► PRIMO VICTORIA (Strv 81) – New Swedish Premium Tank – World of Tanks PRIMO VICTORIA Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Tanks PRIMO VICTORIA (STRV 81) Review, Tier 8 Swedish Premium Medium Tank. Special Version Primo Victoria – Sabaton Band Special Edition Tank.

Intro sound: Sabaton – Primo Victoria
Background sound: Groovy Hard Rock Trailer No3 – Johnny Berglund

Today I have something extremely awesome for you guys. I think this is the coolest looking premium tank in World of Tanks… And this tank is from Sweden – “Strv 81 Primo Vitoria”. It is the special “Sabaton” band version of the Strv 81, with special camo, crew and some other things, named after one of their most famous song “Primo Victoria”.
Simply put, it is a lot regular Centurion Mk. I… But do not worry, Cent. Mk. I is also going to be buffed!



  1. Why don’t you fucking go to work for Wargaming DezGamez… You’re continually pimping for WOT and Wargaming makes
    me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep promoting these PAY 2 WIN tanks that have ruined this game. You’re pimping for WOT is pitiful,
    disgusting and sad…How does it feel to be owned by Wargaming?????

  2. just came for Primo Victoria. when i saw WoT i clicked away and went back to WT. I played WoT long enough and it just got annoying with the prem and op tank spam.

  3. SABATON!??

  4. Armando Marcial Alonzo

    I have always think that Sabaton and World of Tanks are a great duo to play along.

  5. Was that the special crew voice overs? sounded a lot like the normal british one. Was hoping to hear something cool.

  6. I’m waiting for the “Tiny Tim” premium tank.

  7. prima victorie fuck yes!

  8. I gave a thumbs up for the work you put into the video Dez but this tank is stupid. IMO.

  9. Kristoffer Johansson

    As a swede I just feel embarrassed.

  10. Wg is fucking retarded to keep doing this shit. All they want is money, no matter how stupid their ideas are, they sell it for tons of money and ruin the game they spent 5 years on to make. Do theh want to lose everything?

  11. Why is your video so damn bright, its hard to actually see whats on the screen mate

  12. I hope Wargaming will bankrupt soon!

  13. I am just crying in my Centurion I

  14. Seems like a good tier 10 or tier 8 premium

  15. More clown tanks, yeeey….

  16. Magnús Már Magnússon

    They went soo far to make it unique but they didnt even change the crew voices…

  17. Garbage tank. He didnt show how much credits earn. Only at the end.

  18. AHAHAHAHAHAHH,WG They always delight me with their stupidity…..

  19. Is it realy will be story mode
    off line for wot?

  20. Looks totally Liberate.

  21. WG He likes your money….ahahahahahaa

  22. His videos are so fucking annoying his thick ass accent can barely speak the English language and he’s sooooo extra in his intros and most videos.

  23. A sabaton tank.. should have been a sherman boat, as I like to call it, that were used on D-day. Especially considering the song is about D-Day.

  24. l have play 5 game today and destroy 3 on this lol this shit suck

  25. Thanks Dez ,
    Not for me,

  26. The sooner an unskinned version of this tank comes out the better.

  27. Duplicating tanks with a different paint job and a different flag … great stuff WG hey :/ (pudel)

    What country is getting the maus duplicate ? HAIL THE BEAST MODE !!!

  28. Oh no —–Swedish yodeling —— oh no —– lol
    I expect Claus to note this now.

  29. I play wot Blitz… you won’t believe what’s being added… guided missiles and a tier IX German heavy

  30. Most buy one

  31. I love the little ARE U KIDDING ME when u bounced;p

  32. i dont play this game much but when i do i always jam to Sabaton,so will be getting this just because it has that camo.

  33. Are Swedish tanks coming to console? I’ve heard rumors, but nothing definite…

  34. for USA trump tank t34 black

  35. world of premium tanks

  36. Does anyone know if the crew is locked? Like can the crew be retrained to another line like the heavy or TD one?

  37. Aaww, so I see wargaming is going the blitz route by giving tanks rare paint jobs. I’d kill for a Type 62 Dragon Cami, maybe even the Glacial 112.

  38. The Sick Horse Ranch

    Caution: Playing the song in another tab while watching this video may cause a sudden loss of your money!

  39. Primo Victoria? Literally Premium Victory, lmao wargaming is trolling hard

  40. Well, anime tanks, and now junk like this (spikes, guitars, etc). Wargaming knows no shame. There’s no reason for something like this to be in the game. You can tell they’re running out of content, and looking for cheap ways to cash in. Pathetic.

  41. Anthony Kosztadinov

    Why can’t the standard Centurion get the same turret armour as this ?? Pretty unfair.

  42. wtf does a swedish trash band have to do with ww2 tanks? Another fucking cashgrab, next we will get more fantasy anks like the manga ones. This game is going to shit fast.

  43. Now the question remains…does Joakim’s description lie? “Sabaton’s lead singer and a fearless Commander who can deflect any shell with his armoured vest.”

    So…does the vest on the front actually block ANY SHELL???

  44. Yup. just bought it. Sabaton has been a band I always enjoy listening to while playing WoT if none of my clan mates are on to toon with.
    Also being a balanced tier 8 preme that makes loads of money is nice. Shame the ammo on the 20 Pounder cannon is still fucking overpriced as hell for a mere 230 average damage yet costing 680 silver a pop when when pretty much EVERY other 90mm gun is paying about 255 silver or about 525 at max.

  45. 1 premium tank with rock band crew cost two and half times the price of a triple a game. that is crazy

  46. Already bought this thing…just because Heavy Metal + Centurion mk.3. And I LOVE the Centurions.

  47. another pay to win tank

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