► Polish Tech Tree + More Auto(re)loaders? – World of Tanks News

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Source: DezGamez

Poland Nation Announced. World of Tanks 1.0 Update News.

► Top of the tree vote:

Okay guys, we can all calm down now because WG did announce Polish tech tree. It will be a combination of light-, medium- and heavy tanks… So let’s talk about that and some other topics in today News episode.



  1. photoshop level over 9000

  2. Uganda Warrior Knuckles

    RIP Mochi

  3. Fiat 2000 ((?

  4. BestViewedWithCable

    @Dez Dont think I forgot about your promise to do another bike video, around Old Town……

  5. Hey dez,we are looking forward to see your live gamaplay action on twitch pr youtube cmon dude do it!

  6. I personally would rather see a short tech tree, over an imaginary. If it’s blueprinted, fine.. but if it was incomplete… It should not be cobbled together. Anyway, thanks for the video.

  7. That Rudy was so rude. Killing everything in sight. Booooo Boooooo

  8. first wg made tank , interesting

  9. This player is a noob

  10. well leo 1 had no auto rld….

  11. gian davidson fernandes alnmeida

    If I was on that last battle I would approach to that M41 just to say “Now you kill yourself or I’ll kill you”, those frickin dramaqueens that act like kids when they can’t win.

  12. It’s great how many tanks we get to play on the same old damn maps… more maps!

  13. Hey, what about the tech trees from Belize, Costa Rica, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Tonga, Fiji to name just a few.
    Come on WG let’s get going on those trees………………………….
    Good vids keep up the good work.
    Battle On!

  14. i think wg messed up the name of the development diary they should have called them development diarrhea

  15. I think they said that there is a posibility to leopard autoreloader be tier X italian tank,so I think that it is the chase here.

  16. Apparently that leopard 1 was just used to test out the new autoreloading mechanic. You can even see it on the previous italian video.

  17. Dutch bicycle cavalry…

  18. The Drunken Pyro

    Dez the autoloading Leopard isn’t Polish, it’s Italian. It was a project called OTO Leopard.

  19. Two new trees ………. heaven

  20. David Tsitiridis

    You are a Leopard

  21. Piotr Augustyniak

    Awesome zoom in blade runner

  22. Okay. They can add Polish tanks? Why not Yugoslavia then too ?

  23. I really wish War Gaming would NOT do this! As much as I love Poland, we had no tanks. Poland had to barrow tanks from everyone else…

  24. Premium T8 leopard I

  25. Ensol Tomassini Morales

    holy shit, love the fact that mk 6 is coming to blitz, i love that game and it is where i started my love for tanks.

  26. Nice dude! Keep up!

  27. The player in the 1st clip plays exactly like me.. Feels like me playing in the clip.. Play for fun by randomly shooting at buildings and floors

  28. Ok let’s get real, what we need and want is the following – obj 430u needs to be a autoloader with a 6 shell clip, any Soviet TD needs to be a autoloaders and mobility buffed to Soviet medium levels. Any tank or TD that can compete with soviet vehicles be nerfed.

  29. Love my cheiftan mark 6 on console. Was one of the most enjoyable 3 marks i have done in this game.

  30. You should make a poll to see in what patch your subscribers started to play 🙂

  31. Do you think they’ll bring back the autoloader for the is3 auto?

  32. Baguette with cheese

    Don’t add chieftain Mk 6 as a tier 10. If it’s going to the game then add it in to a new tier 11 and those tanks only meet tier 11 tanks.

  33. Matthew Carberry

    Be nice if they figured a way to swap the Rudy over. Maybe a deal on the T34-85M for people truly pissed about it.

  34. I really don’t care about historical accuracy in wot, I just want balanced, interesting tanks that add to the game.

  35. POLICE tech tree 😛

  36. You forgot that console also has Chieftan 6

  37. yeh about the chieftain… There was this post on the MMOWG blog about it and WG said that they won’t introduce Chieftain in the PC version coz they don’t have any tanks that are of similar gameplay to the line. They had the choice between S.Conq or Chieftain when they revamped the British Heavies. So yeh, I mean I’d like me some Chieftain as well but unless WG finds a line suited for it.. Yeh, we can only dream about it for now.

  38. I don’t need anymore tanks because I have a TOG II, and as you know a TOG is not for xmas it’s for life.
    TOG = LOVE xx

  39. they have a new Polish flag ….. it has red on it now lol

  40. what about us bulgarians?We joined the war too

  41. They did make up the Chinese tank destroyers so why not make up a whole new nation??? Something like… wakonda tanks, perfect

  42. wank wank…noodge noodge..wiggle wiggle. Another Chieftain needed here.

  43. Can wot be played by a laptop with 4 GB Ram 1 TB Hard drive and an Integrated Graphics Card?

  44. Chill out people WG gotta “polish” those vehicles before release

  45. So WG pulling one more Techtree out of the arses.

  46. we don’t need more polak in this game! pleeeeeaaase!

  47. And then to think console hase the mk6 chieftain for 2 years now

  48. Svetlin Koldamov

    Light tanks were up to tier 5 i think

  49. How to put back the red line on map corners in wot 1.0? Thx

  50. the leopard could be a disguise or dev stand in for an Italian OF-40

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