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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay , Epic Battle. Leopard 1 – Tier 10 .

New week, new episodes… And what do you think if we kick-off this week with something really good for the eyes? I have seen a lot of really good battles with tier 10 German medium tank “Leopard 1”, but “Skeyone2080’s” battle going to take the cake for sure!

Sit back and enjoy this amazing, textbook carry with Leopard 1!

Music used:
From: https://player.epidemicsound.com/
Poison Rain (Instrumental Version) – Suffer City



  1. G. freaking G.

  2. dez what happened to the fan base lol so many crying and calling this guy a cheat when obviously he played very well and used the tank strengths to win gg to the Leo player

  3. in DezGamez voice:”lucky… so lucky..”

  4. Something looks really bizarre when he was fighting the t28 prot @9:32

  5. Love those types of intros dez keep up the work 😉

  6. Dez you edited the video at around @9:34 for seeming no reason. I would like an explanation.

  7. reallllly sick nice shit.

  8. Wow, just wow.

  9. kokot is a Cock 😀 😀 😀

  10. Low rolls…wots speciality for this weekend…just to rage us more…because 40% teams weren’t enough. 20 shots in defender…highest roll was 432

  11. if i get spotted in a game for the first im instantly shot by three players and arty tracked and vaporized to death. every time. no one aims just snapshots all around and everything pens. lol. this game. its more random than roulette and craps.

  12. Yet another clear showing that camping in base in the Highway map is the best “tactic”.
    *This map is simply retarded.*
    And of course teammates that die are gonna call a Top Tier Medium Tank sitting behind his team sniping, a “bot noob camper etc.” because they die before him, by not camping properly. Leo’s tactic was the best for the map and that is why this map is retarded.

  13. leopard 1 best premium in game >.>

  14. Ower Tirteen Tousan Hollee Foowk Jee Jee Maan

    No time to vacuum floor in that game Dez

  15. I’ve been thinking about going down that line. I may just have to after seeing this. 🙂

  16. Guys come on…everyone knows being good at the game is cheating!

  17. aimboth detected

  18. Tired of people calling this guy out for aimbotting/hacking.

    He’s not hacking, also keep in mind the Leo 1 has one of the most accurate guns in the game, aka things like track shots are quite easy to land with a Leo. Absolutely nothing wrong with anything here.

  19. Not that hard to do good in the leo 1. The leopard 1 is a very strong tank 390 alpha with a 6 second reload mean while tanks like the 140 and t62A get a 5 second reload for only 320 alpha which is horrible.

  20. I like it when you call out bs, thank you

  21. kokot is czech, it means “prick” or “dick”

  22. 13k damage done 9 kills and Leopard gets only 1624 exp, the coefficient is terribly bad in that tank.

  23. great video dez. where do i send replays for you? i got a good one that id like to be shown here. hehe

  24. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    Do you have a city map battle of Leopard 1 or Type 61 gameplay DezGamez? i’d like to know how to play those “armor-less” mediums as i ‘m bad at them when it comes to those maps

  25. just look where he aims and where the shots fly while engaging the T34 at the end. He aims far more to the right but still, the cross-hair aims exactly at the tracks or middle of the tank. I am usually the last guy to call someone a aimbot user, but this one is clearly one of them. The same can be seen at the beginning, when he snipes at the T-54. The movement of the server reticle is just too flawless.

  26. I enjoyed watching this myself, more than this.

  27. that tier 10 credit system… 13k damage, negativ profit with standart accaunt. joke

  28. TheMightyCongueror

    14:05 lol, well as they say, tomatoes are always going to call better plays bots because the feel insecure.

  29. Kokot = Prick / cock (both literally as in like a penis, or as an insult) in Czech or Slovak language.

  30. I just had to log on wot just to find that Grille kokot pinging and send him replay

  31. Well I can explain you the word grille 15 used kokot means dick or wanker 😀

  32. that grille in chat was behaving like an arsehole

  33. 13.225 damag,sehr gut- bravo Leo1. 🙂

  34. Man the bitter aim bot noobs, can we not just admire some excellent medium tank gameplay? The Leopard 1 is a tough tank to play in the current meta because it’s super soft, this guy got it spot on. Only really lucky parts were the fire and the T28 Proto hitting hit tracks twice, though he wiggled there well. Rest was just good positioning, awareness and knowledge of view ranges.

  35. Congratulations. A Masterpiece of a Gameplay. Best Sniper Game i´ve ever seen. Perfect circumstances obviously.
    Shark in a Golfish Glas, so to say 🙂 GG

  36. I had a nice clutch yesterday with a jagdpanzer IV 1v3 100 health,I got 6 kills and I think like 3000 damage which isn’t that good but for a tier 6 td I guess isn’t that bad

  37. @DezGamez Grille 15 is saying that he is a bot because he has full live and the moste of the idiots in wot dont know that you can play safe and dont die fast.

  38. @dezgamez, quickybaby uploaded this replay today. lol! seems like you are a good source of inspiration for him

  39. this is QBs shit

  40. I want one bot like this in my team every battle 🙂

  41. Mollie O'Sullivan

    QuickyBaby used this replay

  42. Quickly baby just uploaded this game

  43. qb did this replay as well


  45. leo 1 only works on paper

  46. dat tank porn in the beginning

  47. not sure why people think this guy is hacking

  48. I liked the start intro…
    Thanks for the vid.

  49. Same video uploaded in QBchannel…

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