► Road To STRV 103B is OVER – Final Chapter! – World of Tanks STRV 103B Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review, Tier 10 . World of Tanks STRV 103-0 Gameplay Review, Tier 9 Swedish Tank Destroyer.

It is time finish one of my mini-series, time for the final chapter in “Road to STRV 103B”. This time I actually covered every single tank in that line and all-in-all it was a fun ride… Excited to finally finish it and get that beast into my garage. 🙂



  1. That typo at the start tho… New tank confirmed – Strv 130B! 😛
    Anyway, it was a fun ride, but I am also happy that it is over. 🙂
    #enjoy #tellmewhatnext

    • Congratz.. and smooth ride on a strv driver??? am I missing some thing here that I dont know about?

    • DezGamez dez do you have T57 heavy and centurion AX?
      If not that could be your next grind. Im going for T57 heavy as well and i love my Centurions. The british meds i love them from tier 5.

    • Jensann Blaber WoT in a nutshell. I have been outsniped by russian tanks when playing in my 103B very often. Especially when they snapshot…

    • Dez did u actually noticed that your first five shots ever, in Strv103B, were all high rolls? 🙂 (not the king of low rolls with tier X, maybe?, lets hope 😉 )

    • I also have that discount, all the way to tier 10. Problem is, since I got that discount, I was first grinding my 113, then there were a lot of tanks (although not tier 10) I wanted to have/play AAAANDDD now, I can’t decide which tank to commit t57, patton or strv, because I want all of them the same. On the other hand, I’m closest to strv, I’m missing about 50k xp for UDES. It doesn’t help that I’m a casual player, sometimes, if there isn’t anything special on WoT (mission or event) I won’t play for a week.

  2. :O

    Very well Dez, Very well

  3. Where is the full playlist?

  4. One of the best DPMs would apply if you actually would come close to the average dmg per shot. Looks like WoT is using weighted rng after seing the 103-O game…

  5. #nextpremiumtankconfirmed

  6. GL in getting ace tanker badge, on my 103b i did over 150 battles, 2 marked it, top damage 9.7k and i still didnt received one, you need more than 1300 base exp i think

  7. Congratulations dude!!!
    You have more talent than QB! I am going to stay in Talinn next year, so maybe a little beer?

  8. Teus Van Hoogevest

    Time to grind little bulldozer now Dez 😛

  9. Hey Dez I love your videos! Keep up the amazing work. I was wondering if the fv is still your favourite tank now the super conqueror is out because it’s still my favourite but I think it’s because it’s quite rare and unique. What’s is your updated opinion?

  10. Easy. Breezy.

  11. right tank this time 😛

  12. Its 1AM and i have a test tomorow well… fuck the test im gonna watch dez play wot 😉

  13. What?!? No accidentally purchasing the wrong tier 10?!? I demand a refund!!!!

  14. congrats im stuck on ikv 90b since june 🙁

  15. Just bought mine last sunday, without the discount tho 🙁
    (only got for the t9 and below on that christmas event)

  16. Good job!

  17. I think these tanks are fun, but they are hard to do well in consistently.

  18. “before i am going to reshirt 103B” lol

  19. Time to research the Strv 103B, guys! *accidentally researches WZ-120 again*

  20. tier x sweden heavy line?

  21. Because accuracy matters right. WG actually wanted to make the dispersion of shots even worse than it currently is…….boggles the mind.

  22. But you have to unlock every tank to get the right one though. XD

  23. I was IS-7 with 2 kills who killed WZ 111 5A at the end of battle, thanks for upload and great vid as always Dez 🙂

  24. And I’m yet to get my first tier 10 :’)

    Congrats man

  25. Accuracy stats in this game are pure bullshit.

  26. I wish enemies would place themselves in places where I wouldn’t have to move in my German tds :'(

  27. Get used to the accuracy on the 103B. I was so excited to get mine, because, y’know, “good accuracy.” Thanks to WG’s bullshit RNG mechanic it misses 1/3-1/2 of it’s fully aimed shots. Enjoy being regularly out-sniped by soviet heavies, cause, y’know, there’s “no Russian bias in WoT”– SerB”

    • nick garner well it WG if they don’t have something to please those slavs, you will have vodka and tanks going around their headquarters

  28. or VK VII Kpfw

  29. “420, blaze it.” So casual.

  30. i love this vid.
    it reminds me of my once loved td line. wish i should’ve continued it tho

  31. “420 blaze it” -Dez

  32. If an strv player is having fun that means everyone else isn’t

  33. Road to FV4005 plz

  34. The best tank ever..is my favorite ever

  35. Congratulations you didn’t accidentally unlock kranvagn. Good video dez.

  36. the only reasson u got max viewrange was the food

  37. dont use 25 zoom on strv use 8 and 16 max way better accuracy when doing that

  38. Is the discount thing from last year still lasting?

  39. Well done Dez on getting another tier X. ??

  40. “It is painful to retrain each crew member for 200 gold because I do not have that much gold at the moment”

    Only 8k+ gold^^^^:D

  41. Don’t forget to check that “Accelerate crew training” box!

  42. Disgusting game braking vehicle. It is abnormaly OP at least to say, but comes as a dream come true for many players who have no balls to get oot and play actual tanks and face other people in combat.

  43. IKEA uDez 03 – tier 8 bottom tier nearly EVERY game and no armor at all
    Tier 7 90b has a great gun but also no armor – Great for sniping and speed as well as dropping your WR
    Tier 6 has to be the most fun
    I wil stop at tier 9 as I run without premium

  44. Another one down for the list! What’s next now? The Chinese TD’s? The new German VK?

  45. “i’m actually going to be more aggressive with the strv103b”
    *sits in bush at spawn the entire game*

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