► Rheinmetall Panzerwagen, Crazy German! – World of Tanks RHM. Panzerwagen Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay and , RHM Panzerwagen – Tier 10 German . World of Tanks Patch 9.18 Update . World of Tanks New/Reworked SPG (Artillery), New Tier 10 Light Tanks, New MatchMaking System.

Full list of changes with World of Tanks Patch 9.18 Update:

I welcome you back to 9.18 test server, but do not worry, this my final episode about tier 10 light tanks, or at least I hope so, because you have seen many videos about them already! 😛
Today I am going to focus on tier 10 German light tank, “Rheinmetall Panzerwagen”. This is one of the best light tanks, most defo, but for some reason it is not my cup of tea… Even when getting really good games with it was super easy!

All tier 10 light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet
– USA/American
– China/
– German/Germany Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
– France/ AMX 13 105


  1. God damn, I am not home at the moment and just when I released the video, I found out that they made some changes to all light tanks:
    Tweaks to Panzerwagen:
    Changed the view range of the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen turret from 430 m to 420 m
    Changed penetration of the Exp. HE shell for the 105 mm Kanone gun from 53 mm to 120 mm
    Changed damage of the Exp. APDS shell for the 105 mm Kanone gun from 390 to 360
    Changed damage of the Exp. HE shell for the 105 mm Kanone gun from 480 to 440
    Changed damage of the Exp. HEAT shell for the 105 mm Kanone gun from 390 to 360

  2. Both VK and SP1C ruined. Thanks WG. Killing fun as usual… Oh yeah, also lets nerf the top speed of fast light tanks… Because why not… FU players who enjoyed playing lights, says WG, FU they say…

  3. On the sandbox server when the x lights where as strongest all tier x meds still killed them easy and thats ok. When they first come on testserver they nerf the dmp like crazy and the armour on one of them. With the latest nerf most tier x lights gona be crap since most other tier X have better wiev range then them and they got even worse them. Atm I think all tier VIII meds will easy kill all tier X lights and that just wrong and some of them will have better view range to.

    The plan for higher tier light tanks was so they would not be so bad anymore but since they got nerf like crazy they are stil shit and are never worth playing in pugs.

  4. They changed the stats again. So you need to preview all light tanks again.

  5. U German or Austrian? Why are the voices of ur crew german?

  6. Does this tank have high penetration HE shells like the RU?

  7. I quit that line. It will be nerfed so bad im just gonna not even get the SP1C

  8. Guilherme Santos

    *This tank is the prove of German bias*

  9. wuut vk28 lose derp gun and spic lose autoloader? that is some bullshit right there

  10. You forgot to showcase the Ru 251 2nd engine.

  11. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Wourd of Tanks :^)

  12. roemer schoenmakers

    Why would anyone play the leopard 1 if we have this tank in the game?

  13. seriously why did they had to remove the 10,5 gun on VK 28.01 and autoloader on SP1C

  14. Already having an awesome day, but to see Dez upload
    a video today??? Sneaky…sneaky!!! 🙂
    Cheers Mate!!!

  15. all the lights got nerfed again!
    accuracy, alpha, view range. some got CLIP NERF too.. wb

    *Why does WG have this idea that light tanks MUST be made worse than medium tanks?
    *Why should one class be made clearly and
    deliberately worse than another?
    *Can’t they be equally good but in slightly
    different ways?

    Why do light tanks have:

    Much Worse-

    *Accuracy – lt100 has accuracy of tier 5-7
    Russian hts lol 0.46. best is only 0.36
    *Dpm – t62a has 1000 dpm more than lt100
    *Alpha for same calibre guns 105 – 390 v 360 90mm 300 v 320
    *HP ~ 25-33%
    *Penetration 20-30mm on same calibre
    * terribly LOW ammo counts ~25-30
    *While only having barely better camo, top
    speed and view range after the nerfs..

    *The only thing you get is acceleration to your

    *In these corridor meta maps mobility is nice
    but it doesn’t compensate for all the bad stuff

    *extra view range isn’t that important tier 10
    meds and his have more then enough.. 400m

    *In pub matches these lt tanks will not
    compete with tier 10 meds in any way in the
    hands of normal players.

  16. Even with the changes to the damage numbers, the line between Light & medium is still blurred.

  17. gg just bought camo for my 10.5 boomstick light, rip gold

  18. can you please tell me the music’s name !?

  19. the reason it takes so long to take out a Maus is due to arty being neutered. the Maus and Type 5 will just keep going as they don’t see 300dmg as a threat.

  20. Heinrich Kriener

    im a bit confused.
    you seid something like german guns are known for their accuracy.

    then explain me, why I am i hitting less fully aimed shots in my Indien-Panzer with 0.32 accuracy, than snapshoting with any other nation?

  21. I do not have a problem with dmg nerf, but why one of them isnt nerfed? Mostly you will get just one shot and needs to relocate thus better pen adn alpha is always better for light imho. Now its like WZ is 20% better than all others

  22. I like how when you use the gun depression it looks like an angry cockatoo.

  23. The real question is : what happen if i have the RU 152 know and i want the Leo? I won’t be able to research it anymore from my ru 🙁
    Hope wargaming will allow researching the leo pt from the new tier 8.

  24. This does look like a nice all rounder but I’m still gonna get the Sheridan. Kinda sad about the damage nerf they all got besides the WZ, Wish they had more ammo to at least offset doing less damage.

  25. Chiggy Von Richthofen

    300K exp is too much, it’s really very much. Why WG that amount of exp why. :@

  26. Am i the only one or is the gun thing fucking annoying to watch?

  27. great content bro

  28. In hoc signo vinces

    You forgot to check Jonny1976 after the game! I’ve never been so let down in my life…

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  30. every time you talk about the “Recon” skill, it sounds like you’re saying “Raygun” skill…..i keep finding myself wondering where to get this skill, i want a ray gun on my tank too!

  31. So everything will overrated the rhm. Give 5 mm buff

  32. Nooo D:

    My VK 28.01 derpgun

  33. 6.1 k damage…That strikes me as over powered and not appropriate of the class of the vehicle.

    I’m sure it’s fun and thanks for the review.

  34. About time dez, in the time that you released the chinese tank i managed to grind the extra 100k exp for the rhm..

  35. luchs is pronounced looks, german for lynx

    To have eyes like a hawk, to be eagle eyed(this is in the definition)

    Also you didn’t check out Jonny’s damage blocked 😛 the enemy maus driver that wouldn’t die 😛

  36. Well I have the T-49, RU-251, T-54 ltwt. and the 1390 so not sure which tier 10 light to get first. Have enough free exp. to get one of the tens on patch day …….mmmmh, decisions 🙂

  37. what happens if I have the ru251 researched but not purchased? do I lose access to it? please tell me

  38. are you playing this tank in the sandbox or test server?

  39. Nice honda civic VTEC power in the rhm panzerwagen

  40. lot of good stuff is deleted???? really WG? dont do it,im worried tons of good players will leave the game and endup high tier is flooded by tomatoes,its already happening on my server

  41. ahahaha 6k lt dmg! not bad 😉
    good morning Dez

  42. So this tank is basically what the Leopard 1 should have been from the beginning. I want it 😀

  43. The light tanks got nerfed to oblivion in the latest patch

  44. “we want LT to be a scouting class so we nerfed their viewing range” -WG

  45. Ahh sick 🙁 what do I do when im sick? I watch Dez. What happen next? I feel better.

  46. Hey Dez. on 12:33 you said:”I have to check that jonny out!”, in german a jonny is an other word for dig??. Nice video btw.

  47. This is actually pretty balanced.
    I wouldn’t trade all the firepower of leotard for 10m more viewrange + slightly better camo + mostly pointless extra mobility(when Leotard1 is already sufficient).

    Not that I would play leotard1 in first place.


  49. But how much dmg did the enemy Maus bounce?

  50. @DezGames. Do you still ride your bike? we need more movies. You only uploaded one 🙁

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