► Ridiculous IS-M aka “Mini VK B” – World of Tanks IS-M Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks IS-M Gameplay Review. World of Tanks IS-M, New Tier Soviet Russian Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Best Replays / Best Battles.

Today I watched a lot different featuring our new tier back-turreted heavy tank from Russia, “IS-M”… I found one pretty nasty ridiculous battle, played by “kedr410zx” on Winter Himmelstorf vs tier 9 vehicles. This was the best, simply perfect replay showing, how strong this tank can be and why I think it is kind of like a “Mini VK 45.02B”. 🙂



  1. Tried something different for today’s intro, some more editing… 🙂 Like it?
    But today, let’s take a look at this “Mini VK B”.
    #enjoy #stayawesome #notificationsquad

  2. That Jagdtiger player was a joke.
    So I was in my Revalorise, last weekend, and I was supporting a street fight. With 250mm HEAT pen, I penned every shot on an IS-M, and this Jagdtiger, with 276mm pen, didn’t pen a single shot?
    I guess he failed his way to tier 9.

  3. “This might be the highest raw exp ive ever seen”
    Sadly you never noticed my T34 replay with 2736 base/raw exp ;-;

  4. The damn thing is OP AF

  5. Remember kids, its not OP when its Russian.
    Da tovarishes!

  6. That one was a nice battle dez

  7. Џони Џанак

    Dez the intro Rocked!

  8. 1 of 1000 matches…and it seems like it is the only lucky match for this tank with stupid enemys. it is not the real situation in this tank, cause this tank is sh!t. gun sh!t, armor is sh!t, mobility sh!t. so dont sell us this as ridiculous tank Dez…

  9. oh look more soviet bias

  10. The stock turret got 100 mm frontal. The grind is abismal!

  11. I have no problems going through it… with my 268 pen Leo hahahaha

  12. I think no because VK B have a lot better frontal armor.

  13. Ehm Dez…. somebody else already showcased this game a few days ago.. :-)…

  14. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    I somehow feel more Japanese heavies will come out…

  15. I have been hull down in IS_M in exact same spot on the banana turret getting penned by gold , three tier 9 tanks pushed down quite easily due to long reload of IS-M finally they drove around the corner ate a shell flanked me and killed me. I say this guy was lucky to be playing against someone who didn’t know what they were doing.

  16. The poor AMX M45 is just a horrible tank. Bad hull and turret armor, slow aim, low alpha, avg acc, horrible aim time, capped speed, avg view, not good dpm. It just doesn’t have a strength to use other than penetration which isn’t amazing.

  17. It’s funny because IS-M is called IS-2SH in world of Tanks Blitz

  18. I loooovvee my IS-M! Obviously never had a game like that in it! I was excited to get it after watching your news episode. and cool into. Totally dig your work Dez! How’s the weather out there? Motovlog?

  19. thk I saw that video somewhere

  20. I think QB or AJ already made a video with the same replay

  21. amazing intro 😛 Nice

  22. DG have the calculations for raw XP changed over time? I took a multi year break from WOT in 2014 and on my return just aren’t getting the XP numbers I was before. I had several battles above 2500 raw XP back in those days (in very average tanks like Churchill III & Tiger P) with a high of 2652 but can’t approach that now. I must say I think I’m a worse player than I was. I wasn’t prepared for the power creep in the game and my WR has dropped (I’m an average 52% WR player).

  23. Nothing new here, WoT needs to buff all Russian/Soviet tanks, there clearly getting dominated by British/USA/French/Chinese tanks !!

  24. AP Noob, HE Noob, OP Tank Noob, Stalin Noob, Rasha Noob

  25. Sergio González Torres

    Drives IS backwards “Hey look, I have an IS-M!”

  26. IS-M isn’t that good now if you had shown the Object 430 that is an OP tank

  27. What a monster of Heavy Tank in a urban map

  28. The JagdTiger just let him farm dmg….

  29. my highest raw experience is on 1.9k on my 13 57.

  30. Yes but the jagtiger had no idea how he must shot at

  31. so many bad players in the other team, oh God.

  32. Dez i wanted to inform you that i didnt get notification about your 2 last videos. Pls adress this problem

  33. Three shall be the count, and the count shall be three. If it ain’t a derp gun, that’s all the HE to carry based on every better player than me I’ve ever seen. And that’s like every player. 😉

  34. Top 10 smallest tanks? In world of tanks

  35. Yep, another OP from WG.

  36. Wish my stock IS-M was this good , and the enemy did not spam gold ,,,oh and antiarty himmeldorf map was the only map i played with IS-M

  37. Thx to see my commentary

  38. The HE is not a waste because when seeing higher tiers the sidescraping 705s and other good sidescrapers cannot be damaged any other way.

  39. wooooow, nice game!

  40. This is only representative of the IS-M if your opponents are retards.

  41. so basically its the russian Chrysler k tank

  42. Sexy Smokey Pooper intro

  43. How is it compared to chrysler? FACEOFF!

  44. I havent played in 3 months wtf happened
    I had st1 fully upgraded and i see that it is now hd
    Pls tell me that they did not nerf it in any way

  45. Turret on PC version is much stronger than blitz version…how sad:(

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