► RHM. PANZERWAGEN, Tier 10 German Light Tank – World of Tanks Rheinmetall Panzerwagen Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay and Preview. Tier 10 Light Tanks – SandBox 2.0 – Phase 3 . RHM Panzerwagen – Tier 10 German Light Tank.

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I am back with another video from WoT: Sandbox 2.0, this time focusing on new tier 10 German light tank – “Rheinmetall Panzerwagen”. If you thought Soviet “” was crazy fast, then look at this cheetah! :O

All tier 10 light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet T-100 LT
– USA/American XM551 Sheridan
– China/
– German/Germany Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
– France/

I try to make preview episode about all of them, will see. 🙂

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  1. Like a bicycle with no seat, this tank will be up your ass.

  2. Really great video. I liked the way you presented all the info. Thank you sir.

  3. Machinedramon Porsche

    imagine the Maus engine on that tank omg the power xD

  4. Why wouldnt you use optics, even with high baserange it would help to counter enemy camo so you would spot earlier.

  5. im so sad cuz when i try download the sandbox it says please log in and when i do it it says wrong email or password and i do have world of tanks homepage account and when i try reset password it says we do not recognize that email. please help

  6. So what’s the point of playing tier 10 mediums?

  7. I hope you can be grandfathered in with these light tanks because that’s all I play and I own all light tanks.

  8. This is going to be a brutal light attack tank with insane hit and run power. Can’t wait!
    Sheridan next?

  9. lol i love that… “8 mm idk a pan?” youtube gold right there

  10. again, german WWII tank vs post-war russian bias

  11. lmao regular mm for high tier LT is gunna make them too good there’s a reason for the 3 tier spread bc tier for tier LTs are powerful in my opinion

  12. Does anyone else see the little white letters on the screen or is that just me

  13. So why does it have less specific power if it’s got a much more powerful engine and much thinner armor than the T-100? Could it be the magic of Stalin?

  14. WG Junkies…..

  15. May it be renamed “World of cammo”… yay :/

  16. this tank is premium or it is in the tech tree

  17. Foch 155 needs an engine buff then. Insane

  18. No to arty stun yes to consumables with a cool down

  19. I like the idea of these super fast light tanks… that’s what a light tank is, fast… but the guns doing 390+ damage a shot? That’s a little retarded.

  20. So i have to unlock leo pta asap, coz i wont be able to unlock it through Ru251 anymore?

  21. Isn’t this thing based on the JPz 4-5 chassis? Looks like it finally got a turret.

    I guess it’s a modified version, because the JPz 4-5 could go 70 forwards and backwards. At least IRL.

  22. I don’t think it would be a good idea to use this tank if you have high PING.

  23. Seems like a better black bulldog! Me like!!!

  24. it makes the leopard 1 pointles..

  25. your comment about the view range being ‘more than enough’ at 476m is incorrect. if you add coated optics, you can see more tanks in your max view range that you would not see without the coated optics, because the coated optics reduce the effectiveness of camo ratings of enemy tanks. I have tested this in the training room and it is true.

  26. ふぅんワンダフル

    The designs of these new LT’s are weird. Only the Chinese and Soviet ones don’t give cancer to my eyes.

  27. Sheridan please!

  28. Are u german

  29. If it works anything like the Swedish Heavies turret, then it will have a transition section to where it switches from the gun to the turret. Would need to test it to find out though.

    When the Swedish Heavies came out, I was surprised to not see anybody state that when an Emil I, II or Kranvagn aims down, the back of their turret rises, which means you can shoot it, much like the gun on this RHM Panzerwagen.

  30. Roko Krstičević

    they need to lower it a little bit

  31. good bye MEDIUMS

  32. Marutein Falconone

    this tier 10 tanks are insane… +2 matchmaking would be enough. the rock, paper and scissors system gets destroyed by this tanks. 420 damage on a heavy and from far far away is stupid…

  33. This tank has got the hull from Kanonenjagpanzer

  34. Do not touch the light trees anymore WG. I have more games in lights than any other tank type and what your showing off here is frustrating. I love my LTTB to death and I wanted to shoot myself when Dez showed us the tree. If you’ll take my opinion seriously, add only tier 9 lights and forget about 10s. This way nothing is touched and people still have something to grind. Another thing would be to adjust MM to where it’s only +2 like almost every tank in the game. This would really help tanks like the 59-16, that of which struggles in a T9 match if not in the hands a seriously compitent player. I feel balancing of what’s currently in the game now is WAY more important. The rate of new content coming out has far surpassed the rate of things that have gotten rebalanced if you know what I mean. Not that that is a bad thing, but I’m coming up on 3 years playing this game and Im slowly losing interest. This most recent patch has really pushed that along with the 252, Maus, and Type 5. I have played without a premium account for about 80% of that time and grinding to tier 10 is a waste of time, not to mention seriously painful if you hate the tank. I want to see content fixed, not brand new stuff. If you do that, maybe I wouldn’t mind buying a premium account for a game that’s worth it. Thanks 🙂

  35. T10 LT will broke the gameplay.They can see T8,which mean enemy tier 8 tank,especially HT will stand no chance against T10 LT and most of us already suffered from tank like bulldog shredding tiger 1 armour like it is nothing.

    Moreover, we dont know if this tank is real or even in blueprint yet.The mobility and armour is just too much.T9 and T8 is going to suffer more if this ever exist in WOT client.

  36. So what is the point in the Leo 1 now?

  37. Tom's Game Replays

    Im fapping of on these light tanks right now

  38. wargaming doesn’t need my feedback since it did not invite me to sandbox

  39. wow a light tank that has more DPM that some Medium tanks. Making it with 20 armor all sides means nothing a tank with 150 armor all sides will perfom exactly the same in tier X. These tanks will only nerf medium tanks. We don’t need a tank with huge camo rating dealing dmg as much as a heavy tank from 50 meter from you and not being able to spot him .

  40. So waht’s the point of having a Leopard now? …… Don’t like the design/powercreep tbh.

  41. The Leopard 1 can just cry in the corner once the tier 10 light tanks gets introduced.

  42. I love to get an account for the sandbox as I love my light tanks and would love to play some tier 10 lights

  43. Indranil Mukherjee

    this tank looks like a kanjpz with a turret.

  44. I think its best they give the tier 9 and 10 +1 -0 mm so it can t sealclub tier 7 or 8.. no?

  45. is the test server already open?

  46. Makes. sense, less armour, worse gun, less camo…
    I really cant see a russian BIAs…

  47. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    that gun in the RHM has medium class stats and i see a Sheridan!!

  48. With mobility speed camo and firepower this new t10 lights have is there any point in playing heavys tds arty or even meds???
    Might as well just be lights in game and delete all the rest since they are now practically useles…. GG wg you sure know how to destroy a game…..

  49. Dimitrije Antić

    And thus, the time comes, when tier 10 mediums will be obsolete, compared to these lights.

  50. Im getting a feeling that when these T10 lights come out, the T10 mediums are gonna lose a role in a way, I hope Im wrong with that…

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