► PUDEL Review – New Premium Stock Panther! – World of Tanks PUDEL Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Pudel Gameplay, Tank . Pudel Review, Tier 6 Polish Premium .

Yet another dog enters World of Tanks, this time officially from Poland!
Today I am going to introduce you our first official Polish tank in this game – tier 6 premium medium tank “PUDEL”. Sounds about right, fits next to the “” quite well. 😉
But let’s see if this tank worth getting, what good or bad in it and let’s play couple of battles as well!



  1. NDA lifted, here it is… First official Polish tank!
    Woof-Woof! 🙂

  2. Dez where are you from?

  3. This tank was involved in the Warsaw Uprising

  4. umm…not to be a debbie downer, but shouldnt the comparison have the vk30.02m, Cuz that might be the closest regular relative of the pudel

    just saying

  5. Since they’re all coming out on Console next month, Mutz Scorpion or Ripper Patton?

  6. Dez.. i did not play wot for a long time, but still really like your contribution…. maybe i’ll even get back into the game after roughly a year absence …

  7. so they really introduced a new tech tree for that thing, why not just add it to the german one? What will the polish tech tree consist of? More copy russian meds and some german ones?

  8. Oh look, it’s a vk 3002 m clone with wierd camo, bet that took lots of effort to make wargaming….greedy and lazy. *sigh*

  9. Crew voices are awful. Same as in 2012…

  10. .
    …….And there’s still no Italians yet.

  11. I already have VK 30 02M and I have good crew and premium camo and I like it. There is no point for me to buy same tank and start training crew a stuff again. No

  12. Love you dez #mucholove #sleepfortheweak
    The Polish commander sounds really chilled and cool xD

  13. spartan sniper0789

    dez, compare the Pudel with VK 30.02M and Panther. Pudel is more a VK 30.02M then panther

  14. Gabriel Gronowski

    I’m polish and I can’t wait for the tech tree to come out. It’s weird to listen to the crew.

  15. Another peace or shit for wargaming take money from people….. For me just say fuck you wargaming… No more any penny from me …

  16. So, it’s the Panther as it should have originally been in the game?
    Also, I love how the Polish crew voices sound.

  17. Hi @DezGamez, its not P for Panther, it is P joined with W at the bottom, means Polska Walczaca (as in Fighting (adj) Poland)

  18. Hey dez, can u help me out with some credits? I’ll buy my first tier 10 tank, if u want to
    Server: EU
    Name: EMMy23
    Thank you anyway! ?

  19. But my question is.. .


  20. Attract more Polish players, like that’s a good thing lol

  21. copy VK 30.02M paste and Pudel is here. World of Copies

  22. Groan….

  23. Suleyman Cetinkaya

    Defender and that heavy gf are allready stock tier 10

  24. Oh great another prem tank, for another non tank producing nation. Mean while us Brits are still waiting for the damn Chieftain tier 10 that the friggin Console players have. Sorry Dez great vid though (sorry for rant)

  25. I guess Dez forgot that the VK 3002 M (mini Panther) existed


  27. more premium shit!

  28. Another premium Dog

  29. More hp. So all polish noobs can survive some longer why rushing in blind

  30. Siemka Tank

  31. 14.23 yep…somehow i got a bounce from an Obj.268 whilst I was standing sideways to him, as I tried to circle him^^

  32. DezGamez what mods do u use ?

  33. pudel das pudal!

  34. Emm Wot_pudel5 ??

  35. VK30.02M in fancy dress = “New” Polish premium

    this game is dying, slowly but surely

    peace (from the UK)


  37. when tanks of Israel?

  38. I really want this tank because ive got a feeling this tank will be superior to tanks like the ht no6 tiger 131 etc

  39. Actually you missed a lot of things in this review… Stock Panther, yeah, but what is in game the stock Panther? The VK 30.02M, you did not realise at all that this is the VK 30.02M. On the other hand, the biggest advantatge of this tank at tier 6 is its armour. So no, of course the AMX 12t is not going to penetrate you frontally AT ALL. The cuppola and the lower plate are weak, but the turret ranges between 100 (small places) to 200mm+ and the hull, if well angled, can have 150mm, which is similar or more than the penetration of T6 mediums. Sidescraping works really well with this tank, 50mm of side armor, only KV-2 with AP or ISU are going to overmatch your sides… I actually expected a little bit more about you, you really missed a lot of things about this tank.


  41. Mantlet!!!1

  42. So now when you circle strafe a tank in this you can call it Pole Dancing :P. I’ll show myself out…

  43. Poland can into world of tanks :v

  44. Sweet ????????

  45. Martin Rakovický

    why the f… are you trying to compare it to a tier 7 that you have to strip of itsmodules istead of comparing it to VK30.02M. every single tank in the comparison is tier 6 and you have a regular tier 6 to compare to, but you have to put tier 7 there?? Dez what the f… is wrong with you 😀 this triggers me

  46. Panther are so under powered

  47. once again no special tank as premium. just money farming for WG for people who are stupid enough to buy it.

  48. It looks like the Capola(is it right?) has an Tv Antenna xD

  49. Σεραφειμ Μιχας

    Are you playing on the test server!!?

  50. World of tanks = Pay to win

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