► SandBox 2.0 – Alpha Damage, Accuracy and Penetration Changes! – World of Tanks SandBox Test Server

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Source: DezGamez

– Phase 1 – Alpha Damage Buffs and Nerfs, Accuracy and Penetration Changes. Patch 9.18+ Update News.

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Today I have something super new and exclusive for you. I am going to take a look and talk about 2.0. Second version the Sandbox has been released with new things to test out and in today’s episode I am going to talk about Accuracy changes together with alpha damage and penetration balancing ideas.
Keep in mind, these are all just ideas, not even in super test stage yet. WG wants to see how community reacts to those changes.



  1. is better not be in the game because that will be the end of Me playing
    this game

  2. Problems with this updates:
    1. Autoloaders will have a lot higher magazine potential with the same
    reload time between shells
    2. HEAT does not lose pen over distance, so gold spamming will be worse
    than now
    3. FV215B 183 has less alpha damage but still only 12 shells..

  3. WG ever play their own game?

  4. All 3 changes are going to make the game even worse. Are they even playing
    the game? Nerfing jp100 buffing e5… How distant can you be from your

  5. The accuracy thing is just retarded it’s already annoying missing fully
    aimed shots, instead of buffing all those tanks damage keep them as they
    are but nerf all the auto loaders damage like seriously take the BC it can
    clip out another tier 10 med in like what 10 secs??? Give or take like if a
    BC rushed you there’s not much you can do yea he can bounce a shot it’s
    still ridicules how auto loaders deal as much damage as single shot guns
    (doesn’t take much skill to play a tank that can clip out same tier tanks)

  6. “Just shoot the lower plate” from 400m, with the accuracy nerfs that mean
    that long range shooting will be less accurate… also it could have been a
    Leo PTA shooting the IS-6. 😛 Both of those changes (pen and accuracy
    nerfs) are terrible ideas and are not what the player base has been asking
    for. Im also against the buffing of already very powerful tanks like the
    E5, T57, 50 B, 215b and Kranvagn… when it would have been better to nerft
    the 3 tanks at tier 10 that have 440 damage guns…

  7. and you haven’t mentioned that the premium rounds does not lose penetration
    over the distance so yet again they just wanna rip us off

  8. hi Dez, I think this change of game is ridiculous, it is just pushing to
    have to buy more gold ammo, pushing to buy these new type of premium tanks
    totally OP like the liberté, patriot, etc.. this is the tendency of WOT, to
    become a 100% PAY TO WIN GAME. Because they are very fast growing greedy
    company and they only think about fast profitability, they are not keeping
    their clients.. Then with this buff are they going to buff also AMX CDC? bc
    with this paper thin armor tanks the only way was to snipe and collect at
    the end of the game.. WOT, be careful.. being too greedy is direct way to
    the end.. so many companies went to bankrupcy bc of this.. and concurence
    is strong.. sry for too long post.. but really tired of the way they are
    spoiling the game…

  9. Ah, good, the fucking idiots at Wargaming are making tanks even more
    inaccurate. Fantastic.

    I don’t care if it’s even before supertest, it’s a fucking stupid idea. All
    those accurate guns, like what makes the Tiger actually viable? Gone. Bunch
    of complete idiots. Perhaps they should try listening to their playerbase
    once in a while, I’ve heard it helps if you don’t piss of 90% of your
    remaining community.

  10. For aiming – this is just plain dumb. Tanks are already inaccurate enough
    as is and i really think they need to go in the opposite direction. Tanks
    like the Leo1 and AMX30B really need some love in the aiming department.

    For damage – Reducing damage on the 183 and 4005 makes sense as land arty
    are just stupid. But they should give them more shells in that case. If
    they increase auto loader damage per shot, they cant just increase drum
    reload time. They should probably also increase reload time between shells
    otherwise a T57 being able to now do 1760 damage in 6 seconds is just

    For penetration – this is an interesting change but two problems pop up. 1)
    if they are going to make guns more inaccurate, then this change is
    pointless b/c hitting weakspots will already be harder and 2) HEAT usage
    will become even more common so either they need to increase the cost (or
    go back to gold only) or make HEAT lose pen over range too.

  11. I believe it was an IS-4 not an IS-6… :)

  12. We will play this game like blind people. It is hard anyway to hit with a
    0.4 accuracy. I don’t think that we need to get bored playing this game..

  13. Well since they screwed up scouting by making half the maps small towns
    they might as well screww td’s by ruining accuracy and penatration right?
    why dont we just have 15 vs 15 heavy tank battles from now on… pfft I’m
    getting tired of WG’s BS. It took me forever to get my deathstar and they
    nerf it. I had just finished researching WT E100 when they took it away so
    I never got to play that tank. WHY DONT THEY JUST LEAVE IT ALONE !

  14. don t nerf HE 183, wtf, this is all about this tank, it is like nerfing KV2

  15. the t10 autoloaders dont need a buff, clipdamage increase by 10% is
    nerfing alpha damage on the big td’s? im not really against but neither for
    it since they do get a dpm nerf (75 or something, but even bigger with
    better crew and equipment)
    new aim distribution, meh, i dont.like it. even more point blank misses
    will happen now, jeeej.
    penetration drop over distance. not that bad but i can see tanky tanks being
    less favorable (fuck you e25 btw, and the strv 103-0 with his insane 306mm
    pen at standard rounds (fuck off).

  16. I’m okay with the shell penetration loss but they need to nerf HEAT shells
    as well otherwise it’s just going to turn into a HEAT fest. The dispersion
    change is going in the wrong direction. We need more accuracy to shoot
    weakspots now that there is more penetration loss.
    More skill less RNG pls.

  17. This is like a simulation of shooting your own leg and then asking others
    if it feels good. The studity and ignorance is baffling.
    Kinda like someone unnamed being dumb enough to say that without arty Maus
    tanks would just stomp everything.

    instead of making the 105(buff reload and aiming time to compensate for
    alpha nerf) do 320 dmg and the 120 do 390 then 122 to do 400 a pointless
    buff to 120mm guns wich they did not need.

    Accuracy nerf promotes heat since you can just lolpen most tanks upper
    plate with it. Make the problem worse not better.

    QB brought up a very good idea.
    Promote aiming. Fully aimed guns get the better dispersion rng.

  18. Pen drop and dispersion changes will just add more RNG and frustration to
    the game. They will not positively impact armor, cause there’s steal HEAT
    that doesn’t loose pen over distance and HE that hits engine decks where
    there is no armor whatsoever…

  19. Terrible changes just nerfing long range players.

  20. John Miller (cjm_036653)

    The increased penetration loss over distance is just another reason to use
    premium rounds with more penetration or even heat, that doesn’t lose
    penetration over distance. This change is not a bad idea, but Wargaming
    needs to nerf/remove premium rounds, because otherwise this game would
    really become pay to win.

  21. Maus players are going to be happy??? these changes do fark all because
    they will just use there 2 key like all ways soon as they see the maus….

  22. Great video, I enjoyed the video demonstrations. Some other people only
    cover it in long and monotonous theorising on the webpage, I liked being
    able to actually see the changes:D

    I have a question unrelated to the video too, Armored Warfare 2.0 is just
    around the corner and it’s got some pretty massive changes. Have you been
    keeping up with it, any plans to release videos if it renews interest and
    brings back players or is it too far gone for you?

  23. Well it seems that WG isnt finished favoritising mediums and fast plays..(
    first by reworking most of the maps to avoid too much camping) us Td
    players that like to camp at the red line better start selling our Td`s and
    learn to play mediums.. Congratz Wg on changing the game into World of

  24. tanks like the paper thin Conway (apcr “go-to sniping ammo) and already
    broken tanks like type 4 heavy tanks that use AP only will suffer greatly.
    Imho they need to fix broken tanks first instead of buffing already OP

  25. If the update ever makes it to the live server, many players will leave, as
    it will be clear promoting of the prem ammo, so tanks with HEAT will be
    more played ( which aint a problem) but those tanks will be OP. Clear as
    day it heads to a P2win game. As for the video, great as always!

  26. They should have included changes with APCR and HEAT premium rounds during
    this phase as well. While APCR prem is affected by this, it will still be
    effective, HEAT spam will continue on. They should have had enough time to
    think of other ways to tinker with them after sandbox 1.

  27. WG is trying 2 get us shoot more gold is my opinion!

  28. Ok. Well accuracy, nerfed, penetration (over distance) nerfed, tier IX-X
    lights are intreduced (with superiror view range). My question is what
    should we do our grille 15, Rhm.Borsig, FV4005 (alpha damage is nerfed)
    kind of vehicle???

  29. I do not want this update…why do they change game mecanics so often

  30. WG= STUPID

  31. I am playing with Jagdpanther with a awful long range characteristic, this
    aiming change will going to make every shot over 300 meters impossible.

  32. NO! to all of these proposed changes

  33. All looks good to me :)

  34. in my opinion snipers are essential part of gameplay and takticks in wot….
    so that kind of update will be huge mistake from wargaming

  35. I’ll quit wot if they will do this. they should just nerf the premium
    rounds, making them inaccurate and less effective!

  36. Even worse shell penetration loss at long ranges? No problem man, it’s not
    like I can kill IS6s in my T 34 85 anyways. Good job WarGaming! Keep up the
    good work and hope you lose more supporters for your game!

  37. Hope they don’t mess with the KV-2…

  38. if gun turret and tank didnt move after a shot it should be more accurate/
    higher chance to hit where aimed
    also, e25 will be uneffective and should be sold
    as 5 of my tier10s are tds, after that patch ill quit playing this game

  39. They need to remove the pen drop off and just outright nerf some vehicles.

  40. If they make premium rounds more powerful I hope they will make it more
    expensive…And so it becomes pay to win…They started with BT-SV, then
    PzIIIJ, now they introduced AMX M4 49 L and T26E5 P and got closer to pay
    to win, and ammo is the next step…. Nice Wargaming, take more money from
    players who take their time to play your game…
    They will screw t8 light tanks so t8 team battles, tournaments etc will
    have to suffer for it…
    Changing reload times and alfa on t10hts will also bring bad balancing
    between mediums and heavies, and nerfing the tds whose only good thing is
    their pen and damage will make players to stop playing them….So tear 10
    game will be alot of fast shooting and doing nothing since most of top tear
    players snipe, so with new RNG god in game it will be totally frustrating
    and unplayable…But this is just my opinion. As I always say we all have
    the same conditions in game, It is up to us how we use it.

  41. Judging by these comments, I think these changes are a bad idea.

  42. Does all this mean I won’t get stuck with 30% win teams full of garbage
    everytime? I doubt it as usual. I don’t expect anything from any useless
    scrub I played with.. I can’t wait to hear from the under 50% scrubs. I
    wish I got teams that were 45-50% Just fucking once.. Just once!

  43. I think they introduced the Swedish line, broke the game, and now they want
    to fuck it up more by adjusting everything else – like they will not just
    fix the new changes (since the game worked before) and simply will not
    admit that they were a little stupid to begin with so hey let’s make more
    mistakes. I have been playing this game for a while now and have 26 tier X
    tanks in my garage so I can just play the tanks that are OP but what about
    the new players? Will WoT just become one of those games where everyone
    just plays a few lines of tanks? WarGaming please fix the maps and fix the
    broken tanks and bring some diversity back into the game, Do not just look
    after the Unicums and stat padders. Why would you even have a line of
    horrible tanks to begin with? Seriously think your shit through man.

  44. Just wish they fucking had DISPERSION meant anytyhing.. GOD FORBID

  45. how to olay in this server?

  46. Federico Di Liberto

    make heavy less campy+
    make them impenetrable ONLY from long range=
    GG Wg

  47. I have been a Player since 2011 and this is by far the worst changes they
    have made to this game!!! I have spent 100’s of Euros on this game to get
    premium tanks and premium accounts what do we get as return? a fucked up
    game!! I just got the jgp-E100, and now you destroy the only fun about it!
    it’s Alpha damage! I also got the udes03, the only chance for that tank to
    survive is by sniping, now you just ruined a hole fucking tank Line!!! what
    the fuck Are doing with this game, come on Guys!
    At tankfest you showed us an exiting future, but right now i Wan’t give a
    shit about the graphics if you destroy the game like this! take yourself

  48. I’m glad tanks with armour will become stronger as recently its all been
    about mobility

  49. This is all just BS! Hope it will never happen. Im sitting there in my Fv
    4005, getting rushed by a full hp BC-25t. He can send me back to garage
    with one clip, and i´m loosing my abilities to destroy him with the single
    shot i have.

  50. dominykas valciukas

    minute of silence for kv-2 and SU-152 drivers

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