► Progetto 46 And My First Pool’s Medal! – World of Tanks Progetto M35 Mod 46 Review

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Source: DezGamez

Mod 46 Gameplay and Tank Review. World of Tanks Progetto 46, Italian Medium Tank. World of Tanks 1.0 Update – Italian Nation Medium Tank.

Waiting time is over, Italian tanks are coming and here is our first one – Italian medium tank “Progetto M35 Mod 46”, or simply “Progetto 46”.
It also features a brand loading mechanic called auto-reloader… Let’s take a look and this Beast and I am also going to show you my first ever Pool’s medal. 🙂


  1. Waiting is almost over, Progetto enters to the Arena!
    And, of coursed… mashed potatoes with thicc gravy!

    • DezGamez lol how many games did you play? I got already 2 of them and I have only 7k games played

    • Know what would have been better than the 10 kills? If one of those kills was that YouTube guy with acronym “QB,” that would have been the most Epic Pools Medal ever. 😉 🙂 😛

    • this tank(power creep meta for every new tank)
      basicly kills the mutz


    • A petition at WG to place that battle in your normal account

    • I Got my pool’s medal on 430U aswell today 8,1dmg with 10 kills uploaded in dezgames replays go and have a look “kellozz” nickname, would be wonderful if you feature it in next video 😉 it was crzy 2 v 7 situation and we pulled it off !

  2. QB had done a test. If u r shooting a Maus (every shot a pen of course) and hold the Maus button, so emptying ur clio fully everytime, it takes around 100 seconds to kill a Maus. But by shooting only a single time and then emptying the clip to kill the Maus, it takes only around 70 seconds! I LOVE the new mechanic!! Its so flexible

  3. My name for this tank is Bruschetta 🙂

  4. What is the point of making a review on a tank that has a 4 skill crew…?

    • Алексей Сафронов

      TruePekso because what’s the point of doing oherwise?

    • Dude with nickname written in Hieroglyphics: because it’s gonna take few hundred battles to get to 4 fucking perks, and we want to know how the tank works with a fresh crew. You fucking bitch.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Chainsaw Melee tanks don’t work with fresh crews. Easy, there is your review, get a fucking crew and only then evaluate the damn tank.

    • …but especially with premium tanks that you pay with real money, you want to know what they are like BEFORE you play couple hundred battles. This just seems like advertising. I know that I am getting the information for free here, so I should not expect it to be flawless. It would be good enough in my eyes if he pointed out that he got the tank from Wargaming with an experienced crew and so people should not expect it to behave like this from the start.

  5. I want one right now!

  6. Bite by bite and then full clip..

  7. I’ve never gotten a pools medal before but I’ve had like 20 9 kill games. 🙁

  8. This is going to be so OP higher up the tech tree.

  9. new italian tank is specialized for kill steal but not for dealing damage, its just used for cleaning up

  10. got pools in my AT2 and in my AT8 I just think sometimes it’s how the battle unfolds and being in the right place at the right time. At least you can still prove by having a copy of the battle I ain’t so lucky Nice one anyway.

  11. Great vid and review. How did you get such a crew in a new nation tank? The tank, thx to ur review, will be in my garage. The aspect or a new nation always the pain of playing with a basic crew. GLHF

  12. I see some OP potential with these guns. I imagine the final Italian tank has 3-4 shots, and 320 alpha damage. Now, imagine this scenario:
    – Enemy shoots you *once*
    – You push around the corner to put in a shot, then retreat
    – Enemy has filled his clip, and can empty the entire magazine into you
    – you die

  13. Tjorben Henning Heckel

    Nice video dez ?

  14. Why is the shell cost so high? Most t8 meds with around 250 alpha cost aroudn 250 credits. This has 240 alpha that costs 430 credits wtf?!?

  15. This tank is for good players, GJ DEZ.

  16. His pronunciation of archives and Achilles killed me?? never change that accent

  17. New gun süstem

  18. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    If you press a diferente ammo button only once (queue diferente shell type) and empty the full drum it will change to that ammo type?

  19. Good Job Dez!

  20. Congratulations Dez 🙂

  21. Italian magic <3

  22. Slams Quickybaby’s review. He aces it on the second round. While QB went on about grinding a female commander, so he can have sixth sense. Awesome play. Wish I could play this well. Won’t buy this, just don’t see the need to grind this line, when there are so many others to complete. I think the new autoloading system isn’t that noob friendly.

  23. GG for the Pool

  24. Italian crews get *Spaghetti and Meat Balls* lol.

    Somabody a toucha my SPAGHETT!

  25. And that good sir is a gg.

  26. Ouonouan Désiré

    That tank is an absolute finisher
    you shoot one by one unless you have time to reload or you have opportunity to finish off opponent

  27. I KNEW IT WOULD COME SOON! Great review as always, Dez!

  28. Dez, it is so impressive what you can do when you go full BEAST MODE.

  29. Congrats on the Pool’s medal 😉

  30. so basically an auto shotgun reloading system right?

  31. God Damn tanktease

  32. When will WOT begin to understand that watching Unicums winning Pools medals that real players will never duplicate makes them become watchers instead of players? Unicums with food and tons of perks have one game. 90% of the rest of all players play a game without those things and are lucky to get a 50% WR and earn any credits after they shoot gold to try to compete. This game is still really broken and watching unicum community contributors on Utube isnt making it any better.

  33. M44 choose suicide, wise move on his part to troll you

  34. NathanRasya Ganendra

    Yo Dez, where are your badass “interesting mods” series???

  35. So it’s better than crappy T-59 premium? I foresee a nerf inbound.

  36. Congratulations on the pools medal……….2 pools medal behind me hehehe

  37. Celestino Natale

    Yeez, that M44 was one hell of a bad player. You deserved that Top Gun.

  38. What happens if you run out of one type of ammunition? It won’t reload until you empty your clip?

  39. It’sa me, progetto!

  40. So it’s best played by trying to pick off damaged tanks. I can agree the tank is well suited for that type of play-style.

  41. Even by firing in single shot, this tank has better DPM than others tier VIII medium tanks (eg. FV202, M26 Pershing)… Well done once again WG! -_-

  42. Mihajlo Lubisavljevic

    I stll waitinig for my first pool medal just like you dez

  43. i’ve come close to pool’s twice, both of them i missed out on by one shot, one a teammate killed right before my shot landed, the other one rng threw off the shot on a stationary tank, and he got killed immedietly after, was sad 🙁

  44. If we buy it, do we get a ‘marathon’ of some sort to acquire a female Commander? The Italian language is music to my ears.

  45. I have several Pool’s medals, except they all happened before they existed and are actually Bölter’s medals. 🙁

  46. Nice pools medal congrats ♥

  47. Its time no more auto loaders or derivatives the game is packed with this shit….dpm should be judged on the clip unload so its all bullshit.

  48. congrats on the first Pool’s!

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