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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks RANT. World of Tanks Patch 9. Update, New Tier 10 .

Thank You!

Today I have a little bit different episode for you… I decided to sit down and let you know what I think about current situation with tier 10 tanks… WG keeps nerfing them to the ground and beyond, which is wrong in my opinions, here’s why…

All tier 10 light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet T-100
– USA/American XM551 Sheridan
– China/Chinese WZ--1
– German/Germany Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
– France/French 13 105


  1. As I said, this is just my opinion about T10 LT situation!
    You have rights to agree or disagree with me, no harm done, but I just wanted to share my opinion with you.
    But, what do you think?

  2. Supported 100%
    When they buff Maus or Type 5 Heavy it’s fine, they are NOT OP, but light tanks are always OP…
    T37 is one of my favorite tanks in this game and I always choose T37 in clan fights before Cromwell, but now… Cromwell will eat every light tank, better reload time, more alfa, more HP, same view range…

  3. Delete this stupid tier 10 light tanks project and go back to tier 8 the 13 90 again.

  4. Don.t worry DEZ.. be happy 🙂 the buffs will come in the next patch after this one 🙂 or the next one :)) or the next =))

  5. noobs,kids,retards dont play in sandbox server only good players play there and they didint thinked that LT tanks are op but when it cames to test server all thoes noobs, kids and so on… are saying its op they should l2p first

  6. I agree with everything you said here. This had been one of the most exciting patches to me, I’ve still managed to love playing light tanks even with their +3 matchmaking, I had been looking forward to finally having too option to play lights at top tier for literally months. Played all the ones I wanted to make sure they really were that good, over 1 million fresh xp was ready to go for probably the T-100 LT, WZ, and AMX. One patch update killed any interest in that plan. It’s not even the specific details of the changes as much as the fundamentally flawed idea that one class of tanks should be outright worse than another even at the same tier, why should they be worse? They take just as much research and grinding. Who convinced wargaming that mediums need to be untouchable? Who wants to go into a tier 10 game with a top tier tank that can’t even carry a game if it uses every round? In the end I’ll probably just use that xp on the Batchat Medium line now.

  7. they are fuckin’ retarded with these nerfs! all retarded players crying. op op op. play it if is op! 1500 hp points and no armor but u know,is op. retarded babies!!! how will be ws 132-1 man? that i wanted..

  8. Vincent van der Ploeg

    And now the light tank lovers are the crybaby’s!
    DEZ you are the crybaby now, uhhhh the nerfed my beloved tier 10 lights.

    Well think about a tier 10 light tank as top tier, only some tier 9 and the rest tier 8 tanks!!
    Will it not be OP in those battles ? And every third battle will be a top tier battle.
    And all the tier 10 light tanks had higher Alpha then most of the tier 10 mediums.
    And some of the tier light tanks had view range into the next map!!!!
    Or do i have it wrong?

  9. The people who cry about the t10s are the people who have a 45% win rate and are terrible at the game expecting to play high tier heavys and raging when the light tanks swarm him

  10. I agree when I first played them in sandbox I loved them! Then first test server again not quite as good but still they felt good and worth it! But now WG fucked us over again as normal because of cry baby dicks moaning! WG grow some balls ? and be brave! Now I won’t bother with lights as what’s the point?!?!?

  11. The pay to win/pay to progress/pay for stats issues of WoT have been complained about forever, WG does nothing, people complain about light tanks that are actually fine and WG instantly hops on it…

  12. I tested them as well on Sandbox Server and I have to say that some nerfs were totally necessary. A light tank should not have the same alpha dmg like medium tanks especially when they are even faster…

    and btw the first replay also shows that you still dont play this tank as a light… you play it like a medium… check dmg done and dmg spotted…

    and why are you all crying? We had till 9.18 only tier 8 light tanks which were far more worse than in 9.18…worse alpha, pen, mobility, health… so why are you crying? ah yes, because they all got nerfed and now you cant dominate other tanks

  13. welcome to the anti-arty whine world! in reality now aety get 1/3 damage compared to now as both pen was nerfed up to 60% + alpha damage nerfed around 40%, ie first 600 damage instead for 1000 and penning 60% worse~150-200/shot instead of ~600.

    support-damage U say¿ lol, I need someone else to shoot and loose xp, not that often as they count that enemy as lesser dangerouse so they can shoot other targets….

  14. I’m on your side Dez!

  15. Darijus Jankauskas

    Want X tier light tanks?
    Play with BC 25t and with leopard 1 because they are best current “light” tanks xD

    Mediums will always remain as “wolf gangs”.

  16. nerfing the lights in a test mode game … and shitting on all tier 8 s moving up a tier just to be +2 is not the f… solution.. struggling in tier 10 with a tier 8 light is still there … cry about how good is a tier 10 light and say nothing about the real shit move up one tier just to be +2 matchmacking … this game will be more fucked up than ever … fucking kids wint 0 skills tanks and 2k battles .. new map questions on a fucking years old map /
    …having a tier 10 and 400 wn8 … these are the players who can go and play aw ..

  17. crying about the nerfs, but doing 3000dmg+ easily with LTs… and again with 13 105… no spotting dmg, again you played like a medium tank or TD and NOT like a scout

  18. LT is suppose to be the hardest class on the game to play im fine with it, tier viii LT in tier X it wasnt supposed to be easy,
    (LT 8 in tier pen is 170 and 180 average, so basicaly you have to flank to get pen on more armoured tanks.) ( tier X LT 230 pen much more easy to flank and pen. where is the problem with nerfs when you have guns with great pen for LT??
    LT should be the best at view range and cammo, and have fast firing guns not so good dpm. putiing a LT with 246 pen WTF???you can shit on heavys frontally? no sense for me, and just look to that soft stats, no problem dez games comrade everithying was fine when they relase it, the only.
    Foe me its easy tier X LT best cammo and view range off all, fast firing guns with average dpm and alpha damage, and never should have more than 210 pen.

  19. True to that.. Nerf what we all wanted to have…. Shitty wg

  20. its truth

  21. Agree 100% with Dez , the game today is heavy friendly: Maus/ Type 5/ 113..
    They made LT balance thinking: crap! 330 pen HEAT penetrates heavy frontally all the time (not even true today) but LT aiming/ accuracy penetration isn’t equal to Meds.
    View range isn’t even better, instead of make global balance, they do half solution/half problem with 2 class of 5.
    Exemple: in tier 5, LT view range balance after micro patch: 350,360 wtf M4 has 370, M7 used to be 380, LEFH has 390!!!
    Chaffee used to be kind of tier 6 and 390 view, now 360m,
    Gj with “global” balance “2017” means if u play one class u have to sell 50% of your tanks because now they suck after patch.
    But all balance, spoting, dmg, assist means nothing in a game where 10-20% people reroll to have a better WN8 to go in a clan.

  22. Yeah, I was surprised when i bounced a T-100 LT it didnt said 320 blocked, it was only 300, and this happens with Panzerwagen only 360. T10 lights are being the worst tanks in the game.Shit DPM, No penetration, no hp a T57 Heavy fullclips you to death etc…

  23. No, don’t stop, T-100 LT is ridiculous

  24. Well, I played Sandbox Phase 3 and 4? I think that was the ones I played. Whatever it was. The last Sandbox test in my experience the light tanks were pretty much perfect, might have been afew adjustments to be made but I thought they were good.

  25. Fátalbullet DeutscheWölfe

    Nerfing is shit

  26. And yet the Maus and Type 5 stay the same. Yup.

  27. Wargaming are freaken idiots, the light tanks were fine after the first original nerfs. Medium tanks had no problem with killing them. The problem is when you get a capable player playing the light tanks, and a horrible player playing the Medium tanks, the Light tanks are seen as Over Powered. Its because of these bitching players why the light tanks are now garbage. Its like the Cromwell, its a great tank. Its not OP, its just a really good tank if you know how to play it right. So when someone does it play it right, its instantly overpowered no matter who plays it. Its the exact same with the light tanks. Wargaming, stop listening to the bitching players, test the tanks for yourself. When you see these matters, dont take them as concrete evidence that they are Over Powered and broken, just test them yourselves when these matters are addressed. If you agree they are OP, then of course, nerf by all means.

  28. So it takes them years to even address arty and now it only takes them weeks to mess something that should have been in since the start. gj wg

  29. Frederick Burkert

    Dez. The problem is that you and a few other unicoms make them look op. Plus you hype them to a point that people fear every one who has one will tear the others apart. You guys make it look too easy. Not really a fault of you just poor judgment of the knee quivering, underpants wetting whiners. Personally don’t care if ‘tear’ 10s are in the game or not. Rather see the grind addressed – especially with dumbass things like having to unlock several tanks to make one tank elite (T-34 was three FKNG tanks)

  30. all red noobs that are shiting on test servers.
    wargaming just need to close test server for that kind of players but keep it opend for good players that understand the game!!

  31. Totally agree Dez,
    Maps are too small so tanks don’t get used how their role would suggest, let alone the channelling that makes it even worse.
    New game mode looks so much better, loads of space to manoeuvre and each tank can play its role, and this is in development (so I am sure that will get screwed).
    Maybe if they increased the maps to 2×2, that would give us more space to play, not like the majority of maps where you could throw a blanket over half the team in a single grid square.

    Whilst on a rant, you get rewarded for kills and not doing your job of spotting, that’s why scouts don’t spot.
    AMX 1390 – 2 kills, 3k damage 5.5k assist gets you second class, however 6 kills, 2.5k damage and only 900 assist gets you first class.

    Rant over

    Happy hunting everyone

  32. WG always caters to the whiners, the way they destroyed the Hellcat is all that needs to be said. Please keep voicing your opinion Dez….somebody has to be the Voice of the minority 🙂

  33. yay tier 10 LT. nerf.
    huh? nerf.
    uhh. nerf.
    ya never mind

  34. Huh, WG trying to make everyone WINNER…. who will pay for prem stuff if they lose all the time, that’s why they listen cry kids …
    that’s why they nerv tanks, tanks that have potential on battlefield -> brain player trying to pick best tank -> crykids can’t eliminate god players so they try to eliminate they weapons …

  35. I knew this exact thing would happen, I said so in a comment on one of your previous videos on the New lights. Being completely reasonable…If there was such a thing as a ‘Tank type detector’ and you pointed it at some of the new lights in the first iteration …the needle would definitely be hovering between light & medium. Then you have WG and their way of doing things & it all goes downhill from there…..Unfortunately.

  36. WG have basically listen to the whiners this update. They changed arty damage (which to be honest I don’t mind as a clicker), but they have stopped any platooning of arty (which I just can’t understand). They changed the mm system because players a te complaining on who they face rather than trying to actually out play the other team. And now this, they’re f*cking over their own creations of light tanks just to please those who do not understand that you can destroy lights so easily and that they can still be spotted at long ranges by mediums such as batchat. Well done WG you’ve done it. You have forced the majority of players off arty and light tanks to appease the idiots who don’t actually understand who to fight properly.

  37. Level up with Doruta DIY

    WG is exagerating too fking much with BALANCE. That Fking BALANCE, should be distroyed… To much balance, means that almost every tank is the same, there are no special or unique tanks. GG WG for killing so many tanks just for balance…

  38. And i thought i could get back my old top tier 4 T-50 back as a top tier 10 … … …

  39. Dez, I’ve played since 8.6. Lights have never received any love. 9.3 killed the old Tier 5 Chaffee some of us worked so hard to earn. It could see Tier 10 matches. We earned it and trained it’s crew “old school”. By playing countless games under tremendous handicaps. The whiners today can get premium accelerated crew training and experience. All available to purchase to get ahead quickly. In short, Wargaming floundered with this game a long time ago, catering to whiners. The player base and its whiner mentality is the problem. I don’t see it as fixable. I also haven’t played the game much at all in the last 6-8 months. It’s just gotten that bad. And Wargamming knows it.

  40. And to add – many other LTs from t7-t8 are getting nerfed also. WTF!

  41. Light tanks=spotters and scouts with low end guns, medium tanks=fast respond/breakthrough armored vehicle with higher dpm and good pen, heavy tanks=heavy armored front line pusher with meaty guns, decent pen and high alpha.

    Even in real life this is how it works, light tanks are made to be fast, have the ability to scout and spot the enemy for the bigger slower medium and heavy tanks… To nerf that is to make light tanks useless in the sense of scouting and spotting…

  42. Dont think i will ever reach Tier X level but i believe that many things are wrong with the concept of matchmaking and some tanks themselves to list as my opinion. So i just get on with my usual loose loose win games and enjoy your views and videos.

  43. This is coming from someone who has 787 WN8…and a recent of 2400+…

    The Tier 10 LT were fine after the initial nerfs. They could brawl with other light tanks, but you came into the sight of a medium in close distance? Yeah goodbye hit points and hello garage. Now, this, this is ridiculous. They have no combat effectiveness because of the stupid spotting range that mediums and heavy tanks get, almost removing their camo, so only bushes are your safe haven. So now mobility. You deserve that mobility. Leave it alone.

    Now the controversial topic, firepower and direct combat utility. To simply put it, ammo capacity should be over 2/3rds of the medium equivelent. Damage should be the exact same if the gun caliber is the same, otherwise respective. The DPM between MT and LT should be some 30%. Hitpoints should stay as before, between 1400 and 1600.

    I don’t see how they are overpowered. They are all good in their own right, as with any tank, but just because you cannot play them does not mean they are overpowered. It simply means you need to learn how to play it, or stop playing with it.

  44. татьяна таравская

    Its not about if its op , its all about your playstyle, u must know how to fit ur gamestyle whenever u play a t10 light tank or facing a t10 light tank. So noobs out there, stop cry and improve your gameplay and knowledge about light tanks and how to play withagainst them!

  45. “Your entire family can die inside the tank”. Love you DEZ cuz you make me laugh everytime

  46. Fez you are spot on here mate. I was in the SB from the start and like you I hate what WG did to the LTd, they could have been a good class, but thanks cry baby’s… 🙁

  47. I am with you man go ?

  48. People Thinks LT’s are OP??? When i was playing LT’s i thought they were good and balanced, I got rekt by Mediums and heavy’s if i didn’t were careful. I was thinking now i gonna go up the French, German and China LT Line… After this Video rip everything… WG can’t Nerf LT’s They are too balanced, If they gonna do this LT’s = Meh Fast Tanks With Cheap Investments

  49. I agree with you, no light tank has better view range than a medium tank. Also the dpm and accuracy is worse. tier 8 lights that are in the game now have better dpm or the same as tier 10 lights on test server

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