► Pz. Kpfw. VII – Nerfed/Balanced Before Release! – World of Tanks Pz. Kpfw. VII (Panzer 7) Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

and . Patch . World of Tanks Pz.
List of all World of Tanks Update Test Server changes:

I think now the last time to test out stuff on World of Tanks patch 9.17.1 test server, because seems like this update going to be live on 22nd or 23rd of February, according to the “https://thedailybounce.net/” blog. Before they are going to take this new beast away from me, I wanted to give it another try. It also received some changes to the firepower, so… Let’s go!


►Tanks in action:
/Germany Pz.


  1. Love how they nerf this thing and buff the stupid out of the type 5.

  2. Like before watching! every morning,cofee and Dez! lol

  3. where are you from?

  4. A teammate Maus shot me while I was driving 183 on test ever… I turned and snapped him for 2k damage. It was a Donald Trump-approved trade.

  5. you have been promoted for DezGamez to Sir DezGamez!
    When the maus was burning to death in the first clip you could have stolen the kill but you didn’t, such chivalry!

  6. those heart fades cracked me up

  7. dez i know its different in your country but it drives me nuts you say nine point seventeen. i would say nine point one seven. been listening you say it for years haha

  8. Thumb up for the hearts :3
    Love is in every tank, man.

    Also I was grinding to the Maus. Now I’m glad to get to the Kpfw. VII

  9. Do you get this free if you already have the mouse?

  10. WG give the tiger p and VK45A serious buffs pls, recent buffs are just silly.

  11. Fabian van den Bussche

    with everybody pressing the 2 key in high tiers anyway if they bounce.. they better balance tanks for 2 key ammo xd

  12. When can we expect arty changes do you have any idea? I saw that sandbox video you did about it and it looks very interesting.

  13. Test server seemed to be very lagging.

  14. Dez would you have my babies?

  15. I too miss shots that i see going trough enemies

  16. well i have a 6800 dmg round in PZ.7 on ur replay site.

  17. ammo racks are too often in this tank…

  18. Still looks promising. 🙂

  19. Dam, it sucks to see “the Legend27” get nerfed 🙁
    I’v spent allot of time playing “the Legend27” on the live server, had it unlocked for a whole year now and it’s been a bit of struggle. Now that I saw “the Legend27” bring in “the Legend27” and “the Legend27” get some serious buffs I thought they were being kind to “the Legend27” at last. But seems I was wrong 🙁

    Anyway thanks “Legend27” for showing us the post nerfed “Legend27” 😉

  20. le forestier damien

    those heart shaped transition <3

  21. Isn’t it funny that Panzerkampfwagen 7 is already in the game ? It’s called Löwe.

  22. Why are all those tanks defending those hills when we have to attack? Blows! my mind.Hey Dez Hope it was not an ammo rack! 😛

  23. If you see the Pz. VII side-scraping try to shoot under his turret, at the circular armor plate. It still requires high penetration but at least it works.

  24. 2:23 I <3 that transition!

  25. this tank looks like an Ltraktor, I have nothing against it except that it looks weird. ?

  26. why would you nerf the accuracy, it doesnt have dpm anyways

  27. Siegfriedline propably best map in wot

  28. mate , im a sub to your channel of 2 or more years…can you ask wot why no new maps for over 2 years now ? thank you

  29. lt seems this gun is just as reliable as the VK45b’s…you aim and still a few seconds more and still miss. So much for German accuracy.

  30. Great video Dez as always and thanks. Take care, Vern

  31. there is one more hidden tank kv4 4ttk(or something like that) a teir 8 ussr tank destroyer

  32. have you artys

  33. Hey look! A new tank with overpowered armor!
    So glad that they slightly nerfed the dispersions of the gun.
    Now it’s completely balanced.

    Ah no.

  34. allahu akbar alalalalala!

    Isn’t pz vii the lowe? The blueprints say It was designed to use the 88mm, 105mm and the 150mm gun. Not a 128mm gun.

  35. thanks for telling us how they nerved Panzer 7 .
    but i am more interested about all nerfs to Type 5 Heavy

  36. awesome another video of panjar kamfwagen 7!

  37. Eduard Cebrià Pujol

    which tank is better, Maus or Panzer 7?

  38. nef nerf nerf !!! FUCK YOU WG .I.

  39. Dez, ur still with lag: everytime u shoot, u have a ping spike.

    On topic: nice vid, thnxs alot.

  40. I just finished the grind through the 4502B in order to obtain the Maus before 9.17.1 goes live.  Am going to have to take a little break before I do it all over again for the pzk 7!

  41. No news about type 5? Are they really going to let it out in that state?

  42. looks like a shitty fucking tank to me

  43. Yeah is someone always shooting u at the end of the battle

  44. Under the turet is fcking weak spot.

  45. Hi guys!! Can you please recommend a zoom out mod that is not considered as a cheat? Thanks to everyone in advance!

  46. Ah but my VK 72,is still better

  47. Dez, you’ll be happy to know my CIA contacts have taken “CARE” of the 29 dislikes lol

  48. defending an on attack.. welcome to the new WoT.. same as the
    old WoT.

  49. this version is a test ?

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