► RUTHLESS CARRY, WOW! :O – World of Tanks Epic Battles

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay . Epic Battles, Best Replays Series. AMX 13 75, Tier 7 .

Today I bring you one of the craziest and the most ruthless carry battles that I have ever seen. Racinbill must have some balls of Stalinium to pull of all those plays that you are going to see! 😀

Enjoy the video and your weekend, Beasts!

► Player: racinbill


  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaave the best weekend ever, Beats!
    Much love and enjoy the video!
    And Racinbill, don’t forget to check out your gift shop, there is something for you!

  2. That’s a GREAT thing you did for Racinbill .well done Dez . and well played Racinbill. have a good weekend ALL

  3. Awesome battle. Thanks. I was definitely entertained, and envious.

  4. there is nothing of epic,this is only an other wrong mm…..

  5. best video upload yet! far better than a brawling mess of a battle with heavies in a city – 13 kills good skills man very impressed player skill and thinking ahead, my kind of WOT

  6. when u 1 V 2 in a french LT………. MAKE A HASTY RETREAT!

  7. dez you are really generous..30days premium is a great gift for us who plays with standart account..community loves you I m sure 🙂

  8. Raisin Pill? RessinPill? ReschingPill?
    Definitely some sort of Pill though 😀

  9. 20 AP 16 APCR loadout which is reasonable and no premium consumables used. Loses credits on a beast game… Hate this bs man.

  10. Damn son. He went ham. Well played.

  11. Pools of steel confirmed

  12. The balls made of yolo. Pure yolo…

  13. Incredible how much better this tank got when they took away 2 shells from magazine…

  14. nice fight matey 07

  15. Lol, if u like battles like this then i should send you my replays. I play every single game like this, it doesnt always go as well but mkst of the times it does. Its the reason i only play the fastest tanks xD

  16. Playing pve dosent count, and bot team is kinda vs pve

  17. very appropriate title! g fucking g

  18. I would be entertained if the Enemy Team would not be so damn familiar to me. Because this level of stupidity is common in my own Teams.

  19. IMHO….He shouldn’t have won this…because of that noob move of running across an open field at the end where T25/2 hit him…that was just stupid move…also…no optics or binos on LT? srsly? (comment from 40k battles 3000 WN8 player)

  20. What’s the IQ of enemy an rest of friendly team – 30???

  21. back must be hurting after such a heavy handed carry

  22. Show some epic battle with FV215b

  23. It’s funny. All of these amazing replays are always some guy playing vs muppets

  24. Balls of Stalinium sounds legit.

  25. Epic carry. Looks to me like most players on both teams had their maps switched, off and teams were full of the kind of player who shit themselves and hide at the first sniff of the enemy instead of getting to grips with them.

  26. Nice play but nothing too special. Just shows how overpowered autoloaders are. Would he have achieved this on a non auto loader? Nope.

  27. Good to see a lower tier game.

  28. that was really some great driving Bravo!

  29. Sebastian Migasiewicz

    where I can find mod with ladies on post battle stats?

  30. how do i get victory girls Des

  31. He should have platooned to get a crucial

  32. The moment when nothing but useless morons show up on both teams..

  33. You are good person and awesome youtuber!

  34. Don’t know if I can agree with that “Balls of Stalinium” (but I LOVE that term anyways! )
    That wasn’t ballsof anything, but just an extremly overconfident yolo-move… If the enemy team (at least the ones in their base) wouldn’t have consistet completely of totally braindeads, he would just have been killed instantly!
    And if HIS team wouldn’t have been just as stupid as well, he would never had such an amazing result. In the end, he was just extremely lucky, that absolutely everything went in his sense.
    The result was epic, no doubts at all… But the Battle itself would be described beter with hilarious I think.

    Dont get me wrong, I don’t want to discredid the player in any ways, you can only congratulate him for this match, and it was somehow entertaining as well… But in my opinion, it just wasn’t epic at all.

  35. haha that’s how the usual Luchs battle looks like 🙂 if it goes according to plan that is..

  36. So many games on the SEA server end up like racinbill’s game, minus the epic carry though, i.e. the team folds rapidly without doing much damage.

  37. Wow, thats all I can say Dez, it all came together, fast moves around stationary tanks, they could nto react fast enough to even defend themselves, RacinBill just rolled past and killed them, epic action.

  38. pierre would love dat

  39. Noob clubbing at its finest.

  40. When you are better than the other 14 players on your team combined… World of Tards.

  41. Not that impressive

  42. Sick insane and effective…

  43. cealera alexandru

    Wow ^_^ great joob,they do not know what hit them xD

  44. Piotr Marek Kujawa

    For the premium account gift Kudos to You man!

  45. Stalinium balls XD

  46. Oh Dez!!!!!! One of the best games I’ve seen in a long long time my friend. Dang it. Thank you so much for bringing it to us. Take care, Vern the oldman

  47. Swing hardly rope corporate accurate newly interior nowhere.

  48. BOORING !!! :)) Just kidding 🙂

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