► RANDOM WOT STUFF, EPISODE 1 – World of Tanks Best Moments

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Source: DezGamez

– Random Stuff in WoT. Best Moments 2017.

Huge thanks to everyone who decided to pick something up!

This going to be my “New-Old” series… Old series, with new name and with new touch. I am playing a lot of World of Tanks and I am getting a lot of funny, awesome, crazy, derpy, stupid, ridiculous and what ever moments, so in this series I am going to line some of them up with some extra editing to make them even better, hopefully even better.
One episode takes a lot of time to make, but hopefully it is worth it!


Music in order:
Spheres – Johan Borjesson
►Tanks in action:
– A lot of different tanks!


  1. No videos yesterday, because this one took me quite some time to make… But as always, hopefully it was worth it! 🙂
    See you tomorrow!

  2. I fucking love this vid

  3. More like this PLZ!!

  4. 11:15 i love you to?

    great video dez

  5. That “Oh maus is the last tank alive. Where the fuck am I going?” was my favorite ??

  6. lmao, the duck song waddle waddle..great vid dez ?

  7. I watched all that from the videos but nice idea and its fun #1

  8. Its about damn time someone called you out for your shenanigans! I’m submitting this video as evidence!

  9. cabron, puta, taco, burrito, chalupa, gordita, dorito, porque noob donde estas la bibloteca

  10. Ok. WoT story time. I was in my t32 trying to grind for the m103 and there was a skorpion on my team who probably thinks he’s the shit. I accidentally bumped into him while I was in sniper mode. He told me that I was a shitter and he was carrying me. I had said I was sorry about it but he continued to say I was a shitter. The game ended (we lost) and remember when he said he was carrying me? I had 1,678 damage and he had 1,270. While he was in a skorpion with 500+ alpha way more pen and I have 300 alpha and 198 pen

  11. really nice video i remember almost all of the highlights cause you just cant ignore a dez video.. 🙂
    btw i m still waiting for a bike video , Tallinn seems like a beautiful city !

  12. this was great (:

  13. I love this new series Dez <3


  15. Devill RedSpy TH

    AT2 Pls

  16. NO FAPPING!!!!

  17. I have to repair my Gunner – dezgamez 2017

  18. I want more of the Duck Song

  19. Andrewlik is awesome

    1 like = 1 new tier 8 premium Reskin tank!

  20. Hey, guys, GUYS! Look at this, LOOK AT THIS!! 🙂

  21. my hesh never pens. rng always fucks me over with mises

  22. Andrewlik is awesome

    Am I the only one who would enjoy hearing him record audio porn?

  23. This 1º Ep was so funny! I’m looking forward for the next one! 😀

  24. Dez u need to do a lot more of these, i love these they are super funny and amusing

  25. very good videos and your voice ???

  26. I didn’t know you can speak Spanish DZS. don’t worry he is just hating on your game play… good luck and godbless…

  27. Hi DezGamez! I’m new on WoT and idk how to put the spoted thing, can somebody help me plz?

  28. i like this series

  29. Ah. Good memories!

  30. I’m gonna report this video for mature content. Your voice is just too sexy ?

  31. YouSexaThangYou LongLiveChocolate

    10:49 someone said almost exactly the same thing to me.. He was firing heat at my tracks then called me a cheater and used the same replay threat smfh.

  32. Great video, hope to see more in this format in the future.

  33. This is very good video, you moron out mongoloid stupid moron idiot.

  34. Eddie McAllister

    That was a great compilation

  35. This better be a good episode….or ELSE !

    Ok that was pretty good. I have my lawyer on the phone but I hung up cause yeah that was pretty good.
    However, I WILL be watching you !

  36. Fantastic editing! That was a pleasure to watch. Nothing over the top, no cringe worthy moments, clean and highly entertaining. Well done.

  37. one of your best videos yet dez ?

  38. Another awesome video Dez, keep them comming 🙂

  39. Your funniest video so far! More videos like this!

  40. that tvp….ah

  41. wtf 18 dislikes, but WHY??? who hate this??????????

  42. that fv 183 session made my family thinking that Im watching porn

  43. TROPIC Agario and more

    Olayyy shit you are ugalay Des games I love u hahahah

  44. Love this 🙂

  45. TROPIC Agario and more

    When u said udes it sounded like u where ha ing orgasim

  46. aww you love me Dez? no homo

  47. play with: FV215b 183

  48. you should try he-foch155.
    I’ve heard many great things about it ?

  49. RIP ELC and that good times 🙁

  50. Dez cheater, unsubbed!

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