► PvP Mayhem, More Rewards! – FRANKEN vs STEIN – World of Tanks 2017 Halloween Special Event

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Source: DezGamez

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► Information about the event: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/halloween-leviathans-invasion/

Halloween is here and this seems like Wargaming did put in a lot more effort. What we get is one special Halloween event, with new game mode and special tanks, together with the mighty Leviathan.
The best part is that you are able to get a lot of rewards from this event and quite easily. 🙂

In my second episode I am going to play “Mayhem” game mode of this event, which is focused on PvP. Players are rolling out with either Franken or Stein.
Let's see how this goes and let's open some more reward boxes!



  1. thx to the missions i already have 4 premium days XD

  2. gonna get that garage slut 11:52

  3. fu stupid wg s…

  4. Alfonso Bonsignore

    I’m unsure guys, should I rather go for HWK 12 or for the KV-4?

    • Depends on your playstyle, but in general I would say grab light/medium over heavy unless it is maus/type 5. If someone sees you in a heavy they will just load gold no matter what heavy, so unless you are superheavy you are basically a slower medium with worse gun, gun handling and mobility. Not to mention arty magnet.

    • Alfonso Bonsignore

      ainumahtar So you’d prefer HWK ?

    • Yeah I would. 3 years ago I would have picked the heavy because I love them but in today’s wot your armor means shit, so might as well be fast. I have not used HWK myself because I already had an RU-251 but that tank is a monster so you have major fun to look forward to. Plus KV-4 leads to IS-4 which is not a strong tank at all right now (I have barely used mine for over a year maybe two now)

    • Alfonso Bonsignore

      ainumahtar Alright appreciate the advise and will consider it. ^-^

    • Ru 251 is a fun tank.

  5. I got 15k dmg in franken and still died

  6. Just tried, fudging terrible xD

  7. kristoffer kirkbright

    The reticle of the second turret is bugged. for me its all over the screen and huge.

    • It’s all over the place because of the line of sight. Most times the vision of the second turret it’s obstructed because it’s not mounted in the same place as the main gun. You don’t need to be a genius to realize that if you are hulldown with the franken, and only your main turret can see the target, the secone one, which is behind a rock or wall or something, won’t be able to hit anything. This is why the reticle is sometimes all over the place in sniper mode, because of the vision obstruction the second turret encounter.

    • kristoffer kirkbright

      its not that, its a genuine bug. Seen it on streams too. nothing to do with LoS.

  8. This looks awesome. To bad on ps4 we only get a couple of shitty missions that reward you with a few xp and silver boosters and premium tanks that you can’t earn, you have to buy them

  9. Can you imagine the Japanese heavies with the 2 turreted system? At least we will know the most over powered heavy tank line

  10. lol he plays with big med kit and big rep kit, tryhard much dzzy?

  11. Ducks are cute

  12. I don’t know how but I’ve earned 100.000 credits in one game. I’m to lazy to read, I just shoot…

  13. Wish world of Tanks Blitz would get some Tanks and game events like this.

  14. 2 out of 3 times you do 12k + damage but there are 2 ***** who dont even have 4k
    you just can win man

  15. In my opinion this gamemode is pretty fun if you do not play this a few hours without pause. The main thing that I dislike is the second cannon thing. Sometimes the crosshair is completely wierd. I just hope they fix that 😉

  16. Mikovacha Rajcevski

    People having trouble controlling a single turret let alone 2, don’t really wanna play with more bots than it is right now.

  17. Love the new gamemode added, but PvE is bugged for me, it says you can complete the “make 3 kills in a battle” once a day, while just today I had completed it 5 times…

  18. M3 Lee buff ??????? Making best tank better??????

  19. Ffffffffffff
    Don’t u sleep?

  20. I wonder if you get them permanently

  21. Garage SLUT….. Haha

  22. Immanuel Classified

    ?’? ????? ?? ???? ????? ?? ???? ?? ??? BEST DAMN INTRO

  23. Penetratzi ?

  24. That two turreted mechanic would actually make the M3 lee 10% more playable

  25. Multi-turreted O-HO :O

  26. Man, I’m hearing about technical difficulties left and right! Campaigns are down, and now Secondary turrets on Franken and Stein are messed up.

  27. Looks nice, but the event on WOWS is pretty much better

  28. Is this a precursor to the return of the glorius M3 Lee?!?!

  29. Equipment order frequently mirror attraction deep request cast Christmas

  30. Why do you have a bunch of tanks with incomplete crew?

  31. I hope they implement that secondary turrets so Churchill 1 and M3 Lee’s 2nd gun will be useful. However Japan Heavies will have full advantage though.

  32. Hey Dez, can you do a video on the Object 263 replacement?

  33. Motovlog plz dezzz

  34. The storm in the background at the garage looks like the storm that Will sees in Stranger Things Two??

  35. allbloodynameshavebeenbleedingtakenalready

    i really wish we can at least keep the crew

  36. The Crewvoices are in romanian!

  37. Franken would make a nice tier 8 premium…. HMMMMMMM


  38. Who remembers RUSE with this French tank?

  39. No gameplay with the Stein? Is it just bad or something?
    Still this looks like great fun. I’ll give WGing that.

  40. That can be fun if we can use the 75mm secondary gun of maus ?

  41. When do u announce the WOWP giveaway winners?

  42. Bread and smalec for Pudel tank 🙂

  43. Hope that m3 Lee gets two turrets

  44. I don’t think I’m used to 2 turrets yet, I managed to accidentally kill one of my teammates with my second turret

  45. I’m already tired of this, but the rewards are too good to ignore

  46. many of the machine guns have more then enough pen, for some tanks.

  47. I love this event. Everyone plays same tanks, fire same guns and there is neither premium ammo nor SPG’s

  48. how do I get that big green aim-thing out of the screen?

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