► Soviet Russia Flagships!- World of Tanks IS-4 and IS-7 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay. . World of Tanks Tier 10 Soviet Russia Heavy Tanks. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

► Why You HESH to be mad?

I listen to you guys, you wanted to see tier 10 Soviet and this exactly what I am going to do in my today’s episode!
Rolling out with one of the oldest tanks in this game – tier 10 heavy tanks “IS-4” and “”. I was lucky enough to get few really good battles! 😉

Stay awesome and enjoy the video! 🙂


  1. Enjoy your sunday, Beasts!
    On my way home, so I am not able to answer to your comments atm, but stay strong! 😛

  2. Captain_Coleslaw

    Reverse sidescrape with the IS-4… Much better than normal sidescraping, so you can shoot while sidescraping

  3. Captain_Coleslaw

    You hit the tracks with the heat round, hence why it failed to pen…

  4. I personaly will improve the gun handling and increase DPM, lower terrain resistance by around 20% and increase HP to something like 2 400.

  5. It’s nt Russian flagship
    it’s WG flagship

  6. The Brainsmasher

    soviet heavies suck except obj 260

  7. I think WG said something about armor not being a balancing factor anymore on tanks. Wich is good.

  8. Gold killed these tanks.

  9. Play the is3a 😀

  10. Complains Maus is almost too powerfull, while sayin Armor has no value. I get what you mean by those people firing HEAT right from the getgo, That is kinda douchy. I fire ap and only if i cant pen several shells i switch to HEAT or HE. If enemy fires gold at me i load it next round.
    Maus has a smaller gun i believe and therefore have some better reload. Maus reload is just over 9 secounds. While IS-7 reload is some over 11. Makes sense to me considering caliber difference and the enourmous size of the Maus
    (probably somehow makes tiny bit faster reloading possible)
    Comon guys, Due too Maus’s nature it is right when the people (players) think it is very dangerous tank, a litle bit too powerfull.
    Which is how it should be considering its the heaviest tank in the game and being that heavy has huge drawbacks.
    Specially when you say armor has no value!

  11. Funny how you get all these ricochets… I side scrape the same damn way, and I get penned no matter what,,, and the e100 cannot pen shit!!

  12. play type 5 heavy 😀

  13. IS 4 or IS 7 ?

  14. Dez there are rumors of IS-4 becoming a tier 9 and ST-I being replaced by a twin cannon tier 10, what do you know about it?

  15. Soooo. Armour has no value in World of Tanks because reason X . Maus has armour that works and it’s overpowered because reason Y. Cmon guys which is it going to be? You either want armour to work or you don’t. Don’t complain about weak spots or lack thereof because both Maus and Type-5 had frontal weak points beforehand and people said they were bad tanks because said weak points made the rest of their armour pointless. Maybe it’s because I’m new to the game but I just don’t get what it is that WoT players want armour today be.

  16. Object 430 II and T-54 have the same good gun with garbage penetration.

  17. NO is4 and is7 are not craps,just maus and type 5 heavy need radical nerf,delete this mistake from game….

  18. last ap round went into top of the turret

  19. Flying Berserker

    is4 sidescrape house and them they hit your engine deck lol. or then they hit you turret roof, or trolls you pening all day long lowe plate even angled. of course that requires some brain, that enemy E100 is a bad example, IS-4 one of worst or the worst tier x heavy

  20. first battle u only bounced so much cause of e100 bot shooting ap on u instead of heat in the lower plate

  21. so you think IS-7 needs the buff

  22. maybe buff aim and aimtime in IS-7

  23. Face unveiling at 1 Million Subs? 😀

  24. E-100 got 246mm of Penetration, not 235mm thats a very huge Different my Friend 😉

  25. Dragan Crnogorac

    4 HE shells in IS4 rly dude.

  26. I would say that armor has no value unless you are driving a maus or type 5 heavy lol

  27. That E-100, what a donkey!!!

  28. wargaming should allow only specific numbers of gold shells in every game.so that armour works

  29. What they need to do is what they are doing with Blitz, make them do less damage. Then to go a step further, limit the amount of premium rounds you can carry. Maybe somewhere between 5% and 12%, can be adjusted with testing. This way, you prevent those morons who load nothing but premium rounds. So reduce damage and limit amount carried. Return armor balance and force mediums to flank instead of penetrating heavies from the front with impunity. Just my 2 cents.

  30. Are u from Estonia or why u have Estonian flags on?

  31. I have a MoE and do 2-3k damage a game in the is4. Yet, after around 100 battles I still only have a 38% win rate. Every game I play has the most noob teams I’ve ever played with. It’s a complete noob magnet. Literally the only way I win game is when I platoon. Otherwise I’ve stopped playing the IS-4 by myself. Too depressing. Don’t get me wrong however, it’s a great tank. It’s just so frustrating that no matter how I play I will lose no matter what. Last game I played 2 E-100’s sat camping on el-haluff. Then I got yolod by 2 batchats and died while my entire team watched from the distance.

  32. IS4 gun is good for T10, but here…hmm…not work..just not work.

  33. when are the top 10 videos cominh?

  34. IS-7 or IS-4?

  35. these are very good tanks good picks comrade

  36. I’m guessing none of these people know you can blast right thru the top of the IS-4’s turret.

  37. in that is4 game, that enemy e100 never angled his turret…i was wondering the whole game why didnt you just shoot the flat turret spot? your standard rounds could of pen it lmao. come on bro, you’re slacking.

  38. This game is only about RNG now. MM is completely dead after 9.18, so they only start to increase RNG now to screw over the rest of the game.

  39. no ammo in t1 cunninham ?!?! unsub!!! 😛

  40. IS7 has been power-creeped too much. It really needs buffed a little. WG really needs to do some balancing with high tier heavies. It’s pretty screwed up now.

  41. E 100 turret is flat in the front part, Dez.

  42. Tracks should count.

  43. 12:59 Why didn’t you want to Russian???

  44. I think is-7 is easier and more fun than is-4. and so are t-10 and is-3 compare to st-1 and kv-4 respectively. anyway I am now at is-3 and st-1

  45. 12:59 you didn’t want to Russian but you play the IS-4 and IS-7? 😛

  46. Premammo needs to be heavily reworked or disappear completely.
    Until then, armor will continue to have no value.
    I love this game, but the state it is currently in is really disappointing.
    I’m not giving WG any money until this is fixed 🙂

  47. Do a Maus video Dez.

  48. Angana Kalsare Palihapitiya Gamage

    pls play with the the 2 tier 8 soviet TDs coz I’m deciding which line to push.

  49. On the SEA server they’d be firing nothing but premium rounds.

  50. Dez, damage blocked counts only then, when the shell which is blocked, hits your tank. If it goes only in the tracks and then in the ground or air, then it does not count as blocked. System like this works since ages ago. 😉

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