► Pz. Kpfw. VII – New Tier 10 Heavy Tank – World of Tanks Pz. Kpfw. VII (Panzer 7) Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Pz. Kpfw. VII Gameplay and Preview. Patch . Pz.
List of all World of Tanks Update Test Server changes:

I got you cover guys, whenever there something new or awesome to show, I am going to do that. In this episode, I am going to take my first look at new, upcoming tier 10 (Panzer VII)”. This tank, at least of test server, is one tough nut to crack!

Let me know what you think about that!


►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany Pz.


  1. Daan Klein Gebbinck

    Why cant i connect to Test server??

  2. the turret somehow reminds me of the lowe’s turret

  3. Dez, pzkfw means panzerkampfwagen, panzer for short. it means tank :D

  4. But isn’t Pz. Kpfw. VII a designation for Löwe? I think that WG only made a
    bigger mess with the appearance of this tank in terms of historical data
    given on the Löwe project. There were two projects according to wiki:
    Leichter (light) Löwe and Schwerer (heavy) Löwe. But thing is lighter one
    is so much superior in the game and it’s a tier X, whereas the heavier one
    is a tier VIII premium.

  5. SovietTenkDestroyer

    “This line makes more sense”

    I’ll have to respectfully disagree. The Porsche (Maus) line and the
    Henschel (E 100) line now makes more sense. This line that has tanks with
    no relation to each other makes no sense. We got to horribly inaccurate
    Porsche tanks at tier 8 and 9, and a random tier 10 Krupp tank that extra
    unhistorical because WG is too lazy.

  6. do you know what gun the type 5 getting

  7. kristoffer kirkbright

    Anyone know where to get that damage panel from? It shows gold ammo so it
    would be more use than QB’s buggy version… I can’t even see my spotting
    with QBs mod pack :/
    Release your own mod pack Dez 🙂 

  8. 0:46 Holy Jesus, look at that fucking matchmaking. FUCKING FV party

  9. had few games with this tonky tonk in test server, actually vkB (the
    slipper) looks much better when you meet enemy face to face. but overall i
    like it. 7/10 :)

  10. i thought that the lowe was the pz kpfw vii
    and dez its Panzer kampfwagen vii its a bit easier to pronounce :)

  11. Looks like the Löwe

  12. How much wg pay you to do such videos?

  13. I love this tank

  14. pz = panzer kpfw = kampfwagen= fight vehicle

  15. call this the SuperLöwe and call the VK 72.01 K the überlöwe

  16. If i research T54E1 with my T49 now, will it count when they change the T49
    to a tier nine?

  17. ACTUALLY, the panzer VII is the Löwe

  18. Šašo Počmáraný

    wish i could play with you on CT :((
    btw pz kpfw means panzer kampfwagen

  19. @DezGamez Pz. Kpfw. VII means Panzer Kampfwagen VII

  20. 1337 hp at 3:15

  21. DG the test server is just useless is basically impossible to test tanks
    armour when everyone is shooting gold ammo.
    I get tired to get clipped by TVPs and other autoloaders with full gold

  22. Alexander Weinfurtner

    Finally a T10 Lion that’s worth it.

  23. more beast mode gaming!

  24. That intro tho <3

  25. lt traktor 2.0

  26. isn’t the pzkmpf 7 the lowe?

  27. I look forward to this tank! I am grinding my VK45A at the moment, hoping
    to get the Maus before the new patch arrives.

  28. Alexander Agustine

    hahahah “Here comes the balancing department” I love this guy !

  29. You ppl should know that they won’t allow this,and it will get nerfed
    before you realize it.

  30. greetings from Costa Rica, been following you long time ago, exc work with
    the vids

  31. the side skirts on the hull (below turret) are actually week spots when he
    is angling, you can also hit ammo rack there.

  32. The Pzkpfw VII was the Lowe not this kind of strange shitty thing

  33. looks like aLowe but rear turret

  34. So many know it all wannabes had to comment what it means even though they
    seen 70 others write the same thing. If he wanted to know what it meant he
    would have just looked it up.

    What a sad world we live in where everyone has shit in their nose.

  35. whats the evective armour on the lower plate of the vk ???

  36. Where is Dez from?

  37. Well… testing out arty against the new tanks? :p

  38. Pz. Kpfw. = Panzer kampwagen = Armored battle wehicle

  39. kpfw means kampfwagen wich can be translatet with tank or word by word it
    means fightwagon

  40. hey , dez gaming what is your mod in the bottom left corner of your
    anyone knows its exact name?

  41. PanzerKampfhagen VII

  42. if you play a new tank on a public server would you still have it when the
    game has patched it?

  43. I got kicked for a week for tracking someone

  44. you can just pen the gun mantle…

  45. Is it just me or this tank looks like a rear mounted lowe

  46. Good bye fv215b ,Hello Pz. Kpfw. VII

  47. Is it just me or does this thing look like Lowe with a turret on the back?

  48. my heart is crying WG i want this rebalanced, new, awesome line in wot
    blitz :'( vk45.02b my favorite tank couse of sidescrape and i want panzer 7
    !!! DG great video:)

  49. I need this tank in my life

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