► Russian RNG Best RNG! – World of Tanks Object 268 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Object 268 Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Object 268, Tier 10 Soviet Russian Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Best Replays / Battles.

After Object 268 Version 4 was introduced, I believe Object 268 can be classified as a forgotten one as well.
But, it is always to see this vehicle in some action. This time we can enjoy full tier 10 farming, with some crazy Russian RNG… Russian RNG, Best RNG!


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  1. J. Always Gaming For Fun

    That was a very beautiful intro you made there Dez

  2. Valentin Barrier

    Object 268 should have 850 average like years ago. What do you think about it guys ?

    • Valentin Barrier they need to nerf v4 mobility hard. And buff normal 268 mobility. 850 alfa is also something to make it some more special

    • It would have at least something to offer if it had 850 alpha. Because today it has nothing.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Tovenaar Tinus why would anybody play v4 if the mobility will get nerfed “hard”?

    • it will finally play the front line role like its suppose to like the e3, what should they buff the speed on that to make it on par with the v4? that would be isane

    • No dropping the alpha of those tanks was a good idea, JpE100 and 183s should have their alpha nerfed as well. 268v4 just needs heavily nerfing, like many tanks on tier 10 and then 268 would be fine. 268 compared to Grille 15, T110E4, E100, Cent AX etc. is more than fine, it’s the 268 v4s, Badgers, Super Conquerors, 430Us, overbuffed IS7, %A etc. that are too good and make other tier 10s look trash.

  3. YES! RNG is back again!

  4. What’s this tank again?

  5. Dang, what a great video!! Sorry I haven’t been commenting much. My gaming pc died!! I can’t play wot and it’s killing me. I keep up with your video’s on my wife’s pc. Take care, Vern

    • Computers hardly ever die, most often than not you fix a single component and it’s in working order again.

  6. Great opening cinematic.

  7. First step: HIT THE LIKE BUTTON / Second step: SUBSCRIBE / Third step: Enjoy the videos no matter what, because the content ALWAYS superb.

  8. Clearly Rashan tanks need more buffs….

  9. If your first shot of the match in a KV2 misses, you know Stalin RNG isn’t with you in that match.

  10. le forestier damien

    As always, gorgeous intro and cinematic moment <3 love your vids dez, thanks for your hard work

  11. obj 268 artiste

  12. Oh, Dez uploaded a new episode! I FRIKIN LOVE IT!

  13. 121 is also forgotten because the obj 430u came out

  14. Much more stable chassis (when going at full speed and then stopping this tank doesnt rock back and forth like version 4 ) and the gun loves ti high roll on me ( when the shots wanna go where i ‘m aiming)

  15. “Under angle like this” should be Dez’s motto by now ^^

  16. Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

    This was the first tank that I ever passed 10,000 damage in! Back in the 850 alpha days, when you could roll 1064!

  17. Good old 268,i miss this td when it was fast with 850 alpha. Now not a shadow of previous TD. Should be buffed IMO.

    • Buffs aren’t the answer to everything. They buffed the Type 4 and 5 heavies and look how OP they are now. They just need to nerf competitors that out shine it, tanks like the 268 V4 or the Badger. The 268 is pretty balanced if you ask me, there are just OP tanks outshining it.

    • xWilderness WOT is ready for massive rebalancing for years now.

  18. DEZ RNGesus episode soon pls ☺

  19. Whole right side of the map is a shitty corridor now.
    This map is pure shit now.

  20. Serbian Highlander

    After the buff this tank is great!

  21. Anyone know the camp he’s using??

  22. Did you feature conway in your channel?
    Its not a famous vehicle, just asking

  23. Wtf did that plane just fly into a building smh

  24. Can anyone tell me what mod he uses that has those sexy army girls? And what mod for the reload time that shows x.xx, not only the seconds. Thank you

  25. What was going on with that 268/4? His shots were going into another map! Most have had a dead gunner or a damaged gun… or both.

  26. Leonhard Pfneisl

    Hey Dez please feature Obj 416

  27. Why run a replay of something so absurdly broken.

  28. Im really bored seeing the v4’s in the battlefield. Extremely broken armor and extremely anhistorical speed limit for a superheavy tank.

    • Fotis Petrou who cares about historical features in a arcade tank game? If you expect historical accuracy then you will be disappointed every time you load the game. WG wasn’t going for any kind of historical accuracy when they created this game.

  29. This map is so bad now. From the North spawn just camp A0 with a few tanks spotting on the hill and a couple in mid to spot cap. From south spawn well you might as well drown because if the enemy team isn’t completely incompetent you can’t win. Quite possibly this is now the worst map we have ever had in WoT.

  30. this tank is retarded and should be removed or nerf same with object907. Only polish noobs play this tanks becouse those are overpowerd

  31. What a scary fucking monster. TDs and Arties need to have their own matches together, so the rest of us can enjoy the game.

  32. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Grille 15 never would have killed that obj 268 v4, just has not enough penetration even with gold.

    When will they fix this shit that nobody ground, that they pushed over us?

  33. Ah yes, a true Soviet td who is one with the Hand of Stalin and is balanced unlike that pile of OP bias, the v4. Also the 268 has more pen than the v4

  34. Loving the new Erlernberg rework…when I’m in any tank besides a TD or arty, not so much.

  35. I`m a simple man. I see OBJ in name I press 2 key 🙂

  36. Love my Obj 268 <3

  37. TheOnlyInformant

    More 15 v 15 videos pls

  38. 705 damage onto 705a. Illuminati confirmed

  39. The only thing the 268 4 loses over the 268 is Russian Log.

  40. Is this tank worth it anymore??

    Ive had it unlocked for yonks but seeing as all these buffed tds come in im unsure

    • Le Bumbcrack yup, still worth it. I stayed at The 704 for years then finAlly decided to buy the 268. Just remember your armor is shit and you’ll love this tank. Hits hard, great pen and still very good mobility. Accuracy isnt too bad and aim time is good. I shouldnt have waited to get my 268, its a blast to play.

  41. Tank with spoiler, *_hardbass intensifies_*

  42. You mean, “Russian bias, best bias”?

  43. M is still shit and are there more then 3 maps? Been worried about that since 1.0 launched. I got glacier once but I think it was a beta match. Grand battles still exist?

  44. Normal obj 268 looks better then the v4 though

  45. Obj. 268 is my most played tier X vehicle. I absolutely love it and would never trade it for the version 4.

  46. kv-13 next for forgotten tanks, because it’s placement, i see them less then 268

  47. I hope object 705a ,object257p comes to console

  48. If it’s on a Russian tank, it’s not RNG anymore. You definitely won’t be able to pull that off on any kind of German tank.

  49. Ffionn Cutie fox


  50. How can i send you replay?

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