► Soviet Bias, Triggered! – DEZignated #1 [New Series?] – World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks T-62A Gameplay Review. Gameplay Review. of Tanks T-62A Object 140, Tier 10 Soviet Russian Medium Tanks.

DEZignated… This sound like one awesome title for a series. Let’s see, maybe this is going to be my next new series, including of Tanks live battles with some extra editing entertainment, hopefully. 🙂

Let me know what you think!



  1. Regular WoT live battles episode turned out to be something completely different… Felt like editing, because had a lot of material for it and here it is!
    (Hopefully?) a bit more entertaining approach to the game, but let me know what you think.. Want to see more? Worth as a new series? 🙂

  2. hahaha, could not stop laughing! Funny man xD

  3. Stop Fapping Dez.

  4. Editing on point. 10/10

  5. that editing tho. 10/10

  6. hahaha chill boss dez your not alone

  7. Holy shit I laughed my ass off. I like it.

  8. Dez’s Spanish made me a puto.


  9. Ugh he didnt play 430 the tank i was grinding towards

  10. Well I’ll be dipped in shit – IT happens to you too. LOL- love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I really liked this approach to a video of yours. I’d like to see more of this editing, made it even more enjoyable then it was! 🙂

  12. Why no obj 430??. And really good funny episode, love the editing

  13. Good stuff- with that 140 – well done.

  14. TROPIC Agario and more

    Best video yet keep up the good work

  15. Woots yet another great video….again I learn from both your losses and your wins…so thank you ☺

  16. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    That intro though LMFAO ???

  17. In a world of Ladybugs…You Dez are a Tiger!
    Yeah…..You’re that much better than everyone else 🙂
    This is you at your best, never stop YouTubing!!!

  18. Wow! Great editing work, man! Lots of fun to watch. And funny!

  19. 30 pushups ? You gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers 😉

  20. Lol there were tier 8’s, doesn’t count. I never see tier 8’s when I play a Tier 10!

  21. this editing is amazing keep it up!

  22. face reveal at 150k?

  23. Love the type of editing you use in this kind of videos.
    Excellent work Mr. Dez, great fan of yours.

  24. Dat intro ! 🙂

  25. I 3 marked the 62a todayYAY

  26. ” slurps coffee”

  27. real quickybaby’s in game name is “Quickfingers” not Quickfingers_NL

  28. pushups…conditioning your mind

  29. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    today’s dez is just too funny and that triggered XD

  30. More meamor!

  31. Those ghost shells. Damn, I know the feeling when that happens. You make perfect shot and for some odd reason the shots just go right through the tank.

  32. This was great, makes me want to talk to myself while I play.

  33. That intro makes me laugh… GJ

  34. 8:07 Constipation ALERT!

  35. Aleksandria_Samusenko_1stGTArmy

    This vid is awesome! I’m lovin the new stuff you do!

  36. Great vid Dez! Epic new intro, Love it!!!!!!

  37. This is what happens when dez gets into the extra weed rations ?

  38. Love the new intro sound effects! Makes me chuckle every time!

  39. Sounds like you put an extra scoop or two of grounds in the filter…

  40. dez..this is definetly one of your best videos and one of the funiest ..love it..keep it going ????

  41. It was yesterday I was thinking, why is T-54 ltw. so fkin overpowered? Compare it with other LTs, mainly with Ru, incredible… So there’s a thing, that literally hovers over the terrain with those sick terrain resistance values, power to weight technically the same, top speed only 1kph slower, dispersions when moving or turning anything MUCH better, aimtime, ARMOUR… what the hell man. Ru had it’s strong sides before the LT patch, it went 80kph forwards and you could be sure you get into any position first. But now, there’s always T49 waiting with derp already, because now it depends on luck and where you spawn… it’s crap, I have no idea why T-54 ltw. goes around just as fast as Ru while having much better everything including armour from twice to 9 times better…

  42. Dez your nutz bro….that was epic…lol

  43. That intro is amazing!!
    Edit: This video is amazing, laughed my ass off! XD

  44. Man, i love that new intro, keep it, pls!!

  45. рандом рандом

    Something fishy about the video length..

  46. Dez-ignited!

  47. 1337 = LEET, short for elite and its popular in rush-ah! Where chat is often used as numbers as much as poss. Since Dez is close to the hood I’m guessing he is very familiar with it
    99 Dez 99. Well some were bad lmao

  48. a bit too much cocaine while doing this vid?

  49. After watching you for so long time, I never subbed you, but with this video you earned my subb. Keep up good work

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