► PUDEL – New Polish Premium Medium Tank – World of Tanks PUDEL Preview

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Source: DezGamez

Premium Preview. Pudel, Tier 6 Polish Premium . World of Tanks Patch Preview.

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In today’s episode I am going to take my first look at our first in this game, officially first … Because as we know, there tier 6 “” as well, which tier 6 premium Polish tank, with special dog sounds.

Let me know what you think about all that!



  1. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Dez, you should check the new Valkirye Chronicles tank in the Asian server…that thing it’s super op. It has the mobility of the Libertè and the armor is pretty crazy. Also, the voices are ‘rather unique’ to say the least.

  2. also search for TP 220 Czołg Pancernik it’s a Polish heavy tank made in 1944

  3. SHIP, well, to say the least, I am surprised at this news, the new tech-line. Poland?
    I would have thought Italy would have better options to start off with, since they were in North Africa and had not only TD’s but a few mediums as well. Maybe next time.

    It is interesting, but the lower tiers, from 1939, etc, will definitely add to the entertainment value; since there is a huge time-frame absent from their own development because of the war, we have to wait until Post-War, and we know that will bring us back to Soviet-era.
    Yes…more Russian versions of something already seen.

    We shall see.

    Oh, by the way, Dogs feet? Paws.

  4. Lord Julius Kingsley

    When is next Common Test?

  5. Is that the Panther/M10

  6. no weak spots lol

  7. paws dez the word you were looking for was paws

  8. KerPlunkIT Last Name

    dogs have paws, pause for thought… not hands or feet
    btw your English is excellent, much better than my German 🙂

  9. Panther at tier 6? Jingles is going to love this one…

  10. Deivis Betancourt

    Make a 15 T-150 vs 15 Kv-2.Like all the other ones ap first then prem ammo and then He

  11. wtf kinda name is that

    Another premium!!! Yaaaay just what I wanted!

  12. Mr. FuckingDigidies

    its not a panther G, panther Gs got a sort of chin on the gun mantlet to fix the shot trap, which is missing here… still neat that poland will come to the game

  13. A tank named Pudel! Wow! Are you serious people? Why in the world will name a tank Pudel!? I will never buy a tank with this name, in fact I will never buy any wg(pay to win bastards who seems to ruin the game with every update) tank now and In the future!

  14. Yeah just a normal panther… Why would you buy the exact same tank with gold or real money while it has only a different decal on it. Waste of money… -____-

  15. WG does not give a s… anny more. More useles prem tanks. Why in hell would you buy this tank when it is 99% same as free tank?

  16. Legionaryeagle England

    | thought Polish is what you clean your table with ?

  17. Apathetic Bystanders

    it’s the exact same as vk 3002m

  18. Paws mr dez, dogs has paws

  19. Good to see WG focusing in the least important things in the game right now. Even the Bachat still doesn’t have HD. Please don’t get me started on any of the P2W stuff

  20. This is the tank in the game that look the most like the historical panther ?, by the way I wonder for a long time what’s your nationality ? German ?

  21. So, basically, if you are willing to pay cash, you can play the Panther on tier VI with tier 7 stock stats, except for the hitpoints. Just not as a German tank. So basically the same deal as with the Tiger (Japanese tier 6 tank)… This is so screwed up…

  22. 15 T92 vs 1 T-62A. plsss like

  23. it is so funny to see how people can hate WHOLE COUNTRY just for poor playing in some pay to win game… it is ridiculous…. shame on you

  24. “Paw marks” is what you wanted to say…

  25. Realy? a PL techtree? No one asked for that shit. they need to fix the fucking balance of the game before they add in more shit.

  26. O kurwa he`s hit!

  27. Cobi Film Master

    polskie rację bojowe “Smalec” XD

  28. Double Double 4G

    Looks okay, not OP or anything – good to see Wargaming lay-off the vodka for this one 😉

  29. So, a captured German tank used by Poland (Pudel) = Polish, a captured German tank used by Britain (Tiger 131) = German, and a Soviet tank used by Poland (Rudy) = Soviet? Go figure XD

  30. oh wow that took em about 2 min to design and make this tank up and another cash cow in the game.

  31. I like it. It has Zimmerit paste on it and is a tier 6. It will look nice sitting next to my Otto Carius Tiger 1 Prem tank 🙂

  32. Police tanks??? Awesome!!!


  33. stats left in game says tier7 VII 0.0

  34. Maciej Burchardt

    This P letter as you mentioned it Dez It’s actually two very, very important to poles letters. It’s PW letter’s and its means POLSKA WALCZĄCA which means FIGHTING POLAND. It’s a very patriotic symbol, sign and polish were dying for it…

  35. its easy you only had to say ITS A FUCKING VK 30.02M AND STOP COMPARING TO A TIER 7

  36. YAY, more polisch people in the game, im so glad. Now if i will blame pl players for my idiotic gameplay its bigger chance there is some Poles i my team. As a bad plyer its important to have someone to blame, my winrate is 35% and its all thems fault.

  37. I wonder if they are going to put an auto loader on the french prem td to make it better than a kanpz

  38. Isn’t the vk 3002m exactly the same thing

  39. why cant wg just stop making communist tanks op and maybe take info from history data ? oh yea . cousd communist rule this game…..

  40. I want a Poodle, Dez…

  41. I love how he does not dare compare it to the VK.30.02.M.
    Because it is so similar.

  42. Dogs hand is known as a Paw dez.

  43. StuG III G Gun on a Panther, i like the DPM.

  44. Thomas Jeanmaire

    Thx wargaming ?

  45. Paws #Dez ?

  46. ᖴᔕ᙭ᑎOOᗷ - Gᗩᗰᕮᔕ & ᗰOᖇᕮ

    Damn, this tank will bring even more Polish noobs to the game ;(

  47. the polish crew members should say : “Siema PL”

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