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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Strv S1 Gameplay Review. Review. World of Tanks WZ-120 Gameplay Review.

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week, new videos and let’s kick this week off with one fresh “You Vote, I Play” episode!
I knew it right away, that when I activate WZ-120 in my poll system, you guys are going to vote for that, so I kinda had it coming… Because you know, this is my “stupidest mistake” in my WoT history. 🙂
But the tank it-self, well, it is not half bad… If only that -3.5deg of gun depression…



  1. Third time watched you mistake and still make me laughting

  2. Swedish tanks don’t loose binocs and camo when they move? Bullshit!

  3. tod your famous from ukt

  4. Paulius baltrusaitis

    You can see witch tanks he actualy played first by looking at mission expierience status.

  5. Dez, if you are gonna sing it, put some more Growl in your voice
    its a metal song, not an opera

  6. I have the wz120 with a 90% crew cause i researched it from the wz132 and just the second gun. Man, that tank sucks. ?

  7. Man, that was a good chuckle. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. It’s nice to see I’m not the only person to do stuff like that.

  8. your english gets better after everyvideo, great videos, and great channel dude

  9. s1 is my fav TD

  10. Wanna have a badass m56 scorpion gameplay ? 😀 with fadinsmedall (i hope ots spelled correct (my english isnt the best by far)

    And thx for this nice Video! ^^

  11. I Ram and eat M56 Scorpion for breakfast in my Cromwell.

  12. Best YouTuber in the fucking world, I miss your good old “goooood job me!”
    :'( :'(
    Attempt #3

    Love you Dez!

  13. Dez, I feel your pain reference picking the wrong tank. Your silence says it all. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s funny.

  14. As someone who owns a US Scorpion I can tell you that the gun loves to troll the ever loving fuck out of me. the Soft stats for that thing are abysmal.

  15. you have the L-60 because everyone got it as a gift about 1,5 years ago I think (around cristmas 2015 I think)

  16. L60 is a reward tank given to all players that played a match when we first got Sweden tree

  17. Toasty Roasty Man

    give dg a real challenge and vote for the BLACK PRINCE !

  18. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    btw dez, L-60 was given during christmas because thats when swedish tanks came out <3

  19. Why is Type 64 not in the Tank Poll??

  20. Toasty Roasty Man

    I like DG but the Black Price well test ANYONE !

  21. So 0,33 acc is super bad accuracy these days?

  22. Dez! I want you comment on the revision of the British heavy line on supertest, especially since the Fv215b is your (and mine to be honest, it was my first tier 10 on blitz) favourite tank. Would be interested on your thoughts and comments

  23. Good episode dez

  24. And the Swedish Strv m/42-57. I think that was the first swedish prem aside from the l-60

  25. I have kept my wz 120 hoping for a buff to gun depression  -3.5 isn’t good . If it had  -5 + it would be a good tank .They have buffed just about all of the other Chinese tanks including lights and heavies . Love the channel Dez  . Cheers Dave

  26. The l-60 is the reward tank everyone got for Christmas and sells for 100k credits and a garage slot

  27. STRV 103B has better camo value,yet, i cant do snipings like that without getting spotted!!! -_-

  28. Giorgi Aladashvili

    thats not how you say BETWEEN

  29. Hey dez when the Chinese tds come out can we get a Sweden tds vs Chinese tds face off

  30. Do you mind telling us what your preferences are for the Wz120? I have one that is fully upgraded with 2 skill crew and female commander but I almost always seem to miss my shots…ita really frustrating to see 440 average damage go to waste when I miss shots so often…however I dont want to give up because I know it is a great tank. So what are your crew skills and equipment you use? I think it is great tank hull down because of strong turret, but it seems that I need to be aggressive if I want to shoot anything.

    Help a guy out?

  31. That Scorpion replay was fun to watch. Good job dez my man

  32. That RNG on SU152:)
    Do next Crazy/Wierd RNG miss/hits!

  33. I didnt know that you can click that Primo Victoria and the music comes out, thank you Dez, now I can hear that song when ever I want! 🙂

  34. Birk Ingebrigtsen

    L-60 was a free gift from wargaming DezGamez

  35. After every video, I get fooled into grinding for a new tank. Dez makes every tank look amazing 🙂

  36. I see i am not the only one who zooms out after is have shot

  37. You get L-60 when the Swedish line came out

  38. If you ? Dez like this comment

  39. run forest run

  40. Alexander Stoyanov

    Did I hear Red Alert 2 music in the background 🙂 nice choice dez 🙂

  41. reverse speed of strv is faster than my YUGO at max forward speed

  42. Do you know secure spotting tactic?

  43. Dez l 60 is christmas

  44. Play with your least played/favourite tank

  45. Run, Forrest, run!

  46. L-60 we got it last christmas

  47. Дима Горбунов

    Е25 plise

  48. Дима Горбунов


  49. And again i laughed for 10 minutes when you picked the wrong tank… “…and DONE..” at this moment i can’t stop laughing xD

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