► RNG IS LIFE! – World of Tanks: RNGesus #47 – Giveaway Day 14

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World of Tanks LOL, RNG, Funny, Epic, WTF, Fail Win Moments. World of Tanks Best Wins and Best Fails! World of Tanks LoLz RNG.

► Help me to make RNGesus:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know WHAT happened WHEN it happened.

You know what guys… RNG is love! 🙂
Enjoy episode number 46, getting closer to that episode 50.


  1. Defintally the Type 59

  2. My favourite premium tank is Box Tank, aka SU-100Y, it’s so much fun. My
    dream premium tank is new buffed T34.
    Username: J0hanb5
    Server: EU

  3. I dont have one Fav prem tank i would say the Skorpion G, the E25, the T34
    B, T26E5 Patriot & the 105 leFH18B2

  4. My favorite premium is the CDC but my dream is an e25 PetrovicsKutiusz EU

  5. favorite premium tank or the premium tank i want … yes i’m asking myself
    the same question as i am onto buying one and can not decide what tier 8 to
    get but after the buffs i think i would really like the t26e4 superpershing
    with all the armour and usable penetration
    ggah from EU

  6. i would like to get su 122 44 or type 64

  7. T-54 mod.1 is my favourite tank.
    User: CoH85
    Server: EU

  8. I really would appreciate having the IS-6, the SuperPershing, and the
    ScorpionG in my garage!!!
    Username: RoboWarrior2803
    Server: SEA

  9. siemka pl//I like this series 😛
    DeeJuu_Kat EU

  10. i just bought a löwe and i absolutely love it Die_ene_Man69 eu server

  11. i would like to have my M6A2E1 back to my garage.. Dylan_G SEA sever

  12. su-122-44 is very good t7 tank destroyer. I would like to have it.
    User: crysissci
    Server: EU

  13. E25 321_accurate EU

  14. Tank: T34

  15. GeoRgE “DeViLoS” ChRiSto

    M4 Revolarise/Revolution/Reverse dont give a Rats ass about MM..
    IGN Dev1los

  16. Favourite: Matilda IV, if you are top Tier this Tank just goes crazy with
    its armour 😀
    Name: N1L2_FIRE
    Server: EU

  17. My favourite prem tank is super pershing, now buffed! It fits my slow and
    steady playstyleFrax00 eu server

  18. I never got premium tank … but I love AMX CDC
    Username -> blackkiller_5
    Server -> EU

  19. Daan Klein Gebbinck

    I would like to have the t34 Black because looks and gun+turret
    Tank_Destroyer_Daan EU

  20. Lowe is my dream now with that buffs, love heavy tanks
    EU Server

  21. Oh I would say the patriot.

  22. My favourite tank premium tank is T-54 prot
    Nick : strong_arm123
    Server : EU

  23. I don’t own one but I would have to say skorpion G

  24. My favorite Prem. tonk is Type 64 its my dream to play with it!! IGN :
    MadGrandpa Eu

  25. my favourite tank is amx cdc, because it is the only one i got name:
    Metalliusz server: Eu

  26. I love E25

  27. Favorite prem tank : Cromwell Berlin
    Username : thetractor
    Server : EU

  28. My favourite Premium tank nad the best rot is T2 Light Tank
    Generator_102 EU server

  29. my favorite prem is the super pershing but my dream prem is the t34 or the
    skorpion G
    ThePilotPenguin EU

  30. DMax is my favourite 😉
    Name: Lludwa
    Region: EU

  31. Im not really into premium tanks, but im looking forward to own sta-2
    backlier EU server

  32. I can’t say whether it’s my FCM 50t or the CDC I prefer. ProsperBiou from
    EU server

  33. supper persing or t34. i think the supper persing was a good tank befor the
    nerf but i like the resent buf.
    marc3750 EU

  34. My dream premium tank is Pz 58 Mutz. Mobility, rounded armor, ground
    resistance, dpm and pen are insane. Good money maker too. HelIberg (there
    is a big i after the l so its Heliberg, but it looks better with the big i
    :D), EU

  35. i’m superhappy with my T-34 american premium heavy. Good turret armor. It
    was my first T8 premium after picking a choice between T-34 and löwe.
    redfox443, eu server

  36. I wanna buy M4A1 Rev. so I still don’t have prem.
    ridvanshc EU

  37. Dreaming about T34B…
    Username : UltimateKing99
    Server : EU

  38. Hey sonny. My fave Prem would be…….err……..E25 because i love my
    invisibility cloak. Server EU. Just FYI I been subbed since 8k and I love
    your videos :)

  39. My dream premium tank is THE german B2.

  40. My dream premium tank is Scorpion G.

    Serpent001 / EU server (PS: type64 send it to = margman )

  41. Hi Dez,
    Fav premium = M46 Patton KR
    Dave333 EU

  42. I am dreaming about Scorpion G…

  43. i am dreaming about IS-6
    BITLS_1 EU

  44. Favourite premium tank is IS-6
    Username: tobbicool
    Server: EU

  45. dreaming about the revalorisé…
    cyanidecandy NA

  46. My favourite premium is “box tank” SU-100 Y cuz it’s so epic to play SU-100
    Y! NuqaPepper, eu

  47. Fav. prem. tank must be the Löwe
    Username: mattesej
    EU server

  48. The dream is about the E25… that OP thing must be fun to play 🙂
    user: APoliticallyCorrectName
    server: EU

  49. favorite prem tank : AMX CDC baguette croustillante 🙂

  50. I love Churchil III. Username: aldaboss (EU)

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