’t play the game as intended, but agreed to in turn get a lot of kills and make the missions like that. I remember the reaction of FAME was that WG forced them to cheat as they made the missions too hard…

  38. Soviets still exist, they are named War Gaming !

  39. Attila Katona-Bugner

    so it is quite impossible to advance in higher teams on flat maps against good teams, what to do? add more flat maps and make every map flat!

  40. A youtuber with over 100k subscribers having a real job? Wow you have dedication! !!

  41. These new Polish maps looks like………the comeback of Komarin?
    About the Russian bias: I hardly play German tanks any more. Borsig and Skorpion, that’s it.
    I now mostly play Russian heavy tanks, and sometimes Chinese TD’s.

  42. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    I have been playing this game for 3 years. DEFORESTATION every patch!
    It continues…

  43. Hi Dez! Flattening the maps I believe is a good thing. The MM is quite clear that will not be fixed soon by WG so these little things help a bit to even the odds when it comes about good players and less good players. I can say that on the new maps myself at least which I am an average player I felt a bit more confident. I mean what skills you need to pen the new Russian TD when he is full down and you have no option to reach it??? With the new maps you can actually do something at least!

  44. In reality tank country is flat anyway (Iraq , Western Desert, steppes) so that they can make the best use of their guns.

  45. Saturnas Trisdesimseptini

    People will always complain about something, no matter what. Maps are fine and everything is fine. Start enjoying something and stop crying about everything.

  46. Fully agree with Dez – the time limitation on the ranked battles is complete crap – and on top of that yesterday both EU servers were down at around 8-9 pm CET…

  47. Actually I think the ranked battles thing is to stop people grinding it to death, and leaving Wargaming open to litigation for excessive time played. I was always amazed that Blizzard never got sued for the old pvp grind.

  48. Patch 1.0 HD…. The Flattening. anyone surprised the russian tanks would benefit the most?

  49. Making maps flatter to help russian tanks = BIAS

  50. Flatter maps and they already buffed the gun depression for the 121? hmm, looks like I’ll be buying it back after dumping it a year ago.

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