► Ranked is “Easy Breezy Beautiful!” – World of Tanks TVP T50/51 Ranked Battles Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of TVP /51 Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks T50/51, Tier 10 Czechoslovakian Medium Tank.

Ranked Battles have been here for more than 3 weeks now, but I haven’t showed you any action about them. In today’s episode you are going to see couple of battles from my really awesome 1 hour session, where I was able to get from Rank 0 to Rank 3, in the last hour of Stage 2! Not too bad of a save, IMO! 😀
Sadly Ranked Battles are only available in the evening, so I am not able to play them very much. 🙁



  1. yeah, TVP with gold ammo would be easy

  2. Mentioned this tank So many times. The maus/type 5 isnt as op as the tvp

  3. 8:06 I believe I can fly

  4. Ranked battles = ALWAYS ARTY. IT SUCKS.

    1) Artillery never counters enemy artillery. I have played over 200 ranked battles and I have not seen one single counter despite pointing out via the chat exactly where the enemy is in frankly most of those 200 battles. Ive seen about 4 games without arty in the entirety of playing this mode. That is NOT an exaggeration.

    2) If arty never counters, that means 3 arty on each team just sit in the same spot, they do not even reposition. This removes ALL of the skill factor out of the games, and because they all have massively buffed aim time dispersion etc they never miss.

    3) Artys do not attack clusters of enemy, in most cases they choose a target and keep firing until dead, regardless of whether any teammates are even in range to shoot the stunned target. I have been in my Type 5 heavy and had an arty bomb me all game even though none of his teammates were shooting at me, even though he was only doing 100 dmg a shot, and even though there were tanks 20 yards away from him shooting at him!

    4) You get spotted first you get all 3 enemy arty shooting at you. This means nobody wants to push. Scouts and mediums strategy has turned to camping and not being active scouts for fear of being stunned to death. You would never see cowardly plays from ranked battle in the random queue, nobody is that stupid in random queue.

    5) WHY do people constantly choose arty? why does it flood the queue? Because nobody counters, it is FUGGIN easy to sit and click and get top 3 xp win or lose. The games are defensive and cowardly and that plays right into the artys strength, most games you get 12-15 mins to sit and click and NOBODY is going to counter.

    People realise this and are abusing it by picking more arty tanks than any other tank in ranked battle. Look at the queue, it will say something like 7 light, 18 medium, 12 heavy, 16 td, 35 arty….

    This is why the games are flooded with arty , in random you actually see games with no arty.

    I tried this mode, I dont use premium acc so I spent a whole lot of time getting credits to play through it, I got 11 points so far but I cannot play it anymore.

    The reason is stress, it is ridiculous to enter a game where the skill level should be higher than normal, just to watch the clickers dominate from using ZERO skill.

    I save up for days to go out and get bombed for 6 minutes, permastunned, nothing I can do. NO THANKS.

    Its bad for peoples health.

    For the 4 games I played without arty in over 200 battles it was actually good, i enjoyed it but overall this is fucked because of arty.
    They need to give artillery incentive to counter as their first priority, this is the only way to save that vehicle type from being anything but cancer to this game.

    The old arty with huge damage was much fairer balanced. Artys after the patch have all turned into Lef’s and its bulllllshit

  5. Ranked needs to be 24/7

  6. I remember watching videos of scumbags teamkilling artillery at the start of a game and thinking what is wrong with those people? After playing ranked battles for a lot of games I now totally understand, it even made me do it for one game , totally out of character I blew up 2 artys at the start. It made me laugh but it wasnt the same feeling as when you have a really good game, it is much more like chasing a loss. Even though it was far more fun than getting bombed by artillery.

    I did recognise that playing as a scumbag teamkiller was EXACTLY the same feeling as when I last played my T92 in a normal game (sold all my arty a week ago, best decision ever) .. Artillery really is a balance problem, it promotes unskilled unbalanced play, the same feeling when you look in arty aim mode and you know they cannot see you, is the same feeling when you point gun at friendly artillery and you know they cant see you… Other people get annoyed at this. If this is every battle in ranked and I spend about 50k credits per battle .. YOU KNOW FULL WELL that teamkilling artillery isnt something born out of nasty people, its actually a logical and fair reflection of the quality of time spent playing the game. and a very unfortunate one.

    I do not enjoy it because I know what it is like to actually enjoy this game. Its very sad that Wargaming employ people who are not fit to work on balancing a game. Its not worth my time to play such modes. I am much better off writing some music instead.

    Such a disappointing mode. I have been playing since 2012 what is the point?

  7. Yea wish ranked was just available all the time I almost never get to play.

  8. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Second match… enemies has 2 Grille 15… I have not surprise that they lost. Grille 15 is a crap, a shit vehicle, super underpowered. I never ground this shit… wargaming pushed this shit over me… and after the dishonests nerfed it still more… can’t belive how dishonest they are.. beyond any imagination.

  9. fuck
    Ranked Battles

  10. Ranked battles is easy, if you’re an OP auto loader or a Russian tank

  11. What modes are you using ?

  12. Alebo skor aké módy používaš ? 😀

  13. It doesn’t surprise me that you had an easy walkthrough the first 3 ranks, that is exactly what the ranked battles should do: let the experienced higher skill players fast climb to his “proper” rank and there find other players of the same skill where the win/loss ration should equal out and you would not be able to go higher – that would be your current skill level. Shame you didn’t show us a higher rank game or two, as I presume that on 0 and 1st rank players fighting are of lower skill that you, maybe even all the way up to rank 4-5.
    Looking i.e. how you were pretty able to fire off the sniping position on Malinovka with TVP average crew without camo, no problem. This tells me that not one player on the enemy team (Leopard i.e.) didn’t use the counterspotting position, kinda noobish. They took TD positions and hoped for somebody else to provide vision… They actually let you control both the vision and firing, which is why they lost badly of course. Rank 0 game, that should not be possible in i.e. rank 2 upwards no way 😉

  14. dez- “bitches think i was born with it, really its motha fuck’n mayballine”

  15. You make playing the Czech line effectively so easy.

  16. Can you please be so kind and tell me, which country you are from? I would guess finland or something similar

  17. can you play more world of warships?plz

  18. I totally hate the hours as well. I work evenings and have been COMPLETELY FUCKED out of getting to play ranked so far.

  19. One question guys. Is it worth to skip the TVP TVU and freexping directly to Skoda T 50?

  20. Pero Svetličič

    anyvone knows when will be scorpion g in the store on eu server??

  21. i like it great match

  22. fucxk u dezgames u fairy. must be easy to do well in ranked battles when u got literally strangers paying your way. keep kissing wargaming ass

  23. Rank Battle is no need in this fucking game

  24. “Believe it or not the TVP has troubles penetrating these ranks frontally”
    Actually Dez, almost 90% of the tanks in the game struggle to penetration the super heavies frontally 😛

  25. hi sir..what language u speak the end of video? 18:30

  26. “13 to 1 can you believe it” yes, yes i can because that is usually the result these days in world of Questionable MM

  27. nice games man gg

  28. 17:12 IT’S OVER 9000

  29. Can you buy the David & Goliath pack and play whit the kv 5 it is really good

  30. don’t cry

    it is just an OP tank

  31. Erick RJ. Cross C.E.

    xD Do you speak spanish? whats!?

  32. Arty has to be removed in this. ITs fucking cancer.

  33. nicely done dez,and damn you. up until your first battle video I was 100% sure that my next med tank grind would be STB1. Damn you

  34. What nationality are you??

  35. Dez were you at tank fest yesterday or today? Would’ve loved to meet you!!

  36. how did you get 115% on commander and 127 on crew? t get only 105 on commander and 116% on crew

  37. “It really did not feel like it” 4:06
    The last time when many people said this about a tank was about the WT auf E100 the TVP is just another op faggot shit tank. so its no surprise that u can rank up very easily

  38. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover TVP T50/51

  39. Dez says to not snipe with tanks that shoot apcr so that’s why I fire HEAT 😛

  40. why dont WG just put ranking in the main game with no special treats just plain ranking. Oh I forgot, the cancer that is all players will find a way to fuck it up

  41. Alexandru Ghetaru

    Ranked battles is a shit mode, no fun and shit waste of time and credits

  42. I don’t mind the chevron system or the ranked battles themselves (have actually less toxic teammates, NA server). Not a fan of their choice of reward system.

    Also, try out the 13 105 there. It’s actually kind of silly what you can get away with due to camo (just make sure enemy light, BC, and Pattons die first).

  43. ranked should be available all day long, but you should be limited to lets say 30 games per day..

  44. They should make ranked battles so that if you just win you rank up, even though some people will get carried atleast not everyone will just sit and camp, also it’s not fair that arties rank up everytime there is an open map like in almost very game on an open map they are on the first places

  45. Truly “with no effort whatsoever.” Hiding in the bush might give great damage but it is super boring to watch. Not good game play.

  46. Ranked battles are battles with tier 10 tanks

  47. Frederick Burkert

    The only factor for ranking is tier x – your in! There is no ranking system for balancing.

  48. Any game mode is easy in the OP50/51

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