► R.I.P. T110E5 – Not The Best Anymore!? – World of Tanks T110E5 – Patch 9.17.1 Update

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Source: DezGamez

, Epic Battle. Old Replays, Best Replays. – Tier 10 /USA – Patch .

Epic thanks to “Noob4Hire” who helped me with intro clip!

I am back with another episode from “World of Tanks: Past” series, well actually this episode fitting for 3 different series – “: Past”, “Epic Battle” and “Update/News” episodes. My today’s main quest tier 10 American heavy tank -“T110E5”. This tank was finally rebalanced in World of Tanks update, it’s commander hatch and side armor was nerfed, or balanced… And it far from what it used to be, so… Let’s send T110E5 away, from “One Of The Best Heavy Tanks” list with this amazing battle, which more than a year old.

Played by: Titan_93
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2168575#stats



  1. Intro kinda fitting, no? 😛

  2. but i almost reserched it rip my time

  3. I talked with an epic T110e5 player the other day. He had over 1.5k games
    in the tank and three marks on the barrel.
    I asked him what he tought about the nerf and this is what he said:

    “Nah, I’m OK with it. I got the marks even before the cupola was buffed,
    so it dont really matter! Still an epic tank, you just have to move
    around a bit more…”

    I tell you, I think he knows what he was talking about.

  4. well my gun has 395 pen without pen reduction over distance so i say fuck everyone!

  5. do more stereotypes anr you will win
    a cookie
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    also you will earn views

  6. wtf was that intro…

  7. The Cupola is still 237mm effective. It doesn’t change much about the vehicle, it just has an actual weakspot now. It was a good tank back when the cupola sucked ass, and it will still be a good tank.

  8. Mattias van der Wal

    well they nerfed the thickness, but they should make it as big as the T32

  9. R.I.P T110E5. Another fine example of retard crybaby’s getting a tank nerfed instead of getting better at the game. They can now face the new super Muas and LOLOP Type4/5 heavy’s instead and see what OP really looks like.

  10. “mouse-chin”

  11. e5 flew too close to the sun

  12. I love how people just starts raging just because WG decide to nerf the cupola a bit… it’s not that big a nerf…

  13. when is 9.17.1 released for Asian server ?

  14. how hp tank??

  15. the intro is a bit…. out of place

  16. Your pronounciation is still off, Dez. Its not “Moissen”, it´s “Mois-chen”. The first half sounded okay, but you swallow the “chen”.

  17. I think this is a little more complicated than it looks. I wasn’t a person who thought the T110E5 was a very op tank. I thought it had tough armor to crack but it wasn’t impossible to get through. That being said I don’t think just lowering the armor value was the right thing to do. They should have made it smaller and reduced the armor value. You essentially turned a very well armored tank into a tank that doesn’t have any armor anymore. Saying that because if your weak spot is massive and easy to hit and pen then you essentially don’t have any armor anymore. I would honestly say this is one of the worst teir x heavy turret now.

  18. a well deserved Nerf to e5 and grille 15 are welcome but the jap heavies buff seems like a bit to much considering i was in my 62a and had nearly 1700 points taken off me

  19. E5 was easy to pen if 99% of the people learned vs crying about it….new type 4/5 lower plate easy too just load gold that’s what its for.

  20. I mean the nerf was needed. Before it was just broken that any idiot could drive. It’s still one of the best, if not the best Tier 10 heavy. Still great armor (tumor is ~240mm in the middle with 300mm+ zones).

  21. Feeding on America’s tears right now 🙂

  22. now! if you see type4 or 5, just run away as you can.this gun is mother of all derps.

  23. best intro dez good job and keep up the work!

  24. It figures! I just got the T100e5 a couple days ago, and it gets hit with the nerf bat! Thanks for rubbing it in my face Dezgamez!

  25. Uiteindelik, daai panzer was heeltemal te hard.

  26. Anyone complaining about the nerf being undeserved is too incompetent to play tier 10. It was fine back when it had 185mm cupola, it just required 2 brain cells to rub together in order to get the tank to work. All the pubbies are crying now that their flavor of the month OP crutch is being balanced.

  27. Convert forehead win shoulder herb fuel estimated cast let.

  28. kinda pissed my favorite tank got pointlessly nerfed. Only reason the t110E5 was OP was because people are too stupid to learn how to face it properly

  29. Now it is a PoS. Sucks from front, sides and back. Lower front plate or stupid M3 Lee hat, take your pick. Won’t take it out of garage anymore.

  30. yep its time for winter storage for mine again…. it was nice to play.. but yey again..Russian cry babies caused yet another nerf to the us…

  31. Before HD rework the cupola was weak and it wasnt bad tank. Type 5 armor is just ridiculous. Grille got speed, dpm and depression nerf. Now it has 2600+ dpm (Wt Auf IV 3000+) and one of worst cammo ratings. ITS more like 2016 RIP WTE100, 2017 RIP Grille.

  32. so a tank is not a noobs tank anymore and ppl QQ? l2p . e5 is still awesome.

  33. should have nerfed the lower plate. Now you cant hide weak spots. FUCKING IDIOTS.

  34. Yup, enough people whine about something being ‘op’ WG responds by hammering into the ground with the nerf hammer. GJ WG, you idiots.

  35. I dont know if all these e5 drivers cant realise that the tank was just way too op. I can kill an is7, is4,113 yet this motherfucker was always a problem because of its so called weakspots with 280mm armor

  36. e5 now not broken. cant wait to facehug e5 with my sweet is4

  37. It’s so laughable to see pro of 70 realms who keep telling other to aim properly cry out loud when their beloved tank got its ‘wet tissue WEAKSPOT’ that has 250+ EA nerfed. Some of you might not know that French light/med line got nerfed hard before and I didn’t even let a single word out of my mind about the nerf (at the moment I’m still a noob who need OP tank to perform well). Before that someone even called me unfair played for my Lorraine 40t with 90mm DCA45 scored 9 kills. The nerf got them from god blessed to shit (from my noobish perspective)

    One of the best rebalance ever, now we NOOBs can really aim properly and do some damage.

  38. Thinking of selling it already

  39. There supposed to be “NO BEST” tank, and it must not be best tanks among their counterparts. There should be balanced tanks… The game already is full of super op fictional and prototype tanks which aren’t even built in reality. These should be balanced all together…

  40. Happy Estonian National Day DezGamez!

  41. VK 30.01 H tier 6 medium tank for WoT past

  42. You can argue that his team took care of other T10s for him.
    I realized 90% the tanks he shot are lower tiers but still a insane good game.

  43. never was the best lol?

  44. But lets be honest he was lucky as fuck ?

  45. They ruied the game with Type 5 and Maus buffs. Maus only needed a speed boost. Yesterday i got hit in IS 7 turret for 700 dmg from a derp Type 5 gun. I mean 700 fuckin dmg on non-penetrating hit! I am a good player and I avoid gold ammo, but now when I see that two tanks in my front i press 2 all the time. Almost nothing you can do with standard heavy ammo. I mean you hit them from time to time, but you lose the fight if you dont shot premium.

  46. Finally OP E5 weak spot is fixed,some ppls probablly make suicide now:)

  47. Glad they nerfed it but this was the easy option and leaves players frustrated and relying on cupola shots. I would have nerfed the hull to be more like the t57 and weakened the turret side so you can punish a missplay. About 150mm of penn to go through lower plate flat on and 220 for upper. That way the tank can still be mobile, great hull down and when using gun depression as upper hull would take around 300 pen or be autobounce, and just an all round tank, but not a super heavy, which has the right to expect to bounce frontal hull shots. This tank had to be changed either way so don’t cry since you had the most OP tank at tier 10 until now.

  48. hey dez please put 15 is6 vs 15 obj252 for the next face off.

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