► Progetto M35 Mod 46 Final Preview, In-Game Specs – World of Tanks Progetto M35 Mod 46

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Mod 46 Final In- Preview, Upcoming Italian Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks 1.0 Server News.

Today I bring you another episode from World of Tanks 1.0’s test server. Test server received its Beta version 4. Next to the some bug fixes we are also able to take a look at what likely is the final version of upcoming tier 8 Italian premium medium tank “Progetto M35 Mod 46”. This is going to be my final preview before I am actually able to show you some gameplay action as well!

Enjoy the video and your weekend! 😉

►Tanks in some garage action:
– Italy/Italian Progetto M35 Mod.


  1. What do you think about this “most likely the final version” of our first ever tier 8 Italian premium vehicle?
    Enjoy your weekend and come back tomorrow! <3
    #muchlove #notificationsquad

    • DezGamez nice video like always bro!? How would you use this new way of reloading?

    • waveman99 definitely going to be one of the weaker tier 8 premiums. It’s designed as the middle ground between single shot vs autoloader. But if anyone has experience with anything hybrid, they will know you sacrifice efficiency for versatility. They really should have given this tank semi-trollish armor to compensate for a rather weak gun performance.

    • +DezGames as an italian, i approve but can you campaign for the mama mia inscription to be addded, i feel incomplete without it

    • Geezer Warrior where did u get that info from?

    • Looks like it will be a double tapper shoot and scoot medium without team support, like a light tank, and a supressor if manage cover from the terrain or another tank. Probably will excell in support role, discouraging that sneak peek between shots because he will shoot from behind a more armored team member or from a medium distance cover. It will be a decent scavenger of kills, double tapping the gun to finalize enemies that had been worked down by team players. I see a lot of premium rounds being loaded as standard to boost the penetration from more competitive (and “resourceful”) players. Otherwise it will probably only carry little to none of premium since changing the ammo would be time consuming to really be useful.

  2. I was surprised it didn’t have a white flag flying from the aerial.

  3. GODDAMNIT, FIRST LIKE then WATCH, when do i EVER learn this, for crying out loud, THIS IS what you do with ALL DEZ Productions… sorry DEZ. my bad 😉

  4. nice tank looks great

  5. I am wondering how it is going to reload when you change ammo types…

  6. 5:27 it takes some time to mustard… Just kidding, love u Dez keep up your amazing work?

  7. Do the new Italian tanks come with air horns as a standard feature???!!!

  8. It says, reward tank for completion of event in gold at bottom of the screen, looks like its free? For a marathon or with launch of 1.0 I guess?

  9. Baguette with cheese


  10. Trazor Bitter - Clash of Clans & More

    Is this a new top 1 credit maker or not because I want to buy a premium tank for the first time that gets more credits

  11. Great vid can’t wait till they release Polish tanks. If they do that

  12. You mean “new tiger1 with log on the side”? It looks stupid to me…

  13. 1000 Abos without a Video

    Sorry dez I ruined your 666 likes I gave you like number 667 I ruined the number of the beast?

  14. You would think that WG would copy and paste german vehicles and turn them into premium tanks for the Italian nation, then again that might be the case for the near future.

  15. That tank looks nice af , finally 1 tank that i believe wasnt full copy&pasterino 😀

  16. Sensha-dō Chi-Ha Tan

    This thing try so hard to be like Cen and T-54…

  17. Looks like a italian leopard

    • Ffionn Cutie fox

      Stock Brazen the leopard PTA was actually a project made by italians so.. i guess it would look like a leopard

  18. Seeing this tank kinda makes me wish that wargaming would put the American M47 into the game

  19. Is this background going to replace the standard garage when 1.0 Update comes? Or what is that background? It’s beautiful

  20. this tank can only be good in unicum hands other will suck in it 100 %

  21. General Gao's Chicken

    2 round magazine? Why bother?

  22. I looks like amx 40 duck tank grew up and got conqueror hull

  23. yet another centurion , but this time with american turret.

  24. So dez, if you are bringing back tje face off series i have an interesting idea. Russian badger vs Badger.

  25. Dez, you’re so cute! <3

  26. Hiii Dez ???❤️!!! Nice video!! I got to say that the effects on your most recent videos are ???. I also really like the new Tiger 1 and T28. OMG they look like race cars XD. Thank you bro!!! Have a great weekend! Stay awesome! Stay sexy and bye ?!

  27. Somebody touch my spaghetti!!!

  28. When this tank gets shot, the Commander yells: Someone touched our spaghete!
    Also, it bring 2 new features: Auto-reloaders and you can switch teams if you are losing.

  29. Michael Palerino

    It’s likely that Italy comes from Proto Indo-European for “Land of the young bull” or “vitulus”. Maybe that’s the symbolism behind the bull skull on the tank?

  30. Spaghetti with meat sauce is NOT Italian!

  31. Reversing speed matches the forward speed.

  32. Looking forward to smacking these with my Type 5 Heavy MUAHAHAHAHA!


  34. I’d say this should be an autoloader and the tanks we commonly call autoloaders should probably be renamed to Drum Loaders

  35. beautiful!

  36. welcome to ”world of lets make this shit up!” xD

  37. Glad I just bought the defender, I’ll probably buy this too but I’m not too sure about the loading system.

  38. Hopefully we can change sides when we are about to lose in Italian tanks

  39. I think this gun system will be reaaaally good in use. Because its really the biggest downside of autoloaders that you have 1-2 shells left, maybe even 3 and your 50/50 to wether reload or not, but on the otherhand the remaining shells aren’t always that usefull or worth to wait an opportunite when you can just reload. And if the regular autoloaders can reload full clip as fast as this one, this will just be superior in that regard. Waiting 8-15 seconds after firing a shot or two isnt really that big of a deal and even if you empty your mag and have to wait half a minute then what? You have to wait that with other autoloaders no matter how many shells you had left when you decided to reload.

    By the given information these vehicles are looking fucking awesome, but can’t compete with a TVP while emptying the magazine. But heyho nothing can beat a TVP when it comes to bursting shells out quickly so I don’t really see a problem other than that you need to think when to shoot as this system disrupts the reloading of the next shell when you fire, which adds more skillbased decisions and a need of better gamesense to the gameplay.

  40. 1767 dpm is most likely if you are just unloading all the shells like a normal autoloader which is still better than the Lorr 40t in Dpm so even if you use this as a normal autoloader it still has better Dpm than the Lorr 40t(1685 dpm)

  41. 25 seconds reload for 2 shots ?

  42. 2 shells wtf. They are ruining the potential of these tanks

  43. hi dez i belive you forgot we have improved equipment 🙂 so progetto can relod first shell in 6 sec and something … and with loder skill on 5 sec and something 🙂 it could be almost like an cdc without improved equipment 🙂 which is very good 🙂

  44. Anyone know when this tank will be sold??

  45. James Irwin-McConnell

    Hope we get to play this on test server soon

  46. 1700 dpm 🙁

  47. Looks like a more bad ass Centurion

  48. with how fucked tier 8 mm is at the moment, i’d rather have a tier 6 or 7 premium.

  49. Nice video dude. Me simply i cant understand how this gun works but ehh we will learn ??. Have a great weekend lads

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