► SNAPSHOTTING SH*TBARN, FV4005 Stage II – World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

, Epic Battle. , Tier 10 .

I am back with some more epic action, this time let’s watch “zsikane” doing some crazy snapshots in “The Sh*tbarn” aka tier 10 British tank destroyer “ Stage II”… You got to love that HESHgasm, there no way around it! 😀

Player: zsikane



  1. Good fun… 3 hits with one shell was pretty good….. cool game and a dodgy start too but recoverd it well.

  2. Ultima Ratio Regum

    This is the definition of p2w 🙁
    So much “skill” in this battle…

  3. Got to get that HESH love!!

  4. Has a massively higher alpha damage than the biggest gun in the game, the T92… because #logic

  5. Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    While a HESHgasm is great… penning an OI with a kv2 is still the most satisfying thing

  6. its not a shitbarn, its a gold barn!
    but i like to call it the paper star, like a death star…but made of paper 😉

  7. The shitbarn dressing up as a cow, so nobody sees him?

  8. Thats Žile from Red_s he play with Heruvim(streamer folow him) and zile iz a cool guy

  9. Guilherme Santos

    FV215 b 183>>>>Death star
    Fv4005 Stage ll>>>>Star killer

  10. philippe poisson

    dosn’t matter if he kills the type 5’s commander, he still shot before the commander would have died, therefore, it is not the reason, the commander would have still spot him (if he could)
    same thing when you kill a tank, you still get spotted

  11. Frederick Schulze

    Please make a tank with good armor and no weakspots with this gun at tier 8 for premium bundle for $100 with 1k gold and equipment, thanks wg <3 <3 <3

  12. I think he bounced a maus’s apcr round…

  13. Outstanding!

  14. Isnt thıs stupid game dead yet ? Hmm soon


    hahah, zikejn, a on zikara balkanac 😀

  16. I am almost sure that this guy is a Polish player. Because “zsikane” is a perfective verb and means something like “the piss was taken”. xD

  17. u still playing that shit game ?

  18. Hamilton De Avila

    Credits income need to be buffed asap

  19. I came a couple of times watching those snapshots and Penetrations

  20. Vernon Harrison

    Wham!! Bam!!! Blop!!! and DERP!!!! Great video Boss!!! Take care, Vern

  21. Hesh should be nerf or removed from this game, acctualy, everything that bother someone else should remove from this game, and then will be a better field to play.

  22. Will you do War Thunder again at some point? 🙂

  23. I don’t get how Wargaming can advertise it’s game with the slogan “real tanks” when the game is so full of historical inaccuracies …
    (Maus had no APCR, FV 4005 no AP, etc …)

  24. Radostin Georgiev

    it would be easier to show tanks’ names instead of players’ names. it is kinda annoying that we have no idea what tanks are in battle. dont you think ?

  25. like my comment for no reason

  26. die like a real man dude…

  27. Dez I just had a game, where literally 3 people were going against me because of my WN8.. I can’t change the past of my account, I can only try and do better currently.. I am still called a bot, no matter what I try to do. I used my AMX 13 90, they were in some different TDs and a Medium.. It’s really sad what people base off numbers.. I’d just like some advice if possible.. I mostly am top 3 damage/experience and I just believe they don’t see such.. They see a WN8 that can’t be fixed..

  28. He should have dies on that ledge early in the 3rd minute, lucky only the E100 was the only one firing across the valley.
    enjoyed the big booms and high rolls.

  29. Good work, again. Thanks for your content and keep up the good work! World of Tanks is your strength!

  30. Anyone else notice the Type 5 Heavy on the enemy team ended up with 1 damage, now THAT is impressive…even a ram should cause a hell of a lot more than 1.

  31. what when this tank lost his 360 degree turning turret!!!!????

  32. Kyriakos Papadopoulos

    I think he uses aimbot… please check it!!!

  33. did anyone notice team chat……..thats one salty type5 heavy

  34. A pay to lose pay (credits) game?

  35. ammm AP is usless against Type 5, you can pen it only with HE. In frontal armor

  36. Did anyone else see that Type 5 TK the IS-7 because he “blocked” him you know a rolling fortress blocked by IS-7 nice fucking meme

  37. Zsikane means sth like peeing 😀

  38. the most “FV4005 Stage II” in a title in the history of youtube

  39. “Target the enemy base, single reactor ignition”


    fv4005 = raped by HE lel

  41. He bounced a maus at 6:11

  42. Hi my friend, if you ask me, you share a replay of 8k and over with e4, even share videos in the last tasks of obj 260, I like watching your videos 🙂

  43. enjoying the music and scenery until: 0:19 “WHAT IS UP EVERYBODY?!” scared the shit outta me

  44. 6:24 from when is Maus Jpz E100? 😀

  45. and I shot bc25 t with deathstar for 600 dmg the worst part is that I was over him and shot him in hull so effective armour was thinner

  46. Phoenix Feather

    What does HESH stand for

  47. adrian-paul tiran

    Dez you need some luv too !! Great vid as always and keep doing such good work !!
    Thank you !!

  48. My god, that was so epic ! 🙂

  49. Love the pinup models! 🙂

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